[testlive] [singleplayer] Monsters respawning inside base

On testlive rhinos keep respawning inside my base whenever I restart the game to continue a singleplayer session. This also happens in areas that are paved over with foundations; sometimes rhinos even spawn inside walls above ground.

The land claim system seems to work in general, as plants and trees don’t respawn. I originally built the base on live and then switched over to testlive.

(btw, can we get tags for singleplayer and testlive? :slight_smile:)

Vultures still re-spawn as well and the nests do not go away either.

Same problem, singleplayer, testlive. I created a base and aligators keep spawning inside it, gazelle roaming around. Lively place, can’t swing a dead cat without hitting some critter.

Do you guys have foundations in your whole base? or lots of clear ground inside with a wall around?
I mentioned this in the Steam forum but I don’t think anyone believed me :slight_smile:

Clear ground, I’m usualy creating small functional enclaves around rivers in sp without walls (who is going to attack me anyway? well except the aligators :smiley: )

A mix of both. Some areas are paved over, others are clear ground. There’s a wall of foundations around everything. The rhinos don’t seem to care much about the ground they spawn on :thinking:

EDIT: Screenshot from seconds after loading up the game20180321204446_1

I have this cute one to contend with not to mention I think there is a Shaleback nest still buried in my foundations under a building.

Yes, he is eating and my Thralls have fun killing him every time he re-spawns.