Testlive still a thing?


I just had a disturbing thought. Is the testlive server still up? Are the testlive forums still there? If not are there any plans to address this?

edit. the testlive forums are not there anymore, the old url just takes you right back here. did funcom do away with testlive? It was a great place to get in direct contact and interact with the devs. I wonder now if the server is still up.


They did away with the forum without telling anyone, I asked a while back.


Generally speaking, you can still get in touch with us on these forums just as well. We can’t always respond to everything immediately, but we do read the forums every day (yes, even on topics that are…hot, like right now), and you’re more than welcome to send us a DM if you have any questions or feedback you’d like to provide. If there’s anything specific on the TL forum you need pulled up, I can try to look into it.

As for Testlive itself, the server should be up still if you need to horse around or test something.


Please, please don’t shut the Testlive servers down! Almost had a heart attack when it said the servers were now closed to external access when launching. Testlive for me is invaluable for testing and, well, horsing around with friends as well as playing and experiencing high-level content without having to grind all the way up again. It’s just as important as the live servers staying up and running for AoC to not die out, imo.


I was told today by Customer Service that Funcom was no longer providing access to the Testlive server. Was that a very recent thing?