Testlive Patch Notes Archive


Please the last video from the Polarbear Igloo channel, he report a lot of bugs, some ridiculous bugs and the 50 points on every single skill point bug, the chair bug… thats is so ridiculous launched with hundreads of bugs…

“Lets talk about the EXPLOIT problem Conan Exiles”



is so bugged that i laugh OMG HAAH


during EA, the thinq that kill this game was exploit not beeing fix soon enougth.
if we have to wait 4 month to fix this kind of exploit don’t except player to stay and play this game.

so i hope you gonna fix this realy soon. (like 2 week maximun for the 50 all stat as everyone will know soon how to do it)

as i already say, you have many things that you can do quickly to correct this kind of bug.

For the moment mecahnique are “fine” but this kind of thing is game killer


Ok we ran into some RCON issues. I believe once we hit about 35+ players in the server and we run the listplayers command it gives us an error.

Warning: recv() return value (2140) does not match expected packet size (2469).

The number values do change every time also. I haven’t really tested the other stuff like broadcasting messages and such because everyone has to hit the big OK button while they are in the middle of RPing or in the middle of a battle.

When I get a chance to restart the server I’ll be turning off the RconMaxKarma=60 just to test to make sure it’s nothing to do with that.


A new patch for TestLive is out! This is version: 100548/18277
Also, please take some time to read our post regarding patches and what’s coming over the next week:

UI Adjustments

  • Message of the Day is now saved after closing the window.
  • Removed the second Edit Text icon on the Chat Log screen.
  • Fixed the chat visibility settings not working in other languages than English.

Decay System

  • Turning DisableBuildingAbandonment on after having it disabled for a while should not demolish buildings built in the past, and can no longer be toggled while the server is running.
  • Your buildings and placeables will now go into the Abandoned state if you recreate your character. Other players can then demolish them freely.

QoL Changes

  • Adjustments to corpse physics.
  • Split “Show Help When Building” settings into “Show Help When Building” and “Show Contextual Controls”. So admins can choose to have the hud tooltips for controls on building only while disabling for the rest of the game.

General Bugfixing

  • Exploit Fix: No longer possible to bring all attributes to 50.
  • It is no longer possible to alter server setting fields when they are disabled.
  • Purge meter will no longer reset to zero after a user rejoins the session.
  • Fixed an issue where Exile NPCs could get stuck in doorframes
  • GUI memory optimizations.
  • When using a controller, fixed an issue where you were unable to place an item into the radial menu if your highlight went from the recipes to the inventory items directly.
  • Fixed an issue that would make your placeable item be consumed upon placing, without actually being placed.
  • Fixed an issue involving slopes or stairs where you could sprint without any stamina drain.
  • Fixing a crash when summoning avatars.
  • Various other crash fixes.
  • Various server optimizations.
  • Fixed an issue with following thralls giving a “Too many thralls following you” error after a relog.
  • When inspecting a thrall, the “Equip” button will now correctly equip items from either the players or the thralls backpack on the thrall.

Potential max stat bug or something more?

firstly i appreciate your effort and…
what about the…
-hatch door thing
-placing jar inside building thing
-op heal from thrall thing
-spears with no shieldsmash, smashs spears :slight_smile: thing
-infinite timed altar protection thing
-avatar damage balance thing
-throwing orb inside the inner bubble, when you give your back to altar light
-red lotus flower thing cant be turned to powder at grinder
-automatic fast autorun, i mean autorun with shift without pressing anything (dont fix this :slight_smile: )

did you fix these? or when do you think to fix these?



Please make the patch official for live servers soon :slight_smile: It’s been a while since last patch release and also keep up with your version numbers please…


i’m still loving you :blush:


I hope they don’t forget to reset attributes. Because you only have to do it once :smiley: so the question is: will expoid users keep the attributes?


No they won’t keep them. Attribute points will be reset and go back to the proper amount for the level :slight_smile:


Hey what happened to the land claim radius?

The other day I load up my single player. All my crafting stations (including a wheel of pain) were just gone at a outpost I build to collect thralls. I also had the land claim radius set just back a bit so I didn’t kill resources as in single player it is a little high.

Not only did all my custom setting reset to default but there is no land claim slide anymore. What is happening? None of the patch notes live or test live seem to mention removing land claim sliders.


Hello Exiles! We’re releasing one last TestLive patch before tomorrow’s patch to live. In addition to the changes in yesterday’s TestLive build, this will fix up a few extra things:

  • The previous fix for the attribute exploit only reset feats. This patch will reset both the feats and attributes.
  • Fixed a crash related to taking items off of thralls.
  • Exploit fix: Fixed a problem with stack merging logic which could allow for item duplication for certain equipped items

Assuming all goes well with this TestLive update, we’ll aim to patch Live tomorrow. Thanks everyone! Click here to learn how to connect to TestLive.


As Christopher Walken would say, “I have a fever, a fever, for which there’s only 1 cure. I need to hear, more cowbell, I needs that cowbell.”–excerpt from SNL Blue Oyster Cult skit.



  • DLC Item khitan armors epic has the same armor values as the normal version!
  • Loot and loot all does not work
  • The news tab or Help in the main menu still does not work


yay now i have to go into admin mode and press the +1 feat button another 700 times so i can build everything in my solo game.

thanks guys, that was exactly what i wanted.


Hey all! Got a small TestLive patch for you. This isn’t the huge one with over 500 fixes just yet. That is still to come. This is version 100794/18352. Thanks for your continued reports!

  • Upgraded to new version of BattlEye with improved hack detection
  • Refactored placement validation for some building modules for increased multi-building mod compatibility.


Omg omg stop teasing that big patch! :stuck_out_tongue:


Umm … you know you’re playing on test version right? If that’s the main thing that gets your goat, then Funcom is doing a great job, and you need to stop playing this game and maybe play Pong, I hear it’s pretty stable these days.


im playing on console mate :slight_smile: