Testlive Patch (30.01.2019) - Further Balancing Passes and Bug Fixes


so what did they changed ?


I don’t believe this. I have ran several tests as a new character and find the difficult level in normal mode to be challenging. Stone weapons in the north is not going to turn out well for a level 10 character. Are you playing in easy mode with mods or adjustments to the settings, maybe?


Not sure if this is related to the newest patches.

The using the dice freezes my game each time. I have to “crash” out to recover the game.


Grab a 2h sword and spam only light attacks, mobs will fall down or they are knocked back but you will continue to spam the light attacks. NPCs and most mobs cant react to the constant interupts from the light spam attacks and the final attack of the light combo chain that knocks back. Even when they are on the ground you can continue spamming light attacks, the moment they get up they are interupted again and finaly knocked back again.

The moment i hit level 8 i make a 2h sword and just go north by the time i reach the border i am probly 14 or 15 level. Its the samething with 1h sword, spear, 1h axe, 2h hammer. Although the swords are the easier choice.


Spears are higher in hit than swords. I noticed this. I picked up a stone spear from an NPC and noticed it had only one hit point less than my iron sword. This is a balance issue for certain.

As for the balance, I still do not believe that one can play up in the Highlands before level 20 without playing on easy mode, with mods, and/or adjustments to the settings. Even if one could spam light attacks, which is not going to happen very long as the default stamina will dry out before to may swings are completed, one would have to stop swinging at some point to regain stamina.


Well i did it multiple times on normal difficulty without any mods. When out of stamina walk around the mobs in circle they cant hit you. Combat is easy just go ahead and try it, grab a sword and just go north. spam light attacks and when you are out of stamina just juke the mobs.


Fatal error issues are still not resolved :frowning:


Fatal errors on PC is usually a client issue. Did you report this problem with details as they relate to the game?


Not sure if it’s client or server, but should be fixed before the go-live.


Im just hoping for sprint attacks for every weapon to make combat more interessting and dynamic.


Did you try to play with mods enabled? If so, I suggest disabling them when playing on testlive.


So, I have some concern on the removal of oil from insulated wood. I’m not against it, perse, but I was just thinking about how black ice compares to reinforced stone. Or rather, for a cold weather comparison, black ice to Khitan. Specifically the time and material cost for each already seemed a little out of wack and this might make that a little worse.


Insulated wood is used to make insulated wooden pieces which is a T2 structure. Placing oil into the recipe caused this T2 structure to not be available until level 28 which was almost a T3 level.

Rather than place oil in the recipe for a T3 to place it on par with other T3 is fine, just not part of the insulated wood.


That’s not at all what I was talking about. To build a black ice foundation you need 4 insulated wood, 3 steel reinforcements and 5 black ice. To build reinforced stone or any of the DLC foundations like Khitan, which I think is also the only other cold weather T3 building style, you need 15 hardened brick, 4 shaped wood and 3 steel reinforcements.

It just seems to me that anything T3 other than black ice already requires a much greater time and materials investment, so making insulated wood easier to create might be upsetting that imbalance even further, whether it’s a little or a lot.

To put it another way, on a purely practical level, why would you choose to build your snow area fortress out of Khitan building pieces instead of black ice?


Perhaps I do not understand your meaning well enough. It sounds like you are saying that Black Ice T3 buildings pieces are too easy and should have the oil in the insulated wood to make it use more ingredients as the other T3.

What I am saying is that if you believe that having the oil added to the Black Ice structure pieces was a good thing, the it is better to just add the oil into the recipe without making it part of the insulated wood recipe. I am saying this because Insulated wood is used for a T2 structure. When oil was added to insulated, the insulated wooden T2 structures became too close to T3 structure in resources.


Not necessarily. My concern is with the relative balance between comparable T3 building pieces. Not the specific components involved. Basically the easier it is to build one thing, the less incentive there is to build another, similar thing. So if you can already build black ice for half the effort of Khitan, wouldn’t there be even less incentive to build Khitan if black ice is made that much easier to build by removing the oil requirement?

I’m not saying the removal of oil from insulated wood is a bad thing. I’m just thinking that with this change it might be a good idea to do some fine tuning on T3 building requirements.


I agree that it simplifies the black ice buildings, but only by a tiny bit. Oil is one of the easiest resources to get. So the biggest differences are in the hardened bricks. Drop the number down to 5 or 4 hardened bricks and you will have a much better match to the cost of doing black ice.


The problem for insulated wood is that you can craft T2 insulated wood structures around level 20. To get the oil you need the fluid press which doesnt unlock until lvl 28. So for 8 levels you have a T2 building style you cant use.

A way to rectify this is require 15 black ice or my prefered option is give T3 & 4 smelters the same material cost reduction as carpenters. T3 make a brick for 7 stone, T4 for 5 stone.


Agreed, sprint attacks would be a really great addition to the game, this will help against foes that run away, also the locked camera animations should be removed, by that i mean players should have control to turn around and move when an attack is issued, this will make combat more dynamic and not how it is right now - i hit attack button my character stops and does a swing dance. This is why it is so easy to juke opponents because of this i can easily rush to the north.

Mobs when they are chasing me they stop and issue the attack animation which is SLOW and they stop moving so they can make their attack animation. Everything in the game MUST be able to move while swinging a weapon or sprint while trying to bite your legs.

This is what i mean CE should see how Skyrim did combat animations. Mobs dont stand still dancing with their weapon. They move left and right while swinging their weapon and animals bite while they are running and they can leap without any issue when they chase their prey.

Also all the animals must be more dynamic. Animals like gazelles and deers that are not ment to attack should run away when they see a player or predator near them. Right now i just go next to them and spam attacks. Bows are useless in the hunting part of the game.


I agree on pretty much everything, if they somehow can make animals and human AI be able to more reliably land their hits the game would be more challanging and exciting to play. I feel they did a decent job with the cat animals (leopard, tiger, sabretooth etc) where they have some animations that follow your movement and generally has more interessting and aggressive attack patterns. If they can raise the standards of all animals/npc to match the cats it could do wonders.