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Repair Kits
Combat_US2 | Single Player

Edit. Not a bug. User error thanks to @Enyo. I did not damage my items enough.

Original Summary, what happens if you try to repair without items damaged enough

Summary: Repair kits do not work. Even with a brand-new weapon or tool, you receive “can’t repair this item further.”

  1. Damage a new iron weapon or tool
  2. Try to apply a repair kit of any kind
  3. Try the same thing with steel


Strange. I have used iron and steel repair kits without issue over the last couple days.


I have repaired a exceptional hardened steel spear with spikes (better penetration) with a master repair kit successfully on combat_testlive_eu3.


Thanks, I edited my post, and will strike through it so there’s no doubt. I wasn’t getting my items past the “repair needed” mark.


Game Mode: Testlive US_2
Problem: Bug

@Barnes has brought it to my attention to check things with a repair hammer. Upon investigation I noticed that not a single building piece has an owner, yet all placeables do (including doors). Not certain this is intended.


Game mode: Official Testlive Singleplayer
Problem: Bug Misc

After seeing the ownership issues mentioned here, I checked in the Single player game. I do use mods, but did not find any recently placed/upgraded areas with ownership issues.

These screens do show some issues I found while checking the ownership.

This area of my base shows the damage in a large area where a shaleback nest was paved over in the name of progress a long time ago. (I have not checked to see if it is still there since i can no longer hear the cries of the babies.) This area of the base is partially built over one of the lagoons at the Oasis of Sekhet.

Secondly, I found this interesting stability issue. All of the foundations and other building parts around the stairs have 100% stability. The stairs (all that I checked) are at 75%.

Edit: I went and checked my second base and and found the following.

This base is relatively new compared to the main base since i recently completely rebuilt it from the ground up. None of the building parts should be showing damage like the small section shown here.


Found some issues with Decay. Not sure if this is intended or not. Might explain why the Trebuchets disappear.

I did notice that the timer does not reset unless I restart the game. Running around the base it is always counting down.


It could be that the trigger for something to fully decay only seems to activate upon restarting as mabye the trigger that activates after the timer reaches 0 might have a conflict of sorts.


There seams to be an issue with Combat_Testlive_EU3. Chests doesn’t refill anymore. Needs a game reload maybe?


Some time ago I noticed that vaults that should be connected to my base were not as well, in regards to the decay timer.


This is caused because people loot it and dont close the chests with E but press escape to leave the loot screen. That way the chest stays open and when the refill of the chest occurs it stays empty.


You can test it by having a thrall follow you and you engage a Mammoth or an Elephant, then you’ll see that the thrall struggles to fight it, it stops fighting after being knocked down.


I will do some tests as any thrall recommendations to use for it?


Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [Combat_testlive_eu1]

[Neither medium Vanir nor Medium Khitan armor are helping with cold protection. I got frostbite on the bridge Betrayer. I crossed the bridge naked as well and the cold indications were identical. I have Vitality 30]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Don Medium Vanir or Khitan armor
2.Walk into a cold area
3.Take of clothers
4.Temperature doesnt change


Game Mode: Testlive US_2
Problem: Bug

The creatures seem to be spawning double on top of each other. Every time the gators outside of my house spawn, there’s 1 on top of another, as well as many other spawn points. There’s far more wolves, mammoths, crocodiles and King Elk than normal.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Kill crocodile at Muriela’s Hope
  2. Wait for it to respawn
  3. Observe double spawns.


Game mode: Testlive Singleplayer
Problem: Bug| Misc

Vanity mode no longer works while seated in a chair, throne, etc… Works fine when using emotes, in ghost mode, etc…


The feedback flow here is fantastic. Thanks so much for taking the time to help us test. We are taking notes! :nerd_face:
In regards to the Death Stranding Thralls: Did it not help with any thralls or do you guys see single thralls here and there that haven’t been nuked down?

Anyone else seeing this issue?


Not seen this a whole lot, but once or twice we did. Rocknose King I noticed had done this.

EDIT: This was in Testlive EU3 this weekend.


I`m playing at the official server #1996 (South America), and this happens quite frequently in New Asgarth


Oh, so this issue is on live as well? Thank you! We must have missed that.