TestLive Pets, combat and Dungeons update, oh my! [17/08/2018]

Just keep in mind that they are slaves.

The exact same happens with thralls, in single player, I log off some hours and return to game (ie load game) if I exit away from base, when I return all thralls are gonne. My guess is it’s calculating time of day or time past in single player game based on computer clock not actual game time.

Bug: (Pun unintended.) The “Catch a fish” journey step does not work with the new fish traps.


Thralls disappear even with food in inventory. I had T4 thrall with almost 9 hours of food in inventory. He disappeared while I was on 1,5 hour trip to the north. Single player mode. In the event log it looks like he starved.

The food timer has nothing to real food reserve for thrall. They eat when their food lvl drops and when they eat 1 portion of food the timer goes down by 20 mins. Cause the timer shows how much this food is worth in time but not if it rotts or is eaten by thrall.

Thank you very much for all the feedback, guys! Several of devs on the team have already been looking at this thread and others to see what people are saying, and I’m reading all of it to compile into a document for the team.

I’ll be addressing specific comments further down, but first let me assure you that there are changes underway. The devs are overhauling the system in several ways, making it more user-friendly based on player feedback. This is the purpose of the Testlive branches, after all.

One of our designers has already made several changes in our internal builds and we’ll get these pushed to Testlive for you to test.

They do nothing. Only throwing axes and shields add new attacks to your combo.

Thanks Thorn! :slight_smile: There’s actually already a fatigue animation for certain health milestones. Since stamina regenerates fairly quickly, a stamina fatigue animation might not be seen that often, but I can float the suggestion.

They should all eat the same food, so that might be a bug.

In theory, yes, though I haven’t tested this myself

I don’t mean to sound like I’m dismissing your feedback, but yes, we think so. We want players to experiment with the server settings and tweak the game to their liking.

That’s not how a video game developer works. We have people with specialized skillsets in different teams, meaning that some people work on new content and others fix bugs. Half the company can’t stop what they’re doing and wait for the game to be “fixed enough” to go back to work.

That’s fine. You don’t have to.

We would much prefer it if you used these forums. And keep in mind, Joel isn’t the final arbiter of everything that goes into the game.


An in game clock in the game hud or map so we can keep track time would be would be much appreciated so we can see how much time we have to get back and feed the slaves.


I have a request for the Claws of Jhebbal Sag
Ok so everybody can agree that these things are awesome and you seemed very happy with them in your dev stream.
I know why they have a decay but would it be possible to add a version of the claws without the timer/decay for use as admin only?
Please. :pray:
You know for testing purposes

Can you please give us an ETA of the food a pet/thrall has in it’s inventory? Currently I see this “-XX s” numbers, which refreshes all the time and is bland to me.

Nice save there Jens :wink:

Are you saying that the game requires admin god mode to be able to do some things which are not possible on official servers nor in SP/Coop by simply playing the game?

I do agree with Hotaru99: Twitter has more exposure, sometimes I feel like the outside world is not knowing the truth about the game’s current state.

I partly agree, but this excuse only holds up to a certain point. People are not saying half the company should stop what they are doing, but at least the people who are building new stuff by (clearly) reusing broken mechanics should and could be fixing that underlying mechanism first. What use do thralls have?(which we now have to feed also) when they have flawed AI, purges are not working, on follow they die for all sorts of (bug) reasons, teleport more than they follow you, cannot climb, cannot swim, run backwards 90% of the time, etc. So apart from giving some resources but also requiring resources to keep alive, the pets are equally useless. I’ve been on testlive for many hours, ok there is new stuff and new problems, but personally I fail to see past all the old problems who are still there.

At one point, and you can try to hide it or you can try to avoid seeing it, you have to stop hiding behind ‘that is another team doing that’ but act as a company.


I have a few questions about the taming pens and vendors.
It took me while to place a t3 pen in my base.
I don’t have room for more pet pens if I have a t3 pen do I still need t1 and t2 to tame all pets or do they carry over cause I tamed my camel in my t3 but in the New pined forum about pets you said camels are tamed in t2?
Can I tame all pets in a t3 pen?
Also would you be willing to release a list of pets available by pet venders currently in game I spent hours running through spider caves till I found out it was from a vendor.
Witch brings me to my final question where are the vendors and why is the camel vender in the dens and not in Sepemeru near the prison with those little stables?
Put some camels in there or something.

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I’m a little confused by this term, because so far I haven’t found any pets that hatch from eggs? Where am I not looking?

Look in the Dens above the colosseum area is a vendor on scaffolding that sells the Rocknose egg for 10 gold coins.

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They still haven’t addressed the discrepancy of they other two types of fish Savory and exotic not spawning in the traps.

Was there no update as I saw posted before (but now it’s gone)? Thralls are still picky and the timers are still fudged, counting to -59 and skipping 5 seconds every few.

No, there hasn’t been an update yet; Tascha mentioned an internal build but we haven’t seen it yet.

Yes, combat thralls are completely broken right now. Don’t bother placing any until the next testlive build. Also, any pets you place will be gone after you log out and log back in. Don’t place any that you’ll miss until the next testlive build – although that being said, it’s not like it’s that hard to tame more. Once you get the knack of it, they’re way easier to get than thralls.

I’m not concerned about losing them, since someone offline destroyed my base overnight and took everything I had. So much for proper testing. :woman_shrugging:

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Your Server?

No, would have given you some stuff if you were on my server.

i didnt raid you but I saw it blown up you hide loot under the new t3 ceilings you had and you had windows for everything so you made someone think thats juicy or put 5 vaults down you did make a rp base at mitra religion.