TestLive Patch Notes (03.07.2018)

Game mode: PC Live
Version: #102194/18479
Problem: Bug

Unable to connect to server for several hours.

Theres this really annoying bug that i feel isnt getting enough attention. when it happens you dont have to do anything and you cant do anything about it. you will only be let back in when the server resets again. sometimes this happens early on in the day and I cant play until the next day ! this is the worst bug of all because it makes the game literally unplayable. This happens on Official PVE conflict server #1940. but it happens on other servers as well.

Repro steps:

  1. Log in
  2. Choose your server

Hey all! We got a new TestLive build out so make sure to update your game. This version is 102881/18608.
Please be sure to read our post about what’s happening in the upcoming weeks here.

Patch Notes

We’ve added more control for clans in the form of hierarchy options:

  1. As a first step, we added a new “recruit” clan level, which is the default level after joining a clan.
  2. Vaults will after the patch only be accessible by clan “members”, “officers” and “guild leaders”.
  3. Recruits have to be promoted manually to a higher level in order to access vaults.

Terrain Fixes

  • Patched up holes in the towers within the volcano that previously allowed players to get inside.
  • Added building blocking near the Shrine of Oracle.
  • Patched a hollow area inside the Bridge of the Betrayer so you can no longer build inside it.
  • Fixed the terrain in The Pit so it’s no longer possible to get under it.
  • Patched up a place in the Boundary Spillway that was possible to get inside.
  • Fixed a pocket inside a mountain at “The Crevice” that could previously be built into.

Additional Notes

  • Fixed an issue where traps would remain in the air after dismantling the structure they were placed on.
  • Added sound effects for dismantling placeables and crafting stations.
  • Fixed an issue with foundations where it was possible to create a double layer of protection.
  • All Star Metal weapons should now equal Khitai weapons in durability, armor penetration and damage.
  • You will no longer get a loading screen if the wrong Direct Connect IP address is entered.
  • It was previously not possible to click the “OK” button after typing the wrong IP address and then timing out.
  • You can no longer place foundations on Lore Tablets.
  • Crocodiles will now attack when inside water.
  • Insulated Wood recipe now consists of 2 Resin, 1 Oil instead of just 1 Resin to bring the cost of Tier3 Black Ice buildings more on par with Tier3 stone buildings.
  • Obsidian weapon crafting has been revamped. Obsidian now requires Composite Obsidian to be crafted. This resource can only be crafted in the Volcanic Forge, and the recipe can be (re)learned from the end of the Volcano dungeon. Obsidian weapons can be crafted in any blacksmith bench as long as you have Composite Obsidian.
  • Functional Warpaints now properly decay over time.
  • NPCs should no longer rubberband, teleport, then hit you from far away.

Does this mean the base I built on the official servers in The Tradeway will be wiped?

Any date on when the purge will be fixed? We have a bunch of legendary weapons we need to repair and we only had 1 purge so far

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Better get crating insulated wood…

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why, they just said they will not patch the game until August Update regarding the next few weeks

Doubt any of us will be playing Conan that long without any fixes, WoW expansion will come up and hopefully Fallout 76 beta

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Hey there Nicole,

Q: When a TestLive is pushed, is the Dedicated Server package also updated to it?

I’d want to try the TestLive version locally but my setup requires to have the dedicated server in sync too, and I never saw mention of it.

Checked in steam, and it seems to have a -testlive branch as option there, but I’m not sure if it’s in SYNC with the main game’s testlive version… I wouldn’t want to go to the lengths of updating everything just to find out that they aren’t in sync and I have to rollback.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Could you please buff star metal weapons to be end game, the visuals are wonderful and sweet that they glow blue, but no where near the damage of dragonbone/obsidium please fix so they can be used


At least flawless should be on par with dragon bone and normal obsidian. Bows are okay, I never checked melee weapons. Whats the difference there?

And since we’re asking… I’d like to add to what @frostfairy said: Can you please add a war axe option for star metal too! :pray:

I really like war axes and the acheronian war axe… ehm… ahem… can I say ‘sucks’? It’s too harsh a term, I think, but it’s the best expression in this case :neutral_face:

And I don’t mean to offend anyone, but if you put it side by side it with the Hardened Steel one, the details in the HS model are impressive, and the acheronian one, is… primitive? simplistic? (Hope no-one takes this the wrong way, it’s just personal taste…)

IDK, I personally don’t like it… and the only other option above Hardened Steel is Dragonbone, which you cannot craft until doing the Arena.

Also, I"m almost sure (I can’t check atm) that the HS war axe is better damage-wise than the acheronian one (at least at exceptional quality, which is what I could craft when I tested it…) which seems, strange? to say the least.

Thanks! And sorry for the spam in here :3 (Not gonna do it again… not gonna do it again… :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’ve been think on star metal… It’s so useless. It’s bad game design to have anything that has a resource and just be pointless after you’ve made the only thing it’s really good for (preservation boxes) but that’s generally the whole game, resource and gear progression follows no real logical curve. It’s all over the place, from mid resource crafting being more involved than end game resources are to armor just being out of whack in attribute and usefulness. I mean you got SL that everyone uses and basically makes all other armor pointless, but aside from that you have entire lines of weapons/tools/armor that have absolutely no purpose. Star metal is one such line.

I don’t think they need to match dmg necessarily. What I’d do with star metal is make it extremely durable maybe not indestructible but at least the most durable material in the game. If you think about it, it makes sense. It’s this otherworldly metal that’s encased in a near impenetrable shell until you blow it off with some form of explosive or fire. It would only make sense that tools. And weapon s made from this wouldn’t dull as fast, or break, armor using it would deflect more blows before needing repair, ect…

Problem is they fall into the same pitfalls as every other game. They have all these other attributes, but don’t really use them to potential. It’s all about damage and armor rating, and it’s boring.


