Testlive Patch (30.01.2019) - Further Balancing Passes and Bug Fixes


I wholeheartedly agree Solarius. This was one of several new attacks I suggested some time ago in my first suggestions list:

  1. New Combat Attacks:
    (Arguably the most boring or divisive one) Charged attack-I feel it would nice to be able to hold down the heavy attack button for 1-2 sec for a slightly delayed stronger attack. Downwards thrust-as the name suggests, a downwards strike on a grounded opponent. Jump attack-as simple as it sounds, and useful for attacking opponents above you or those trying climb escape. Run in attack-when at full sprint, a quick lunge or opener attack.

Heres hoping it makes its way in someday hey, it would greatly enhance the feel of the combat.

And again I must agree that the animals should run away if they percieve a predator. For example, rabbits and gazelles should run away if approached by either players or a hyena, crocodile, wolf, etc. Actually on that note, does anyone know why dont the aforementioned predators attack these animals? Is this an intended design, or a bug…!?


Cats are done in the right direction i agree, but i am still able to outrun them on foot. Increased movementspeed and leapwhile running will be great.


Probably prey animals are missing this feature, hence why they are stationary, i have never seen them run away when i or anything else comes near them.

Also another suggestion i remember this was a feature when the North came live but using stations found around camps like cooking fires and blacksmithing stations that are on NPC camps would be really sweet. This will promote to live the life of a nomad jumping from one location to another.


Exactly! The combat, all though being very good for survival games standard, it can feel a bit repetative and lacking in chase downs/sticking to a target. I cant help but feel sprint/jump attacks would add a new dimension and fluidity to make it feel more complete.


@Loke Yeah Ive seen a good few requests for the sprint and jumps attacks especially. So much of this game is about chases (whether you are chasing or being chased) punctuated by combat. It would just add such a better, and more realistic flow. Thats not to imply its bad now, this would just make a great thing even better.


Hello, I would like to report that the Stone Pike now does Poison damage instead of Bleeding damage. I am not sure if this is intended, but it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, so I am assuming this is a bug.

The game also froze completely while roaming the map, and I had to terminate it through task manager.


Bug: Single Player, no Mods.
Each time when entering New Asagrath through the main entrance the Nordheimer archer on the right tower will spawn, even you have him just killed. Repeated this multiple times. You just need to walk out of the city until the first fence on the path up to the city, turn around and go back to New Asagarath.


This has been fixed internally, so expect it to be corrected in next update. I think all bleed attacks show a poison status now.


Game freezes constantly

Just reporting that the Testlive client keeps freezing and forcing me to terminate it through task manager. The game just freezes randomly and it says No Response in the Task Manager.


is this the reason the server i am on has crashed 5 times in the last 20 min


make that now 6


My client also crashes / freezes. Last one was when avatar summon timer reached 0s but it seems pretty random


its not my client its the whole server that kept goin down


Official server or private?
If it is official, which one?


As I see it, Official 1945 is not a valid server for TestLive. Are you running a TestLive session or a standard live session?

If you haven’t done so already, you and anyone other this is happening to should report the server using the Official Server Report button. From what I recall, this server has a history of crashing and freezing, might be mechanical.


This update looks very good, finally something positive and lot of new staff… When its going online ?


Per Tascha here

Due to us having to address issues with crashes on TestLive, a slight delay will be necessary. The move from the TestLive build to all live servers is currently planned for the second week of February .


Yeah so far it seems really solid. Just those few stability messages in the event log when Testlive_US3_PVE started last. Other than that, I am really enjoying it. I also wanted to say a big Thank you for adding the extra items to the pickup ability. I re-arranged my base on testlive last night and it was very nice being able to pick everything up to move it around. cannot wait for it to go live now.


I did not find this in the trello notes, so maybe I’m the only one that finds this annoying.

Every time the torch run out wile holding a tool int the right hand, I end up running around with my left hand in the are without any torch. Please fix this! Even tough it’s not a game breaker, it’s been this way for way too long.


so, using a pickax on the ground creates a sand dust effect, this looks great! What would look even better was if the sand effect were replaced with water splashing when hitting the water.

Just saying :slight_smile: