TestLive Patch Notes (03.07.2018)

So the Major bugs that needs to be fixed and still hasn’t is the crimson lotus and the fact that we can not grind them this is a problem because crimson lotus powder is in many potion recipes yet with out the ability to grind them players are not able to make these potions, Also thralls, wild animals and players getting stuck in foundations, ceiling and stair pieces when walked across sometimes don’t render properly and instead of getting a walking animation we end up with a falling animation even though the navigation path is still there or trying to place a Thrall on a ceiling piece and they fall to their death.

Hey, there is this testlive event coming to level up to 25 today, but people on reddit alerted testlive servers have ping limit!
Please funcom remove ping limit on testlive servers else some people will be cut out, like me!

If they remove ping limit, it will alter the stress test results!? You got three EU and US server. Some should work for you?

Absolutely not work for me living in South America, ping to US 200 ping to EU 260. And a bunch of people I know, obviously play on the same region.

Hm, don’t know, but they shouldn’t withdraw it completly. Maybe 200 to 250 is okay?


We might be able to move this patch to live this week, but we need your help!

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UPDATE: We took the TestLive servers down in preparation for the Test Event and to add a few last minute changes including Ping Limit Removal. The Servers will be back up at 10pm Oslo time (4pm EST).

Im from shout america , many thx about ping limit :smiley:


1040 froze up, so we are all joining testlive :slight_smile:

6 servers of 40 cap. Put on some comfortable shoes, 'cause you might be standing in line for a bit…

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Quick answer - The lower the better mate, under 100, but nearest to 1 would be preferred. There are lots of factors which can affect your ping.

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Grind, like you have never grinded before! :laughing:

Testlive servers down?

I saw an EU one pop up, refreshed my server list, and none are showing since

I do see them with invalid version !

Another update came out just now, go back to steam and check mate

I see, so update at the launch time… tricky tricky

I did see a post saying they would be making some last minute changes, thats fine :slight_smile:

Testlive updates are now ready to go! Head in and do your thing!

We don’t have to play on Official TestLive servers to get the free DLC do we? cause they’re packed… cant get in

pretty sure we have to get in on one of those 6 servers for the stuffs… Then send an email with your characters name and the server name to Funcom (so they can check database and make sure you actually did it).