TestLive Pets, combat and Dungeons update, oh my! [17/08/2018]

thrall need recognise the different foods, and let hunger go down depending what they have in inventory, or pot. So if a meal give 50% back, they need let drop to 50%. If food has 30% they drop to 70%. The way the said dinos work. That’s why i mentioned ARK. This works fine, and no waste of food, and no starwing.

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Easiest way would be to make the foodcounter of Thralls able to go above 100.
At the moment a Thrall eats whenever his food comes below 100, so with 99 it will eat. If you make it that food can go above 100 then when a thrall reaches 99 it can eat again.

Ideally yes, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Just let Thralls not eat until they reach 50. Then they eat. If they have high-quality food, they go up to 100, and will not eat again for a long while (until they’re back at 50). If they have low-quality food, they might just go up to 60 or 70, in which case it won’t be that long until they eat again.

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The potion of midnight is OP as :point_right: :ok_hand:
Its literally a teleport to the grove and can be exploited as a quick escape.
Players can engage in fights and raids and use the potions to get away instantly.
getting chased by another player drink and escape.
get trapped in a box by another player drink and escape.
I built my base near the den now I have a quick way home.
This really needs to be looked at Funcom
The worst part is for a tone of feral flesh you can get As many potions as you can carry.


You have to talk to jhebbel sag’s brother near the dens to enter.

SO before the feeding system should not require the clan that has said thralls for the food to be consumed, I had 1.2k excuisite meat on the thrall on reboot I found out the thrall despawned. Also there is mo consequence of spamming midnight potions to escape. I had it happen 5 times in pvp moments so I just carry it on me now because I want the loot! So if there is no cooldown or it gives corruption if in inventory it will be spammed

shield and throwing axe are not getting poison I want to make people bleed and poison

Was the shield supposed to get poison I know that it did on SP. Bows didn’t though so guess throwing weapons included In that?

Game Mode: Testlive_US_1
Problem: Ummm…

Sorry, but this was so amusing to me that I had to share it. :rofl:

PS: We really need a server restart…


Well people definitely want mounts and that mammoth is definitely mounting that house.


The things that happen when a Testlive server hasn’t been restarted for a week…

I was actually in that hut knocking out a smelter when it got up there. Could hear him rampaging through New Asgarth terrorizing the locals, shaking the ground. This shot was taken 5 hours later.


Seems like they should be restarting testlive servers daily just like they do live ones. that would also help find bugs that only come up with restarts.


Shadoza I understand your point, I too hate using admin panel as an excuse to fix some of the problem on solo. especially few months ago I had adjust just enough to fight against the wold boss because of their massive health pool enough to make you bore and go to sleep half way.

On top of that I had to use cheat just finish some of the new base to avoid crazy grinding time that I had to spend wasting. Where is the fair challenge if I keep using admin panel all the time right?


Yeah that’s the main point against this “just use admin” line of thinking really. That’s why I prefer official servers, even though I play without a clan. There’s just no choice to “admin it in”. Well, that and occasionally coming across other players’ structures when out and about, and knowing someone might come across mine.



I agree that using admin can remove the challenge; however, I use it to improve the challenge as well. I really enjoy the admin option when I want to change the stats to serve my personal preferences for difficulty and availability.

Like Waarghh, I adjust the stats to shorten the fight time on world bosses. Without this option world bosses would simply be map décor for those that run solo/co-op. (I could just admin in a key, but there is no challenge to that and it takes away from the game.)

I use admin test thralls as decoration and like that opportunity. (Test thralls do not fight. They just stand still so the make great displays for armor at shops.)

When oil was added to insulated wood, my ability to finish building my insulated wooden structures was removed. I used admin to provide oil until I was high enough level to unlock the press. (I could have just admin in the structure pieces but that would not be playing the game.)

What I am getting at is that I do not want them to remove the admin option; I only want to not have to rely on it to make the game playable for solo-runners.


Glad there is an option now. While some folks think this is a strategy, I few it as a form of griefing as it prevents the player from playing the game.

Oh don’t misunderstand me, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using admin mode for any or all purposes that suit you. I use it extensively myself to test out builds before committing untold hours to building them “for real”.

My point is solely that it’s not a good argument against changes that players who don’t like it can “just use admin to change the game”.

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Closing this topic as we have a new Testlive patch up and running. Please post your feedback and bug reports in this thread: