Testlive Patch (29.05.2020) - Balancing and Avatars Rev. 1

If you don’t want to edit Steam files, just rename the folders in steamapps > common. You don’t even need to reset :arrows_counterclockwise: Steam.

name change

You just have to make sure that both versions of the game are in common folder.

  • After renaming the folders, opening the regular game will launch Testlive.

  • If you try to start Testlive, Steam will download it again because there is no folder named:
    Conan Exiles - Testlive Client :zap: So remember to restore the folders names after testing.

Note: I tested it and it works. :+1:


Since I’m new to this, I’ll ask. The Testlive Server half-way forgot my journey steps after logging off then back in. Does this always happen? (USA, PVE server)

It remembered what steps I had taken, i.e. eating and drinking didn’t reward me with duplicate mention or XP, but it reset the HUD and journey page. After getting the kudu head, the only completed task shown on the journey page was for getting a head.

Is the red mother still a solo only boss or can your followers dig themselves out the ground now?

With the nerfs, red mother can be soloed in under 2 minutes. I haven’t tested the thralls getting buried, but I don’t believe it’s been fixed quite yet

That’s bad…

My post concerned a problem with connecting to Funcom Live Services, that’s why I answered your post in the topic you created.

I really recommend restoring the system before the update with the help of System Recovery. Or reset all the settings (delete files) and let the game create them again on an untouched save, without mods.

Issue resolved itself upon next login. Cause unknown.

Argos DLC chair usage did not function correctly. Unable to move/get up after this occured. First occurence of this issue. In singleplayer and in testlive server, previous uses of Argos DLC chair functioned as expected. Attempted to move in all 4 directions and kicked, but was still bound inside chair. After logging out then back in, character was freed. Attempted to replicate numerous times after logging back in, but thus far have been unable to replicate the behavior.

*Replicated, but not enough occurences to state a definitive method for duplication. In both instances, the direction I was facing is the direction I was seated. i.e. in pic 1, I was near the chair’s far arm facing toward the corner of the bed. In pic 2, I was directly in front of the chair facing toward it and toward the “stretched hide” side of the tannery. In the 2nd instance, I had stopped keyboard input, but the character was still moving due to momentum when I pressed the E key to interact with the chair. Screencap was taken while stuck in the chair during a punch attack. Attempts to free character have failed, apart from logging out to render the character unconscious. No building pieces have been moved or altered in between the two screencaps.

Bug is not exclusive to the Argos DLC chair. I crafted the vanilla chairs and the same thing happened. I can’t find a pattern. It seems completely random to me.

Thank you very much but I will wait for a full fix from funcom, I do not play with my game installs. Seen to much happen with that but thank you for work around.

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Tested it a bit more, lvl20 Lian with 60str and 7.6khp alone with flawless epic armor and 1h axe couldn’t kill Arena champion, but he did fine everywhere else, went to new asagarth and he didn’t have too many problems against multiple opponents, same at the mounds of the dead and the frozen temple. corrupted wolfs were little match for him, and many other bosses, he is perhaps the best thrall performance that i had…
I also tested a black hand fighter III, from lvl 0. he struggled a bit but with help he survived fairly well, he had the same gear but in the non-epic version.

Some observations…Now that bosses has less hp the fights are way better, soloing bosses is easier and less tedious, fighting many enemies is not easytask but doable, but i think there are still some issues:

  • Sometimes bosses get stuck on trees or rocks.
  • Thralls when get knock back they still get stuck, unable to follow any order or move by their own.
  • The game becomes very dependent of Hyperarmor, i see no reason to use weapons without it.
  • Thralls and NPCs could use a dodge tactic when they are being hit by more than one enemy and can’t reach their target.
  • Thralls should focus on their closest enemy, sometimes they are too stubborn and try to walk through a wall of enemies just to hit one guy…
  • Some bosses are too big, would be nice for them to work a bit like the gods, damaging everything they touch in their paths, and with less AoE attack spam (rotbranch for example)
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Perhaps slow attack speed on many creatures a bit and bump the damage?

More floating placeables.

Detached parts of a build placed near parts of the build that show full decay do not register as part of the rest of the build and do not get full decay time.

USA Testlive PVE server

“You were killed by falling through the world.”
I’m assuming that’s the report for undermeshing? There’s a wolf den in the Highland area with 2 regular wolves guarding the entrance and a 1 skull wolf inside. Walking inside the den will insta-kill you.
Coords when I was standing outside on the roof of the den are:
TeleportPlayer -123978.117188 -42590.625 -1025.411743

*I went to this location in SinglePlayer mode, and the game crashed. May or may not be related.

Is there any fix yet from Funcom for the new update on Test live?

Not yet.

USA Testlive PVE Server

Unable to take fall damage. Tested while wearing vanilla light armor, heavy armor, and nude.
Entered combat with mobs and did receive damage.

Offline Mode

I wanted to give an update to this. I’ve had the offline mode mod installed almost since day 1 of my time on CE. When I reported that the mod didn’t work, I was using it in the testlive client. That was before I switched to the beta branch on the standard live client. I just tested the mod in the live client, and was able to start a new game while the offline mode mod was in use. I only played for a few minutes, but just wanted to let anyone know who wanted to utilize that method. The standard client opted in to the Steam beta branch can play with the offline mod.

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This should be the same on the live version of the game.

See reply for more info

USA Testlive PVE Server

Firebowl cauldron with T2 Alchemist doesn’t present the option to craft special orbs or fill flasks. Is this an intended change? I haven’t yet crafted an improved firebowl cauldron, nor have I recruited a better alchemist.