Testlive Server Performance issues - Feedback Thread

Hey everyone,

We’re aware of some of the stability issues affecting a few of our Testlive servers and we would like to gather some feedback from our community so we can look into it in more detail.
In particular, we would love if you could provide the following details in your report:

  • Is it in an official server? If so…
    – Is it a crash, performance or connection issue? Is the server down?
    – Which server is experiencing this issue?
    – When are you experiencing this issue? (please specify your timezone too)

As always, any other information you can provide is helpful for us to track down any potential issues.

Thanks for your feedback and patience in advance. :slight_smile:

  • All EU testlive servers, mostly EU2-PVE-C but that might because we are playing mostly on that one.
  • After a while playing we notice that we can no longer interact with things (thralls, chest, workbenches, …)
    The next thing happening is that we get a connection lost.
  • Sometimes we can reconnect, sometimes we can’t
  • Sometimes only some of us can reconnect, in that case killing the players that can’t reconnect fixes the issue.
  • If all of us can’t reconnect, we need to wait till the next server restart, or being killed by other players (a bit difficult on a PVE server) or an NPC
  • One time, two of our clan members were dropped out of the server while I wasn’t playing.
    They asked me to go in and kill them, but as soon as I got at the location I stopped being able to interact with their bodies and was dropped by the server as well
    It took a couple of days and again a server restart (probably, not sure) for us to be able to reconnect.
  • There is no time correlation as far as we know but we tend to play mostly in the evening between 19 and 22hrs (CET)
    Things that I think are important to notice:
  • It is always the entire clan that is disconnected at the same time, so to me it seems to be a server issue, not a client one.
  • After being dropped, the server seems up and running, showing us still online. Those people are the ones that were dropped, so our characters are still on the servers, sometimes for days, so that might be the server thinking we are on the server, so it doesn’t allow us to connect a second time.
  • We have the impression that the issue happens most in the north, but again that could be because we have a base there. We are now playing in the desert on EU1-PVP and there we haven’t had any issues since a week or so. So location could be a factor.

Hope this helps, and thank you for looking into the issue before going live with this version :wink:


Hi @Ignasis, when I look at my server log* and see HAL in the directory tree of the UE4 engine, I assume that means hardware abstraction layer, because if so, there is a fairly large misallocation that downed my server today during its regular restart. Moving forward I changed my restart threshold to 2 per day, from 1. Having it set at 1 forced the server to be hung, which was a good thing. This was a UE4 “Canary” error.

When it was hung, it was visible on the Steam Server Browser with other players registered online although all had been booted, and it attempted to allow me to join, showing me in the user list. On the Server machine, I had to hard-kill the Conan Server in my Windows Task Monitor before it would disappear from Steam even though it was completely useless.

Server: TestLive Barenaked Rocky Mountain Exiles PVP 1X Vanilla
Private running Dedicated Server 1.0.25
North America region
Official Raid settings, no decay, no thrall starvation

* intentionally vague, ETA now that I had a chance to read it, it actually calls out “misalloc” so no great discovery on my part…

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I also play on the EU2-PVE-C server as a solo player and my experience was also as Sting01 stated.
I start playing and after a short while I stop interacting with stuff (rocks, plants, enemies). It has happened that I recovered and could continue for a short while only to freak out again. After being dropped from the server. When trying to connect I get an infinite loading screen that does not seem to be loading anything and I have to alt+F4 to kill the game. This is continuous and I cannot connect again for more than two days. The server is still listed but try as I might nothing works and its the loading screen again.
I have since started a single-player game with zero issues.
I log on usually 5AM (GMT+2) till about 6AM ( I should be in the gym…:rofl:)
And then after work around 18:30.

I live in sunny South Africa and generally my ping is 180 to 210 for the EU2-PVE-C server.

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This looks to me like the same case i had on my privat testlive-server some days ago.
I crashed, lost connection to server, then was enable to join it again.

Server showed still that i was online. Had to restart server to be able to log-in again. This repeatable, several times. Still a server reboot fixed the issue.

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There is simply a timespan where you lost connection to the server, and the moment you get really ejected or crash. In this time you can’t interact with objects, for me it’s still a sign, “ah crash coming, connection lost”.

Did you look at the server after this happened, how many players was showed. In my experience and like stated above, the character stay in world, and is countet as if still alive and online. This prevent you from joining the server again.


EU2_PVE-C (times are CET)
7:35 : can’t interact with doors anymore,
7:36: got dropped
Server is gone:

There were about 10 people online when it happened, I was at the base near the great dam.

Other people were dropped as well.
not sure if it was everybody, not everybody answered when I asked

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Thanks for the continued feedback. Our team is looking into it. :slight_smile:


EU2_PVE-C (times are CET)
8:28 : dropped out of server while checking the event log

Could log back on again
nobody else online

And again at 8:32, query was proximity 10 (very closeby), time 7 days, only building.
Was checking why we were missing part of the base.

Can’t get in anymore.

according to the server I’m still in there.

I got back in and server is kinda stable for now.

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Hey there @Sting01

We did some testing in that server yesterday, so its stability was compromised for the duration of it. We gathered some valuable information and we’re working on polishing what errors we found. This is one of the reasons why we’re delaying the release of this patch slightly longer than anticipated as we’re focusing on improving the actual quality of it since it includes so many changes and additions.
Thanks everybody for your continued feedback.


Great news, Ignasis, I hope the devs are able to kill this nasty bug once and for all :slight_smile:

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