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Perfect. Thank you Scooper!


Game mode: Private Testlive NOTE: Hosted by HostHavoc and only 2 people use the server.
Version: 95029/17679
Problem: Performance / Sometimes Crash

Title: Server doing something every 15 Mins to cause lag / crash


Sorry if this was posted already. I tried to find a previous post but didn’t. Ever since the PC Update #33, my server has seen very bad lag every 15 minutes. I updated to TestLive to see if the issue was resolved, and it was not. When the server is first started the lag is barely noticeable, but after running for a while it makes the game unplayable and sometimes leads to a disconnect of everyone on the server. This is when I have to do a restart usually every 2 to 3 hours. I have been watching the Web Console with the server log file spam and every time the server lags, the following is displayed on the console / printed to the log file:

[2018.05.02-00.42.58:215][ 99]Network:Display: out bytes min;out bytes max;out bytes avg;out bytes total;out parts min;out parts max;out parts avg;out parts total;in bytes min;in bytes max;in bytes avg;in bytes total;actor
[2018.05.02-00.42.58:215][ 99]Network:Display: 0; 1322; 42.3;877842; 1; 5; 1.0; 20893; 4; 363; 39.2;513020;“BasePlayerChar_C_0 (server)”
[2018.05.02-00.42.58:215][ 99]Network:Display: 0; 1514; 32.5;628622; 1; 6; 1.0; 20215; 4; 514; 46.6;738711;“BasePlayerChar_C_1 (server)”
[2018.05.02-00.42.58:215][ 99]Network:Display: 4; 498; 64.3;276839; 1; 2; 1.0; 4355; 5; 137; 28.4; 10079;“FunCombat_PlayerController_C_1 (server)”
[2018.05.02-00.42.58:215][ 99]Network:Display: 4; 242; 61.6;202119; 1; 2; 1.0; 3296; 4; 461; 25.8; 15875;“FunCombat_PlayerController_C_0 (server)”
[2018.05.02-00.42.58:215][ 99]Network:Display: 0; 422; 119.4;114112; 1; 2; 1.0; 963; 0; 0; 0.0; 0;“BP_NPC_Wildlife_GiantScorpion_C_0 (server)”
[2018.05.02-00.42.58:215][ 99]Network:Display: 0; 388; 384.4; 41128; 1; 1; 1.0; 107; 0; 0; 0.0; 0;“PersistentHumanoidNPC_C_8 (server)”
[2018.05.02-00.42.58:215][ 99]Network:Display: 0; 388; 384.4; 41128; 1; 1; 1.0; 107; 0; 0; 0.0; 0;“PersistentHumanoidNPC_C_7 (server)”
[2018.05.02-00.42.58:216][ 99]Network:Display: 0; 388; 384.3; 40352; 1; 1; 1.0; 105; 0; 0; 0.0; 0;“PersistentHumanoidNPC_C_4 (server)”
[2018.05.02-00.42.58:216][ 99]Network:Display: 0; 388; 384.3; 40352; 1; 1; 1.0; 105; 0; 0; 0.0; 0;“PersistentHumanoidNPC_C_5 (server)”

… and on it continues for many lines.

I truncated the output, but EVERY time this is going on behind the scenes, my friend and I get MAJOR lag on our server and eventually will lead to a disconnect the more times this happens while the server is running. There are only two of us playing on the server and we have only a few bases across the map, 2 largish bases and other smaller ones.

Again, this seems to happen about every 15 minutes like clockwork.

Repro steps:
Hmm not sure how to reproduce this except for playing the game normally and seeing if this pattern happens to anyone else.

Thank you for an amazing game, and I hope this issue can be resolved!


