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You can test it by having a thrall follow you and you engage a Mammoth or an Elephant, then you’ll see that the thrall struggles to fight it, it stops fighting after being knocked down.


I will do some tests as any thrall recommendations to use for it?


Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [Combat_testlive_eu1]

[Neither medium Vanir nor Medium Khitan armor are helping with cold protection. I got frostbite on the bridge Betrayer. I crossed the bridge naked as well and the cold indications were identical. I have Vitality 30]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Don Medium Vanir or Khitan armor
2.Walk into a cold area
3.Take of clothers
4.Temperature doesnt change


Game Mode: Testlive US_2
Problem: Bug

The creatures seem to be spawning double on top of each other. Every time the gators outside of my house spawn, there’s 1 on top of another, as well as many other spawn points. There’s far more wolves, mammoths, crocodiles and King Elk than normal.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Kill crocodile at Muriela’s Hope
  2. Wait for it to respawn
  3. Observe double spawns.


Game mode: Testlive Singleplayer
Problem: Bug| Misc

Vanity mode no longer works while seated in a chair, throne, etc… Works fine when using emotes, in ghost mode, etc…


The feedback flow here is fantastic. Thanks so much for taking the time to help us test. We are taking notes! :nerd_face:
In regards to the Death Stranding Thralls: Did it not help with any thralls or do you guys see single thralls here and there that haven’t been nuked down?

Anyone else seeing this issue?


Not seen this a whole lot, but once or twice we did. Rocknose King I noticed had done this.

EDIT: This was in Testlive EU3 this weekend.


I`m playing at the official server #1996 (South America), and this happens quite frequently in New Asgarth


Oh, so this issue is on live as well? Thank you! We must have missed that.


Yes, it happened yesterday. The server was pretty laggy, and crashed a couple of times. Maybe that was the cause, but you should know, just in case.


Noted, thanks!


Over the weekend, myself, @Skinny and Shae teamed up in a clan on Testlive EU3. We must have spent 30+ hrs each in this server in two days and have a list of issues to report. I’ll send a full list to Tascha directly in the first instance and highlight the main issues here later today.


I have killed a couple of floating thralls after watching their base crumble as it came into sight. This one was airborne but has since come down to earth. She’s a kind neighbor and doesn’t aggro, always eager to entertain.

These guys are still floaters.

This is the most reliable double spawn i see, but that’s because they’re in my front yard. The other crocodiles at this oasis spawn double as well.

Most animals are spawning normal, but in some areas there seems to be extra dense populations (areas surrounding eyelet lake for example), and sometimes 2 corpses fall down after killing them.


Combat Testlive US1

Some issues we’ve noted. Wights aren’t respawning properly once they are cleared in Mounds of the Dead. Loot chests are also not respawning. Mounds, New Asa and Sepermentu.


I`m playing at the official server #1995, and its not online? I think my list of favorite servers is bug. Others servers are online.

Did someone happen to?


Game mode: Online | Testlive
Problem: Bug
Region: NA

My thrall fighter couldn’t damage a thrall of a different clan with melee weapons. Ranged weapons do work. Attacking NPC works, too.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Take a thrall of yours and equipe it with weapon.
  2. Watch it beating other thralls like they are made of air.


The bug kind of reminds me of the emberlight mod’s wooden weapons that are made for training as i think i put one on a thrall one time for sparing.


I think i found out the reason, seems the npc’s are having a hard time getting to and hitting the hit box which explains why they don’t fight properly.


While we were chatting on this very subject I was autorunning with two non-King elks behind me. They came together on my tail and actually merged, and as you correctly deduced, will possibly do double damage if attack-synced. This explains a lot of epic battles with wolves and cats lately, plus giant yields from the corpses.

Shadow costuming has persisted since the very early days of thrall inventories. It used to be that ghost armor not only looked good, it functioned as well. In other words, you could dress up your duder, do a couple actions, strip him nude, and then by next server restart he’d have a full suit with all the attributes. And nothing in inventory.

The same steps need be repeated to have a shadow costume on any thrall. They won’t have any attributes, but they’ll look pretty. :star_struck:


Bug Report
Combat Testlive US1

Trying to upgrade from sandstone to Aquillion. Cant upgrade with workstations on top. Have to break down all improved stations/regular stations to upgrade underneath them.