TestLive Patch Notes (03.07.2018)

You did miss something!


What about the gods? Currently only set does any damage. Is this fixed? Getting booring to grind for the same archpriest over and over again

Also bases that can only be reached by yog is still unraidable because yog does a total ok 10k damage

Cheers Tascha, that is good thing to know! I am a salty community member, so any face slaps from You guys are welcome. Anyway here is my counter as a gift. Inaccuracies possible.
You have one big gift guys, You and Your community will be stronger in time after forged in fire! :slight_smile:

Fix patches - 61
Tweaking patches - 37
Waste of time patches - 24
Item patches - 16
Audio patches - 16
Boss/monsters patches - 15
NPC patches - 15
Modifying text patches - 12
UI/Bar patches - 8
Control/Setting patches - 8
Crash patches - 5
Purge patches - 5
Additional items/bosses or significant things into the game - 4
Performance patches - 4
Animation patches - 2
Server setting patches - 1

“Obsidian tools are now craftable in the Volcano forge” <— Does that mean the obsidian tools can no longer be crafted in an improved blacksmith?

Is the volcano forge slot fixed for Seicas AKA Flawless obsidian weapons?

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Is this a break down of the patch notes? Or actual patches since EA? :smiley:
You sir/mam, have too much time on your hands!

Thanks for the feedback but please post this in the PS4 section and not here where we would like to focus on feedback for PC and specifically for the Testlive patch that went live recently. It makes it easier for us to collect relevant feedback for the specific builds per platform.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Tascha. What about the gods? can you please reply to this?

Current testlive summary. Yes, I spent some time with that :smiley: But I am more interested about those hidden patches now, You got my attention. GL with release!

I do it, to help the Thread “clean”. :wink:

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Thank you, much appreciated :slight_smile:

It’s in our list of balancing issues but not fixed yet iirc.
I hopefully have an update in the Suggestion forums and the sticky where it will be include in the “mechanics/balancing” list

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We’re aware and it will be hotfixed asap :slight_smile:
Thanks for the feedback though!

@Tascha Derketo priests are supposed to just spawn at purges? Pretty much the derketo religion is dead right now,you guys should fix it before releasing another religion (pet based)

Tascha. I really want to be as polite as possible… but

Really? is this serious? its just changing some numbers? We are 1 and a 1/2 month after release, and still your god system is useless? Because only 1 god actually works? Also Set ignores God-bubbles, which completely ruins the idea of God-bubbles. Because people only farm for SET??? So technically you have 1 functional god in your game, and ZERO defense against it. And its still on your list of balancing issues!?!?!?!?!? Go call the guy in charge and tell him to change the numbers right now, make the gods closer to equal and make it so SET doesnt just ignores the god bubble. Dont tell me its not possible to do in an hour of Work.

You are a small Company and i respect that. But judging from this lack of balancing, your Company seems more beuraucratic than a governmental institution. Someone make a decision and make this right already.


I want to second this post with all due respect. And also bump my feedback regarding vaults and how they break the game on all PVP-servers. See Below.


Howcome that VAULTS are still so overpowered that it ruins the game. It takes many many 100s of orbs or 1000s of trebuchet hits or 100-120 bombs to take down a vault.

I suggest u make it ALOT more expensive to build, OR move it down to 100K hitpoints instead of 600k

Because as it is now, all you have to do in mid- and late game is to spam vaults around the map and NO NEED AT ALL to have an actual base. Not the way Conan was intended to play I am quite sure.

Over and Out!


Couldn’t they have done this before “the big” lauch?

“Adjusting the harvest amount multiplier no longer affects how many skeleton keys you receive from bosses.”
why was this even an issue? I found this one of the best features.

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Hi Tascha,

Named thralls in Buccaneer’s Bay (jungle) all have a 100% chance to spawn with this new patch. On live, only the named warrior and named archer were guaranteed spawns. Now, the taskmaster, 2 carpenters and 2 dancers spawn 100% of the time as well. I’m not sure if this change is intended.

Also, pretty please fix the named armorers. Llarn Steeltoe, for instance, is still flagged as a t3 armorer (which makes flawless hyena impossible to craft). Irniz of the Furnace cannot make Flawless Zamorian epic, despite the fact she can make the regular set on a regular armorer’s bench. And some named armorers are relatively useless, like the (not so) Legendary Armorer that makes nothing unique whatsoever. I don’t think changing this would be too difficult.

Crimson lotus still cannot be harvested with a sickle or ground into dust like other lotus plants (another easy change). This prevents half of the elixirs from being available.

I’ve been trying to test the new purge changes, but I cannot get the purge commands to work. Haven’t seen one spawn naturally yet either, despite maxing out all the purge settings.

Finally, the game is in dire need of a balance patch as others have mentioned. I understand this takes more time and I do appreciate these bug fixes, but we could really use one.