Testlive Patch (30.01.2019) - Further Balancing Passes and Bug Fixes


Ok here are my comments for the changes, let me say first that most of them are pretty good, you are doing are great job but after some tests on TestLive I think these should not go to live:

About this one - I agree that zeal farming should be somewhat reduced but making it 1 to 1 conversion will make people not using protection. Farming 500 hearts/essence etc to convert them to 500 zeals, takes time, not just the farming but the crafting too, and on top of that you add 30 more minutes to craft the protection token. If you plan on keep those changes and they go to Live at least increase the protection duration from 36 hours to at least double. Not everyone can play 5-6 hours every day to manage to keep up with the protection.

After some testing I found out that Avatars do more damage now, which is not a bad thing but, having in mind the protection nerf that can be an issue. For Example I tried Mitra and I’ve managed to clear 300 T3 foundations but just walking on them, not even attack, and that’s with 1 avatar use.

About this one: T3 doors will now have 25k hp, and T1 2.5k hp. This will make players build way more door to protect themselves, which will increase all building in general, which will make servers lagging. But that’s not all, after some tests I’ve noticed that you brought back the option to damage buildings (includes all kinds, even vaults) with regular weapons. For example, I used Telith’s Sorrow and I’ve managed to destroy T1 door with 3 combos (it takes about 40 secs ). You can destroy a T3 door within 4-5 mins using a faster weapon. Telith’s Sorrow does like 1000 damage to buildings per combo which is kinda high. I know that it wasn’t right for weapons to do just 1 damages per hit to buildings but buffing it that much makes building pointless since even without jars/orbs/arrows you can still destroy everything with just your weapon. Now imagine if you are 3 people (you can be 10, I just want to give an example here) hit a vault with you weapons, the result is: the vault goes down in 5 mins (tested).

So please, I understand that changes have to be made but this is too harsh. If players cannot protect their loot/crafts/buildings they will just leave at some point.

Anyway these are my observations so far… do what you’d like to but think about it.


One more wish for today.
Whenever I replace a wall with a higher tire wall, it’s difficult seen if I place the new wall correctly. Can you please make the “Front Side” text show more clearly?


So answer is, this week right ?


I wouldn’t count one work day in February as the first week. I personally would not expect a patch this week, not to mention that would give this testlive version less then one full week of testing.


testlive is not official , why are you posting problems with official servers over testlive forums? i am confused.


Ok what happened to Thralls? The AI for them is just wtf?

In live I place archers on my wall. I have out cropping that give them a clear shot. All the archers now run to the top of the gate up two flights of stairs and shot at them from above missing about 50% of the time. They all group together so several archers actually seemed to shoot other archers.

The AI seems to have started riding an even shorter bus. If the bus gets any shorter it is just going to be a unicycle with everyone sitting on each other shoulders.


I guess this is the second week of february


And where is this Yeti fellow?, i need to say hello to him on testlive.
Yesterday i was freezing my ■■■ off running all over the north and a couldnt see him at all, only more dragons in some spots


People have been looking for yetis for hundreds of years. You didn’t really think you’d find one in a single day did you? :wink:


What??? Is this serious??? Weapons are damaging structures for more than 1 dmg now? FC!!! Com’on!!! Do you wanna kill the rest of the little playerbase remaining on the game???

This is absurd, this will please even more griefers and glitch/hack clans!!! This can’t go live!!!


Yes, that is correct. You can test in on TestLive. Weapons do damage all structures/placeables big time. you basically destroy a T1 door in lest them 15 secs… it takes 3 combos and the door is down…
You can even clear an enemy claim, destroy vaults. basically you can destroy everything now with just your weapon lol


it is very easy damage through the shield ,i need only 3-5 Jhebbal Sag gods :tongue:

i have many many Jhebbal Sag gods in my cooling box and the cast time from the Bubble need at the next patch 30min
the Raid to my enemies will be even easier :smiley:
(sorry for my bad English)


They should had let that pass unnoticed, it can’t be, they wouldnt revert back since that was better for the game. @Jens_Erik, please, can you confirm this for us?


LOL good one


Just want to voice my opinion that most of this patch is great, however, half HP doors is a massive drag as theyre already weak, and damaging structures with weapons is just… bad.

That said, I know seige changes are coming so if these changes are related to that, please let us know. As is, these changes feel…not good


These change make me happy I play in single player and the fact that changes like these are constantly added in and held hostage with real actual bug fixes and QOL improvement means they delay patches for these arbitrary “balancing”. Playing on a Conflict server would be fun but the fact the game is still treated like EA nearly a year after release has had me stay far far away from online play.

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Will there be a rebaseline of all altars in the game with this, so that people who have farmed with 5x Zeal yield and have 100k+ zeal on their altar will have an even playing field with new altars being built?

(If that was hard to understand: Are there any plans to set zeal content to 0 with this huge rebalancing of all god related activities?)


Jens, You mentioned in the release notes to notify you guys if there are more undermesh bases not being addressed.

Can you outline the most efficient way to do this to get it expedited with someone in development?

  • In short, I’m super thrilled with this patch, but from my testlive trial I see multiple places that appear to still have undermesh bases intact.

  • Bjørn


I would PM Ignasis with those details and/or use Exploit Hunters.