Testlive Patch Notes Archive


Nope. Still broken.


Hasn’t rained here yet either but It has only been about three game days. I am hopeful but…I hope this gets fixed.


TestLive has been updated! See above for notes.


Sweet. Thanks for the heads up.


Nice, thanks! <3


I’d just like to mention that this update sets the server maximum nudity to “None” on single player.


“Improved streaming performance”

Has anyone noticed a major improvement here? as in far less hitching while moving around.


Thralls put shields away after fighting agroing the second time


They still do. Right now my dancer is walking backwards while following me across the desert. No enemies are in sight. I’m on the newest testlive build. Single player, PC.


You can not delete your own markers on the world map.


I’m not sure what auto-target is or if this fix was supposed to work for thralls as well, but lock-on still prioritizes thralls, even if they’re further away than an enemy.

Nevermind, it’s the auto-facing feature in the Gameplay settings. This fix needs to be applied to lock-on as well.


This formun have a great design but it’s a pain in the ■■■ to go top in order to read patch note


I just press Home on the keyboard. Boom, I’m at the top. And End to get back to the bottom.

Hopefully this helps!


Did for me…works fine.


Don’t have Home button on my keyboard :’(

edit : okey i find it, thx for the tip


Wife and I tried this version out using a dedicated server over our lan with mods and although I could connect just fine to the server , she could not. the server is hosted on my machine and she was getting the message about her not having the right mods or mod load order when she tried to connect.

We double checked her settings with mine and everything was in order. After going back to live she was able to connect again no problem.


Are you using the blue vertical navigation slider to the right? Just click and swosh.


Hi can a dev or CM please explain these two points ? What does it mean ? In which Patch will this come out ?


On version # 97865/17844. Singleplayer

  1. Still walk backwards
  2. Stay in combat stance after fighting but put weapons away, so just their fists out.
  3. I have had two thralls randomly die from what I assume is when they teleport if you go out of range? Both thralls died inside my single story house, no enemies where nearby and they both instantly died.
  4. Had a thrall following me get stuck in the jumping animation, and just kept following me floating around.


@Spynosaur_Nicole Unable to create the Derketo avatar! Neither in the live version nor in this one. Tested in multiplayer and single mode in admin mode.