TestLive Update [01.09.2018]

I experience the same on dedicated server. However it happens to me also in fluid press.

I’m also encountering another bug that’s related to mats being hidden while producing something from them . If You have for example iron produced in smelter queue and bricks after that the last iron bar won’t be created but iron ore will be gone. It will start to produce bricks.

Don’t know if it was intended but my wolf have 10 inventory slots. He had 5 yesterday before my dedicated server restart.

I had the same last night but couldnt find a pattern or reproduce.

Yeah, others on the server were saying the food spoiled super fast on other meats as well.

I suspected as much, but at first I thought I had set the spoilage timer in the settings wrong. I checked and it’s set to make food last as long as possible. So chalk me up as experiencing this issue as well.

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I made a thread about this very thing in the bugs section but got no response.

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This could be part of why they are ‘Load Testing’ the Testlives without regular restarts. Perhaps it is a memory or lag issue with the servers themselves. Thank you for confirming that this is happening on Live servers as well, it’s just very prominent on Testlive at the moment. Hopefully this will be addressed and fix the underlying issue.

I can also confirm this issue, both on live and testlive, has been around since MOAP. It is a general issue for any station. I’ve had it with a campfire, furnace, armory, tannery, wheel, … I cannot reproduce it 100% but after being inactive for a long time and/or after a server restart your first queue is finished instantly. This is not exploitable nor annoying so I have never posted it as a bug.

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Hi Sadoza, I’m sorry I think I misunderstood the issue. I was mentioning another issue where any first queue is finished instantly after not being used for a while and after server restarts. I thought your problem was also being the queue that finished instantly. I cannot confirm the instant spoiling, but my guess is that it is also related as many other issue to the world being inactive while there is no player active, when you enter the area your client and server instance need to sync and calculate what should have been the result if the world would have been active, when this mechanism gets out of sync what you see is not what you get. When you pick it up it seems fine, but then the sync kicks in and the server thinks the meat should be spoiled.

Your issue with thralls falling through the animal pens? Some pets are falling through foundations, as my croc did on Testlive_US_1. They may be the same problem.

Yesterday I also had a dancer who fell thru the ceiling on testlive. It was at its exact location only 1 story lower. I took a screenshot and will post later. I have a list of issues with screenshots to be posted but I’m not very motivated atm, there is no communication on them, they are not listed anywhere, not confirmed or rejected, there is still no server restart(And I know you believe the lousy excuse about the monitoring and stress testing, I do not, stress testing and monitoring an empty server is quite ridicilous), US server multiplier still not set correctly, there is complete silence about the world being static where no players are active, this is game breaking and causing many issues but Funcom remains silent about it. Let them explain what exactly they are monitoring, let them explain what the stress testing an empty server is about. Utter nonsense. Complete lack of profesionalism and respect for the players who invest time and effort in going on testlive and posting bug reports.


summoning funcom skinny

I can understand it to an extent. Many problems only make themselves known after server resets though, so there is definite need for them. US_1 has been much busier than the pvp servers (guess they griefed each other off) and it isn’t nearly as unstable as before, but mobs are still teleporting around. :expressionless:

While writing here in the forums I died ingame on the testlive server inside my base from thirst, would not even be any issue if only there would be a corpse at my marker… How many times has this issue been flagged as supposed to be ‘fixed’ in the patch notes? Yes I tried relogging, leaving area, … While they are adding mysteriously items disappearing in the event log(altho I very curious as to what message it will carry), maybe they can also add the missing bodies/items to the event log. Gonne be funny tho, logging on to items who have disappeared checking your event log and seeing ‘Blacksmith Bench - disappeared’ lol, or ‘Body - gone’. Not sure what the added value is compared to ‘invalid thrall - Crocodile’ but still I prefer seeing it in the log, at least you know it was stolen by Funcom :slight_smile:

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Let’s face it, singleplayer is a pain for testlive.

I switched to testlive in order to help fix bugs and work on the new pets, dungeon and more.
But mostly i’m just unable to do a reasonable work. Many content in the world is simply missing. There are empty camps, and you have or to tp elsewhere, and come back to populate them again, or sometimes a relog works, but realy not still.

Also all pets are vanishing when leaving render-distance. So for testing with them, i need to relog each time i go a bit far from my base.

And like said, dungeon is broken. Doors are mostly all open, Jebal is statufied, and i want list here all issues, simply to much !

I don’t play on official servers usually, so i don’t want go testlive on official servers nor.
I haven’t the time for testing purpose to grind up a character more, struggle with other players, and fight the lag each minute. I run a privat server with the regular build, but of course i want switch it to testlive. So my solution is mostly singleplayer for testing.

Now i will switch back to regular build, because simply i stuck still with the same tests because most other stuff i want test doesn’t work.

Singleplayer need realy some love, for regular build and testlive !


The inactive world while no player online is realy an implementation that makes me sad.

I’m used to that behavior in singleplayer, so for Conan Exiles i chosed to start my own server, because i love the game, and wanted a persistent world. But yes, i use my server mostly for personal tests, and my own fun, sometimes with some friends. So server has very low population, and few players online or none.

Why should i run a server if the world is still sleeping when i’m offline ? Why all should stop in my world, just because i have a rl life ?
Singleplayer is a pain, this especially here for the testlive version. It’s bader than all, simply most stuff is not working, or missing.

At least it should be a choice also for server-admin, if they want that the world stops when nobody around or not. Official server are a choice, so is renting or running a privat server.

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Hi Vattende, it was implemented as a supposed ‘performance fix’, it is not a fix, it is only hiding the real performance problem and is causing many more issues. I would really like Funcom to communicate on this.

Another example of what you see is not in sync with what the values in the DB are, when they suddenly sync you see the reality. I plead to Funcom to remove the static world ‘performance fix’ which in reality does nothing towards fixing performance, is breaking the feeling of the game and which is causing numerous new problems.

Testlive - singleplayer tests

Testlive in singleplayer is a pain.

  • Lot of empty npc-camps, you have to tp out, then come back to populate them mostly.

  • Well stopping working after relog bug is back partially, some relogs, some not.

  • Arrow in hand after fight is back to

  • Empty world, many animals can’t be found

  • Fluidpress stop working after relog or if you leave renderdistance

  • Pets disappaer when leaving renderdistance, need relog

these are bugs a run in all the time, and each time i open my testlive in singleplayer.

It make it nearly useless to want testlive in singleplayer. Just hoping singleplayer will get some love and fix, because like this is just not doable and very frustrating.

New dungeon don’t work, mostly all doors are open, Jebal is statufied and don’t react.
I don’t have the time to testlive on official servers, nor really wanting play on the official servers anyway.

So i have just to switch back to regular build, what is bad and frustrating.

Remove the decay timer on purified flesh
Do NOT nurf Yog Again
This will make yog completely worthless as a worship.