“Gamma” phase needs to be a thing for games these days…

Released out of financial obligation, but still in technical early access.


Game mode: Private Testlive
Version: 102881/18608
Problem: Bug
New Dlc Broken

After the patch today it is no longer possible to learn the new dlc recipes when you click on them the cost is 0 points when you click on unlock nothing happens, I have tried this on a few of the new recipes and nothing happens. this is on a privet server with no mods.

Repro steps:
2.level up
3. attempt to learn Khitan Furniture maker by clicking the unlock button
4. cry

You are most likely talking about ghosting from mulisampling from AA (4x and 6x).

yeah i mean it doesnt need to match point for point in damage since it indeed has great durability but that is moot if the damage isnt usefull to take advantage of the durability an example dragonbone axe 53? star metal flawless should be like 48-50 i would use and forgo the damage loss just to have the sweet visual…but sadly if a axe did exist for star metal youd make the flawless do like 42 damage or something horrid…

this would also help with your sad sad excuse for DLC matching start metal weapons…might as well made it match steel…would be just as useful…and take off the epic border off those weapons if your not going to make it epic quality…hope you learn by the time you push your next dlc WAY to fast without checking ANYTHING for quality…live players found faults in what? 10 mins after release…and it would take you a whole of what? 1 hour tops to fix the glaring issues with your dlc…watching this potentaily great game spiral down the drain is very sad…only hope on the horizon is fallout now since time and time again you fail to make deadlines and time sensitive release and fixes for your game…it can only take so much before people start bailing even harder and before another game comes out to steal your thunder, you have a golden time RIGHT NOW when nothing else is releasing to capture and keep a player base and your pising it away…and now your going on a three week vacation…hope they like coming back to a dead game and a job that ends 3 months later since no players to buy your next rushed untested dlc of unbalanced uselessness…

so sad to see such a great potential fall so short, really love survival games without flying and this one hit the mark, but is falling short in way too many ways…and never again mention private servers to your players…fix bows/accuracy, release scorcery with poor visuals (WE REALLY DONT CARE), and balance your end game items (YES LIGHT AND MEDIUM SILENT LEIGON VARIANTS) and id would HAPPILY pay a monthly sub of 15-25 dollars (15 bucks is so 10+years ago) and hire some real people and get some real servers and be a real game company that can make this title shine!!!

Good morning Devs and Testlive team members, I just wanted to say happy 4th of July to everyone and hope all is going well before I brought a list, I have experienced a live PC bug today involving a crash more information on as follows:
Steam PC Version
Single Player/ Co Op game

*Crash to desktop, Fatal Error message box, (was in base near dancers standing there also near wheel of pain lots of movement basically, though I was just standing admiring my build work then it boom happened.)((word of note also its happening more frequently as of late so be sure as the game gets bigger to tell the game to use more memory on the computer flight simulator had this problem once where it wouldn’t use all the available ram located on the computer to fuel its actions… also wouldn’t use all the cores on the pc till it came out with patches, so just make sure you have it set up to ask for enough memory to run what is going on in game)))

*Named Thralls still got that really crazy face bug… (every time I see them I just yak a little bit) hahahahha

Still getting Unarmed Left Bags on thralls and they spawn in SOME* thrall inventories on a infinite level. and sometimes un-droppable, unless you flip it with another item… ofc as a work around… but no doubt this is not suppose to happen anyway.

*Thralls still a bit sad on using weapons and shields and so on… the combat needs to be shaped up a bit.

*either Thralls become un-targetable in certain conditions or they go demi god or invincible on certain conditions… but sometimes you are unable to hit them or cause damage to them… when you are in proper range and in the hit box to damage them… I did a test on named thrall Sully and had a Stygian Spear and ofc I nailed him good many of times but other points he would be on attack or I would and I would do no damage to him even though I beat his attack and we would be in each others faces and hit boxes…

a suggestion for this if you guys wanted to create a dead lock system, attacker and defender attacks came in at equal enough times cause a recoil smash of weapons aka sound animation small stun stop back up whatever or deadlock and who wins gets advantage. your choice devs. only a suggestion.

*continue to balance weapons and when you release new DLC’s ensure there balance as well team. as I said before balance beauty and blend makes the soul of a game come alive… it can look as pretty and sexy as you want and trust me it does look pretty, and I hope in time will look even greater, but the inside where the soul of the game is. it must be solid and strong. otherwise you just have a Airhead that’s pretty. muahahahahaha.

*also had a small bug where I died In front of my base walked back to where I died but my body disappeared… a rare occurrence seeing how this did not happen to me before… but I did lose everything ofc… I had on hand. about 1 hour of adventuring died from insane bleeding hahahaha started at 20 stacks… it was a epic death just not the greatest recovery :frowning: seeing ofc I lost everything right in front of my base.

anyway again HAPPY 4th of July devs and team hope your all getting a much needed break. be safe remember don’t close your fist around the firecracker.

Please tell my why 1 explosive jar on a t3 foundation did 33k damage in testing???

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Are you guys kidding- “summer break”? you in school or something? You game mechanics is broken and no patching 2 month. When you vacations is over you lost all playerbase. 50k at start in steam - now only 10-12 in prime time. Work in that direction and lose all like you lose all players in Age of Conan, bcs you dont fixed bugs few years.

  • All Star Metal weapons should now equal Khitai weapons in durability, armor penetration and damage.

So, that means Star Metal/Khitai (flawless) weapons still have mutch lower damage than their dragonbone or obsidian counterparts? Very disappointing. :frowning_face:

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Do you lower level of Star metal weapons or up level of Khitai?

What about hp of Khitai structures?

PS How can you go to holiday with unfixed game??

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