TestLive Patch Notes (03.07.2018)


I wish people would stop comparing this game with ark lol ark is way worse then this game lol for sure


Did you even read the feedback before deciding to go live? How could this be, you knew about all the things people complained about before releasing it!?..


Yet there 4 times as many people playing Ark ? They must be doing something right.
(I’ve never played it)


Children play Ark. It’s teen rated.


85% of them are dupers and ddos lol that’s why I stop playing with all that lag that’s why I left


Good morning Devs and Conan Exiles fans!!! I hope everyone is healthy and doing well. If we could Devs, I’m going to talk with you on the current 500+ patch, with the current fixes… I’m glad we are addressing the issues on many things, and levels with the game, keep that up, with the current patch let’s focus on patching the most needed 3 issues at a time… On a personal level, your team is working hard, and when you have to much on your plate it will cause mistakes, you have a good base on the current game as of now… I would like to see your team focus on certain items and problems, not a whole bunch at once. Work on the quality not the quantity right now… Focus on the bigger issues in the game take notes please, and pick key problems, and have your team work on those smaller patch updates… slow and steady wins the race don’t rush. Focus at 3 big items, items that the team feels they are mentioned the most on the forum… Stabilize the current patch you have guys. Slow and steady forward, balance, beauty and blend, give your team time with family and friends… and focus on patching key issues, not quantity, but quality… With that said as I have talked about cornerstones before… The big issues in the game I’m seeing is Thrall combat reaction, abilities, ect… I can only give suggestions, but crafting a good Thrall system is is important, I suggest a progression system and level system similar to our own and also, reaction to combat, or lack of combat. There hitboxes and overall hitboxes of the enemy based on weapons, implement that route system you have talked about also. Clean the Thrall Combat System!!! Another suggestion, allowing players to choose the way there Thralls fight is important, (defence, defend, fight at range, aggressive to hostile targets in range of? as I said it will be important to make it so Thralls have a progression system, level as they stay alive and see combat similarly to the character… allowing better survivability to pvp players and the purge… Balance it out.) Try hard to clean it up before you start implementing the dual weild system, and different combat mechanics and elements… Also continue working the building system when you can game performance, and bug fixes, exploits leave it to your smaller team, and fix fewer of these items in small updates at once, but crack down on our combat system and thrall system focus on the mechanics on that it’s a very important aspect of your game and cleaning that up should be a main goal… (As I said before breath life into your thralls. Ask yourself realistically how would this thrall fight he’s tier 1, and level whatever, he’s not as skilled but he’s this level, how does he fight?He’s tier 4 and level high level on progression system, he should be a bad ass at fighting. Why is that thrall just standing there and not fighting? Why didn’t this thrall pull out her weapon? Realistically how would a human react to this?.. Reactions really need to be worked a enemy shouldn’t be able to hit me before my team is on it. Especially if I’m right in front of there faces, bring them to life, have a plan.) Have a smaller team working bugs. Small things that can be worked…and your larger experienced team working the combat and thrall system. Smaller updates guys… Stabilize what you have. Then thrall combat, please focus all of your time on it. And a smaller team focusing on why I cannot get that same dye color on the metal stygion leg item the same color as the the dyes I’m provided, yellow dye is not really yellow. Why won’t this stupid fence foundation attach to this regular foundation? Why is that mispelled? Why did that shellback look at me funny? MOST IMPORTANT!! for your smaller experienced team, why is this crashing, or why is this not working on the server?.. Quality not quantity. Slow and steady forward. Balance, Beauty, Blend. Enjoy.