Testlive Patch (30.01.2019) - Further Balancing Passes and Bug Fixes


Ok, good. Ill look into doing that when I’m not locked in newbie state any more. :smiley:


The chieftan is the Asgarth Village is listed as performer as is probably the weakest of enemies in there, same as the Set city where the captain being the easiest to kill? who da ■■■■ does this balancing? stevie wonder?


Well not every ruler is a great warrior.


Not sure why either but my guess would be because the dragon would roam into a problematic state that required admin intervention.


Just throwing it out there but another great small patch that would add tons of content is , you should make it so we can write in journals and on note and be able to store them, cause A it would give us the option to record our journeys and battles and experiences, but also let us create library’s and fill them with content or be able to share them with others , or something for someone to read if they find it on our corpse , small idea but would definitely make a epic and great addition to the game.


That’s already on testlive.


Had no clue didn’t read it anywhere😅


But awesome to hear all the updates, and great to hear about the Palisades , been forever since I’ve been able to put one down lol


It was part of the first batch of testlive notes




I actually wish a journal was automatically created for all of the notes/journal entries that we find in the Exile Lands so we can go back and read them without having to store some in a box and/or go back to the location to read it again.


Ya that would be cool. A collection of all the notes and such that you found on your journeys.


Yes, but one that you do not store but go to like the Map Screen or the Journey Screen.

I would also like to see all of the maproom obelisks show up with a location marker as you attune to each one.


I ager. I dont like the nerf that make pvp harder we need now change tac and have like 30x door …for on side enter and all the builder Will be Doors haha ■■■■■■ bad change the door need buffés and god need big ner like 2-3 hit to destory a t3 Wall. The god are to good. The defance need be buffés more. Im more solo player i ben raidad 4 time to ground it not so fun. When ppl can raid you easy

And make harder to solo player make god only big clan can be stronger and many class are irl friends no one let you in in ther clan the clan system need fix that make clan leader and officer only. They can destory and build and take stuff and every membrer can only. Have ther owen chest that they can open. It hard to tell my idé when my eng suck hard.


Pls dont nerf door they need buff and t3 need more buff

Or time to make t4 … the defance for pvp are so bad. You can easy be raided. Or nerf exp and god more nerf like explosiv nerf to 3-4k dmg

And dont make WP can make dmg on build that bad change. Like real life you can do dmg on sword on great Wall or gate … pls.


Pvp die after that change. Bubbel nerf door nerf. WP dmg. Like you say i gona play on conflic server . Full pvp are dead now IT so easy to raid a player whit 1 avatar. And destory everything easy and they buff them more lols and nerf defance more. It allready whery easy to be raided.

they need buff the defance not nerf it

And What i see it not good at all i dont like the change. And ther. Be more. Cool suriv game out soon that are more balance on defance. That you dont need lose all you city castel build that you have put many H on it.

I hear some new suriv game IF u be raided. You repair yours building. And you dont need. Remake. And start whit 0 agien only you lose material. Stuff chest material ect like conan you lose yours stuff. But not the city to remake it all
You only need like repair it or they repair in. Timmer. And Will cost material.

It fine IF conan you lose everything but not as 2x farm speed Then make it 5-7x fast

No one like start from 0. You may rebuild after 2-5 wipe but after that you Will get tierd and stop. The pvp or the game, Many ppl in my server the big clan and good one Been wipe thet never come online agien they go conflic. And some of them stop

FUNCOM you need thinke befor Make balance smart not. Just Make It more faster easy to wipe a player/clan

All want build nice and do pvp and dont want start from 0

I see in my server many big clan have build in many differens place so big around that make more lag for server every one want have 30x city they are afrid to get raided in 1 min by a avatar

Now every one gona build. Under water only chest and have hide place to just summon avatar. And raid a clan.

Now ppl are building 10 door already
Like i do to defance me vs explov

And now after all door nerf to 25k HP on t3

So the whol building gona be door build

After nerf. All gona go like this 10-20x gate and 30-40 Doors.

They gona build flor nr1 only by door to get to flor nr2. And ther be like 10-20 door to.

So all pvp build tips and trick gona be full of Doors.

A Wall have 70k HP
And door live 50k

After nerf 25k HP
And Wall 70k HP

My feed back for pvp

Make all wall 170.
Found 200k
Door 130
Gate door 160k

Avatar bubble. Dmg defance make all dmg -30% of main dmg by anything bubbel size. Should be big to protect all the are you build. So ppl don’t build many bubbel act around the base
The bubble dmg are 20-40k on god and god on player 200-400 dmg per hit should be like 200k around ther
Bubble time hold 24h cost around 500x shard
Active. Timer cast 2m

You can put that number you thinke is good I don’t know that so good

God do dmg not walk over and destroy everything.

God dmg per hit 15-20
Buff from 1 min to 1m 15sec
Walk on build. Do aoe dmg 5-8k
God move speed 1x faster then they are.

Only 1 god per player can summon and be creat
In clan. Total summon to togther. 4god can be summon on same time.

Not like now 10x god. Same time. By 1 clan

To summon a god. It will take 20sec cast time

And god timer delete from yours inventory after 5h you can freeze the timer.

Explosive. 10k dmg same as they are. Cost 1x cheaper to make

Remove the dmg on building. That make no sense you go long sword. And train a wall in warr not even in fantasy world movie we see that. Not even in viking time.

Not even. In Conan movie. We see that

On t1 it fine it not strong wall.
But t2-t3. Train it by sword it look to funny. Even to thinke of it. In real warr you don’t go hit wals you go men vs men :wink:

In this way it be more balance to raid and Defance
It be hard to raid and be raided
In this You will raid smarter

And no one need to be afraid when you eat a nice dinner whit yours familje and be back after afk 1h and you see you are wiped to ground. By 1h or 1 min avatar. Or big clan

And all thrall need be smarter.
And make you can have max 100 or 50x total defancer thrall so u don’t walk. In a city whit 10000k thrall. And get laggy harf

And pet you can have max 50x

New power of god rank 3
Teleport you back to the avatar ston
20sec cast time get hit it be cancel
2h cd
So you don’t do it in battle and run :slight_smile:

You have map room to travel but you don’t have anything to travel home in yours city fast :slight_smile:

Many of ppl i know they ager whit my idé.

It not feel good when you need restart. From 0 everytime u be raided


While this comment is bit hard to understand, i agree the idea of the to much nerved doors now !

People will build double, tripple, quadrupple doors, and this doesn’t make sens. Make them same as walls, simple.


I wonder what the reasoning behind nerfing the doors is . . .


it is logical. Busting through a door vs a solid hardened brick wall that has been reinforced with steel? Logical to nerf, but nobody likes it.

Could be in PvP, people will just have to make a walled in entryway, where they constantly tear out and replace their security wall, when they log in and out of the game. It isn’t that hard to protect against the nerf, by building more walls and doors. It is just a pain and seems a bit pointless to go through with it.


I actually suggested this one a while ago now. Something so simple which has the potential to make life easier. Goodness I hope it happens.

  1. Obelisks are Marked on the Map after Discovery:
    Yes I know I could simply add my own marker. However, I feel that obelisks are important points of reference, and should have there location marked on the map like any point of interest post discovery.