[TestLive]Server disconnect when using bandages/wraps


I know this sounds like a weird issue and I’ve not seen it talked about, so I wonder if it’s an isolated thing.

When activating a healing wrap or bandage, I have a 1 in 4 (pretty consistent ratio) chance of being disconnected from the server. I’m able to reproduce the result 25% of the time.

Once I and the rest of my server-mates abandoned the wraps and started using aloe potions instead, the disconnects stopped across the board.

Edit: Testlive server


This also happens in my case.


If you wield weapons while using bandages it is supposed to stop the healing. This happens but there is a bug that causes you to crash also. If you use bandages and do not wield weapons until the healing effect has ended, you will not crash.


Thanks for the info, Tika. I’ll definitely put it to the test next time I log on.


You may need to wait until the buff has completely faded from your HUD. I see this also on my testlive server, and sometimes I -think- the right regen has fallen off but still get booted.

Fortunately it’s quick to rejoin, but I can see this getting players killed. I switched over to (admin spawned) ambrosia to get around it.

Which stacks with bandages so I still use them when I can!


I find bandages cheaper than aloe potions. Ambrosia depends on how many NPCs are near. I make some of each. I use bandages when I am not in combat, and save potions for while I am in combat.


What? You can harvest human corpses to make Ambrosia?


On SP not on server. Not sure why it works on one and not the other.


I had to admin-spawn the lingering essences after murderizing NPC camps on testlive. Mitran Ankh is not working. Fingers crossed for that functionality being fixed in next update.

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