@PitMonk nope I’ve had that bug too and have done what you said to get the thrall.This is actually doing what I described, Jens did say they are working on a fix…I’m just getting frustrated lol


haha :slight_smile: accuracy does not work, so you could not imagine anything: P


Game mode:| Private Testlive |
Version: [quote=“Jens_Erik, post:27, topic:3931”]94968/17668[/quote]
Problem: | Bug |

Title: Map Markers can’t be deleted

It just doesn’t work…

Repro steps:

  1. Create Map marker
  2. Try to delete it
  3. Shake fist at screen
  4. Watch me try: https://youtu.be/7qW5rzWOSv4?t=44m37s


I think they are falling into the ground. Had a few days battle with Freya and she fell in, her feet were bound and sticking out of the ground, like a deflated balloon, bobbing as though it were water instead of ground.


Game mode: Singleplayer Testlive branch
Version: #95029/17679
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link: not applicable

Thrall’s falling through the Ground

Thrall’s still falling through the Ground when dragged with the Bindings (no matter which one’s)

Repro steps:

  1. Knocking out a Thrall
  2. Bind them
  3. Drag them back…
  4. and after a few steps they fall through the Floor

Kind regards :frowning:


Platform: PC
Game mode: Singleplayer / Testlive
Version: 95029/17679
Problem: Bug
Cloth physics partially/fully stop working, some thralls have it, while the PC and other thralls don’t.
Flags also stop working.
The issue start happening since the first combat revamp(not the latest patch)

Repro steps: Usually happens after placing a breaking wheel. Tested on four different save files, from zero to the poing of building a base, and the clothing physics eventually stop working.
(It happens even just after a new game start sometimes.)
Pc specs: 1060ti 6gb (driver 391.24) i53770k, 8gb of ram.


required fish for ugly fish trophy and exotic fish trophy are backwards


In addition to the things that I mentioned in the previous post, I add some things that I am not sure of if they are bug:

Game mode: Single Player

1-Equip the dancer’s armor of the derketo and not only that the head disappeared, but I think it has nothing to do with the set.

2-Something similar happens with the settler vanir armor but in this case when equipping the leg piece, it’s as if you’re not wearing anything (flanders)

3-And finally, although I’m not sure if it’s a bug, since I’m using administrator mode and I do not even know if this can be equipped … I think it’s not the right way to hold it and use it


We have a new update out on Testlive:

TestLive Notes (03.05.2018) [#95136/17701]

  • Fix for thralls falling through building floors. Please report asap if you can reproduce this now
  • With the latest Testlive versions we cannot reproduce the problem with disappearing buildings when the decay system is off. We are, however, adding further logging capabilities to detect if this happens. The logging will be active on Testlive servers and we will provide instructions for how private server admins can also turn this on. Please report asap if you can reproduce this now
  • Fixed a server crash related to display racks.
  • Fixed a problem with not being able to use unarmed attacks or kicks, along with unarmed fist items showing up in inventories.
  • Max elevation at which you can place buildings is now 600 meters across the map. This fixes some building exploits in the volcano area (and should not impact players unless they are reenacting “Jack and the beanstalk” story)
  • Fixed some water and sand rendering artifacts
  • Added support for force-checking .pak files after a major game update
  • Player thralls now follow same rules as buildings for taking damage from players. Both PvE and PvE-Conflict servers will have invincible thralls.

As usual, please post bug reports in the following format when possible:

Game mode: Official Testlive | Private Testlive | Singleplayer
Version: 9xxxx/1xxxx (can be read from bottom right on main menu, or at the bottom of the ingame menu)
Problem: Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc
Crash dump link (if applicable, fill out the report with your email address to receive)

[Title: relevant subject which describes the problem]

[Free text]

Repro steps:

Click here for directions on how to access TestLive.

Please remember, when submitting bug reports, to make sure you’re on the Testlive branch in Steam. Go to your Steam Library, right click on Conan Exiles > Properties > Betas > Select Testlive in the drop down menu.

Also make note of the version number when you launch the game (lower right corner of the main menu). That way we’ll know if you’re on the correct/latest Testlive version.


If you where here, I’d give you a big kiss :slight_smile: Thank you.


Why isn’t this on Live already?


do player thralls still cause damage to our structures?


could you also buff player thrall damage against npc
as they are now they are a bit weak


Game mode: Official Testlive
Version: 95136/17701
Problem: Bug

Title: Chests have reset to unlocked / No menu option to lock/unlock


  1. After reset, Large chests are displaying as unlocked
  2. Action key and use menu… there is no option to lock

I don’t know if its actually unlocked, or just displaying as such. I’ve only checked large chests. Same happened when placing a new chest.

Vaults also have no option to change the lock/unlock setting. They are appearing to be locked and tested that I cannot access another clan’s vault, so vaults are fine other than the missing menu option.


Game mode: Singleplayer
Version: 95136/17701
Problem: Bug

None fighter/archer thralls cannot move/move (animation) in place when provoked.

I found this bug when going to the summoning place.

Repro steps:

  1. Go to the summoning place.
  2. Get into aggro-range.
  3. Watch cook, bearer, carpenter, entertainer, all other non-combat thralls walk/run in place trying to attack.

Bugs: The Summoning Place

Game mode: Singleplayer/Multiplayer
Version: Testlive [#95136/17701) as well as Live Version
Problem: Exploit/Bug

Title: Stamina Exploit/Bug. Limittles Running

There is Stamina Bug which allows you to run without using stamina at all, opposite of it, you will regen stamina while running. It works only for running, if you try anything else it will work as it should.

Can be tricky to re-produce, but when you get hang of it, it’s realy easy to do it.

Repro steps:

  1. Find steep enough hill/desert hill/mountain
  2. Hold Shift [for sprinting/running] and don’t let go of it, even after step 3.
  3. Try to jump against the steep hill/mountain, but in the way that your character doesn’t actually jump.
  4. Stamina Bug kicks in and you run without exhausting stamina.

Any other activity - Jump, combat, falling etc. will cancel out Stamina Bug.

Game mode:Private Testlive
Version: This was right before update of May 1st
Problem: Bug
Title: Purge preparation timer, NPCs, notifications

I delayed report on this, becuase it was probably reported many times already.
Purge preparation is 10 minutes on server where I play, but Nords started attacking my oupost after maybe 5 minutes, probably even less, they spawned in foundation and they would do like 5k+ damage (once T3 thralls spawned at least) per hit to foundations (damage got changed, so I am not sure if that is still going to be a case). They also spawned naked in foundations.

Notification for first wave attack did not not appeared, but I was able to to hear horn for first time before I started to climb to go to highlands (place which is like 3-4 minutes away from place where I was). By the time I arrived most of my outpost was already destroyed, because of their insane damage (I hope it is fixed with 01.05 update) which would probably not even happen if purge respected 10 minutes preparation time in a first place. I took same road afterwards with stopwatch and result for pirate ship outpost–> highlands outpost less then 9 minutes to get there.
Also, this is very important. There was not a single T4 thrall in 5-6 waves before update ended the purge which brings me to conclusion that tier 4 nords (and probably Cimmerians too) do not exists except couple named thralls with spawns in specific spots. When I got attacked by purge at pirate ship, I was able to get 4 thralls, 1 got killed in 6 or 7 waves.
Another weird thing I noticed a bit later in event log

Looks like my other base got attacked at the same time, but that base is heavily guarded with archers.

TL;DR Purge is completely broken. So far they do not respect timers, multiple purges at the same time can happen, off-line purges, purges without notifications or map markers.
I had imps, yes, imps attacking my base on river west of wardtowers without any notification while all 3 clan members were online. That purge also happened while we were online because we were in attacked base before we went to dungeons. While imp purge was a while back, this event log shows me that purge without warning is probably still possible.


On PvE servers thralls cannot attack other players structures. (If they can then it is a bug)

Can you tell us which server you were testing on? The server admin may have changed the default settings. I will check with our devs if there are any specific logs that could be useful to us when investigating your report ( purge gives no warning, purge spaws at several building sites at the same time etc).

Regarding how much damage Purge NPCs can do the fix from 1st May fixes a bug where all Purge NPCs like Exiles, Darfari etc would use the max difficulty (6) damage modifier (25x) instead of their 5x or 10x modifiers. Nordheimers Purge NPCs can be very dangerous to your base.