Testlive Patch (29.11.2019) - Mounts! Follower leveling system! More combat rebalancing! But...by Crom! There's even more?!

My character got a great passive regeneration after I first rode a horse.

I put a bark pack into the horse’s inventory, so I mounted, then went into combat, after taking damage the horse used the bark to heal and it also affected my character and after that my character kept this regeneration even without the character is mounted.

I’m playing on Combat_TestLive_US3_PvE

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I understand this is now in console certification.

No mention of NPC’s having there voices back, getting really old getting jumped by creatures because you can not hear the roar, would be great to have the thrall camps back to how they were, you promised this fixed a good few patches ago.

No mention of the settings on console being fixed so that they are saved, having to set them every time the game loads is not exactly useful, the response to a recent bug post was that you were aware and would be addressing the issue.

Yay, mounts.


Combat sounds? It’s in the patch notes.

This is PC Testlive patch notes, not console patch notes.

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I don’t know about that but I can tell you that my placed thralls for testing purposes were quite talkative :smiley: They were yelling at a snake which aggroed on them.


First of all thanks for coming through with mounts, second love the dodge changes, only thing tho about it is the current iframes for dodge are insufficient and dont account for any bit of lag. For dodge to feel more reliable it needs to have more iframes, the current amount is just too few.

That being said thanks to acceleration and the dodge changes combat feels way more involved and the ability to counter attack by dodging the opponents attack makes combat SO MUCH better. It just currently does not feel very reliable since some attacks have a 2 part attack thats to fast to dodge in a single dodge, i believe i read its 200ms iframe i would suggest trying it out between 300-500 ms for the dodge.

A suggestion tho, make stamina regen steadily over time instead of in huge chunks, this makes stam management much more important.


Excellent list! Thank you for posting! I can confirm that I noticed each of the issues you pointed out as well.

And I agree with

The jump looks normal when executed on level ground but not when the jump brings you down a little slope.

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I like the idea of mounts but you could of done a better job of them. They aren’t really responsive in terms of movement. Their movement is clunky and they are not even that much faster than walling. You have the expertise to do these right. Mounts in Age of Conan are awesome. They are swift and easy to control. I hope these are tweaked before the early December release.

Strength perks that previously granted 25% bonus damage has been reduced to 15% bonus damage.

I missread this its sey strengs perks , so it not only 4 perk , but 2 too ,you just make not 10% lesss dmg but 20% , i fight all bosses solo without thrall , why for sake of goods , you made strengh so useless .
I dont like this i try it for couple h on testlive and its bad.

About overhead slash its sey then stamina cost is reduced , its not true , this atack now take half stamina .

You add so much staff and its mostly good , but for example hitbox on Rino and Croco still veryy bad after so much time you dont fix it .

I will play som more on testlive but for now i dont want to come back on regular single player wich i play 500H , i know ther are ppl who play online but im one from single player just love it , and now i dont want play as much ■■■ before , 2h sword is iconic for Conan and you just make it worst .

Sorry for me english i still learn .

About horse movement:
It seens too slow to accelerate, maybe the initial steps could be a little faster?

Using a controller it’s very hard to fight from horseback, the default right stick sensitivity dosent help here since fighting from horseback is a lot more dynamic even with NPCs. I had heigthened the right stick sensibility but maybe that could be a natural setting when using a controller and mounted, increase the camera sensitivity?

When it comes to using a torch on a horse, it is hard.

  1. It’s night. :first_quarter_moon_with_face:
  2. You pull out the torch. :fire:
  3. Get on the horse (the torch goes out). :fire_extinguisher:
  4. You pull out the torch. :fire:
  5. You’re riding somewhere on a horse. :horse_racing:
  6. You dismount (the torch goes out). :fire_extinguisher:
  7. You pull out the torch. :fire:

It would be nice if you did not have to constantly pull the torch. :+1:


I know another person mentioned this somewhere, but adding to it - the harvest animation is horrendous right now on TL. I’m assuming this is somehow being affected by the new movement mechanics. There is a pause/hesitation after each swing with an additional jerk that is a little more pronounced than usual. This is going to slow down harvesting, in addition to making the experience more unpleasant than it already is (screen jerk gives me an occasional headache, is is an options many users have requested to be in the settings to toggle). I hope this gets addressed. Thanks.


On Testlive, turning the camera (using the controller) while walking is the same as before. :+1:
The control is the same, the character moves as usual - only dodges have changed.

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It does for me. Horse uses Follower AI logic, so could be where the inconsistency is since Pets/Thralls can sometimes do the same.

Check to see if the input.ini (in your saved folder) is set to read only.

Funcom cannot do anything about that. A lot has to change for the update they are doing, mods are going to crash. That’s the reality of modding, and it’s up to the modder to fix that (or not).


The change to the endowment potion seems to be that it provides a small level of regeneration now. Stops on damage. Not sure how long it lasts.


But, at least it’s another way to heal. -.-

There’s a “pullout game” joke hiding in there somewhere, but I’m too lazy to go for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Increased circulation? :wink:


RE: Two Hand Sword.

  1. Overhead chop, while I get the reduction in how fast you can start the action, the weapon needs to accelerate through the motion. An overhead chop should not be a steady downward speed - it just makes no natural sense. The slower windup I get, but the downward motion should remain quick, if not able to make it accelerated.

  2. Since the 2h sword animations were changed several patches ago, the 3rd heavy attack, sort of a whirlwind sweep, is NOT connecting as it comes to a full 360, only the first part of the swing. This is a departure from what it used to be, and 1) makes no sense - it’s disconnected from what we are visually seeing and 2) leaves the player severely exposed beyond what is reasonable for a 3rd heavy in a combo.

On point 2, it would at least be nice to know if this is intended or not, or if it will get updated at some point. This 3rd heavy swing is effectively useless, even against NPC’s because of how exposed the player is.


So you nerfed havoc and malice, you nerfed all the serpent man weapons, you nerfed healing arrows, you nerfed either the asura armor or the blackblood weapons. i was excited about the the stuff with the thralls. Im questioning the new dodge roll. Now you have nerfed all these different things out of nowhere. I You sneak the stuff dealing with climbing in saying now it will have a minimun stamina cost. WHAT does that even mean. Im waiting for this to come outta testlive to try it out but i have a feeling your ■■■■■■■ alot of ppl off with all this extra crap. Lets keep everyones attention on the thralls and mounts and mess around and possibly screw up everything that worked cool in the game.


Dont forget nerfing the Strength level 20 ‘Salting the Wound’ perk from 25% down to 15%. Must have been ‘totally gamebreaking’. :roll_eyes:


I know it’s already been stated, but just adding fuel to it… please give us a way to heal our ‘pets’ other than just food. Healing arrows should work on tames, as well as thralls.

Maybe they did that to make Strength less attractive (read: must-have) in PvP because people are going to need to invest points in Agility instead. So with fewer benefits gained from Strength it doesn’t feel as great a sacrifice.

Not that I’d know, I could never afford more than 10 Strength for better thrall-bonking.

EDIT: Also, thank you for the best Conan Exiles related Christmas present ever, Funcom! Renaming thralls has been on the top of my wishlist for a long time now.