Testlive Patch (30.01.2019) - Further Balancing Passes and Bug Fixes


Damn. You are right. It was the Pickup+ mod that did it. It can be confusing running so many mods :wink:


I am liking how tough the relic hunters are in Sepermeru. I already had a couple of “OH SHOOT!” moments!


I use T4 Increased spawn with latest testlive on my server. It works very well in Sepermeru, only thing I have seen is that there are no Norheimer priests at all in New Asagarth.


Thanks for the report, but I promise there are broken spawns from the mod. There always is haha, just how it goes, I know what I signed up for on this one. I’ll be able to fix them once testlive moves over to live and the dev kit is updated.


Fix the JUMP BUG, still in the GAME AND shouldn’t be apart of the mechanics, EXPLOIT


Found one. My Solo/Co-op game crashed (as in locked up) when I left the game to return to the menu. I wasn’t doing anything at the time just standing in a 2x6 shack.

Maybe not fixed entirely. I did notice that the creatures that went into the water, returned to shore; however, I also noticed a couple baby animals standing in the shallows and appeared to be stuck. They did not follow me into the water, they were there when I arrived.

The black hand group near to the starting river (oasis) are hitting too hard for a newb area. One killed me with two swipes of the long sword, which knocked me back as if it were a great sword. (he had a iron shield so it had to be a long sword right?) I returned with God-mode turned on and counted near to 20 hits from my stone sword before NPC went down. Those are not balanced odds in my opinion. Tier 1 NPCs should be using T1 compatible weapons and shields.

Tried this with a doorway over a wall. Worked great.

Alligators do too, it seems. I got poison from an alligator, should this be happening?

This felt right. I did have to fight for access against hyenas and alligators but I found several and was able to harvest enough iron to make a weapon. It took a few days but the challenges were more balanced with what I would expect in a newb area. I appreciate not having to venture outside my level area to complete this task. Great work here!

Thank you.

Some of the critters in the newb areas are spawning in overdrive. I noticed 5 alligators in an area where there were only three before. There was an area where the turtle creatures were over populated. Two alpha males, at least 12 females and babies everywhere. The was in the newb area close to the water.

My skill tree locked out. I cannot assign unused skill points. I could still assign feat points.

I did not test the higher areas as my character is still a newb on TestLive.


It does an needs fixed. You probably only get 1 or 2 attacks b4 the lightning kills the god.


Confirmed Ymir T2-T3 upgrade no longer jumps forward, but Set still does.


Multi, I saw no problems with LBPR last night. Unless it caused the one hard crash (PC reboot req’d) that I had. (I doubt it, but…)
For the crash, I was opening the Dregs dungeon when the still living Darfari got stuck on the stairs roof. As he fell through the stairs mesh, the game froze. Couldn’t alt-tab, couldn’t get to task manager. Had to cold boot.
Will check again tonight with & without various mods, and will try to break more things.


Okay, I would go into testlive assuming LBPR is broken and test without it. All mods for that matter though, major patches always break mods and we can’t do much about it until we get a new dev kit.


Yup. That’s the idea. Workday today so I only got started last night. Now it’s Friday & I’ll caffeinate myself for the weekend of testlive mod crashing. :grin:
Edit: I was a building fool last night, with LBPR in mind.


Nice work cant wait for them to come to consoles


Great patch and nice job!
Noticed that spears placed in a weapon rack (3 slots) will attach pretty much off center, sticking to the end of the spear and pointing out left. Javelins attach as they should. Minor thing really, but looks a bit weird :wink:


I dont think halving doors hp can be any good, Raiding is already easy.


It seems like a pain, because you would now have to make multiple doors for every entrance.


So it is now a waste of heart making religious armor as it still take 5 heart to make 1 armor piece but only give 1 zeal. better to make antidote then which is 1 to 1


I am glad they balanced armors. Why not balance the other stuff, so you can make 1-1 items in the other altars? That has always bugged me


So far really great patch.

BUT there are still some minor bugs i keep finding. Some mobs,NPCs and world bosses like the huge crocs are dublicating on their spawn points, instead of 1 mob there are 2-3 or more placed on top of each other. In some cases some NPC do not fight me when i hit them with an arrow, example is an NPC where the hyena armor recipe is, he/she is standing on the slope that is covered from the sun.

Also i suggest that the greenshalebacks turn hostile when a player grabs their eggs. Also i think combat is really easy with some weapons like the 2h-sword. I only spam light attacks and all the mobs and NPCs are knockbacked, this gives me a great advantage against them. I am able to go to the north on level 10+ and i can kill the nordheimers with this cheese.

Imho another combat overhaul will come in handy. Animations are fantsy looking but overall i think that major changes must be made to all melee weapons. I see CE with a combat style like The Witcher 3, Skyrim, For Honor and Chivalry. Skyrim and For Honor might be the better model to follow.

Keep up the good work guys, hopefully some day CE will shine.


wait. they said they made the mods harder? or the game is still easy mode as it was since launch?


Overland mobs and NPCs are not hard, because of the AI and the lackluster combat system.