TestLive Update [01.09.2018]

I really appreciate the new exit spawn point of the Grove! :smile:

It’s no longer “temp” :frowning:

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Passive regen on e.g. Demonic Spider seems abit extreme.

Game Mode: Dedicated server / Singe player
Problem: Bug

Thralls and animals started to fall into foundations again. It didn’t occured to me before current patch.

Not related to this patch but maybe best place to ask this. After watching Joel Bylos interview with firespark and the announcement of developing a new open world game in the future, based on the experience of Conan Exiles by Rui Casais during the financial presentation of Q2 2018, I’m asking myself…

Did you guys made some conceptual and/or technical decisions in the past, that put you into disadvantage in fixing certain bugs which lingering for so long now? I don’t refer to mounts or other features, which didn’t made it into the release for know reasons, but to bugs like strange behavior of AI and purge not working proberly, bad server performance after some uninterrupted uptime, etc. As you pointed out, you have dependencies which apparently slow your teams down considerably. This question is not meant to be offending, nore do I want to point the finger at somebody. Just a question of a redicloues curious observer and fan of the game.


The thralls (fighters and archers) have way too much HP. If you put them in heavy armour, they are invincible, escpecially in groups.

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Game Mode: Testlive_US_1
Problem: Bug

When 2 animals of the same type are being tamed, when the first one finishes, it resets the progress on the 2nd to start over.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Place 2 sabretooth kittens into the pen
  2. give them shadespiced meat
  3. drop a stack of exotic flesh in for them to eat
  4. check on progress frequently
  5. observe the 2nd one being restarted after the first finishes
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Still trying to figure out if feeding thralls is working as intended?

For example, my hyena. It was at 96 on the hunger meter. Gave it one savory flesh. it ate it and went to 97. so is it really 1 piece of food for 1 point gain in the hunger meter? That seems a bit extreme. What if you have 50 thralls, think about how much food it will take to keep them going. this is crazy.

Here is another problem I have with the feeding system.

The thralls/pets want to pull out 5 pieces of food at a time. which is fine, if they are going to eat it right away. but the problem is that 5 pieces of food in the feeding pen or pot, would last 50 hours due to the reduced decay timer. But once they pull it out into their inventory it goes back to normal decay and that 5 pieces will decay in 5 hours. they might eat 1 piece and the other 4 will decay before they need to eat again. so then they pull out 5 more, eat 1 and 4 decay. If anything, please change it so they only pull out 5 pieces of food when they reach 95 or 94. eat it to get back to full and wait. we will be wasting a ton of food with the current design.

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Game Mode: Dedicated server / Singe player
Problem: Bug

Cannot place Insulated Wooden Stairs Corner if there is no foundation at the bottom. Was working normal prior to current patch.

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Game Mode: Dedicated server / Singe player
Problem: Bug

Cannot place a thrall if there is another one above him (standing on ceiling on different floor) because it says there is another thrall too close.

P. S.

Don’t know if it was intended but I can start/stop production on every crafting station like fish trap etc.

none of the bosses spawned today, when I ran the midnight grove.

the seals and the lockdown happened when I killed the panther boss and remained locked for the entire run.

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Single player pets still disappear when you go out of render distance and back.
from other report, single player bosses dont spawn. Done testing single player.

Anybody checked if they fixed testlive pve server settings?

Edit: testlive us1 pve still has x1 harvest every other server x5.

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@Tascha, Why is Eu_1 at 5x gather and not US_1?

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I just had a bear and rhino being produced in the T2 pen, and instead of completing, they both died inexplicably. Also there’s a new bug where thralls being broken on the wheel lose their icons, so I can no longer see their progress or if they are even making progress.

So those are both bad and/or annoying bugs.

No bug reports to contribute from me, just a giant thumbs up to the quality update. Keep it going! Looking forward to seeing what comes next and further improvements.

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What do panther cubs eat? I have every kind of raw meat out and stringy and tough shadespice, and it won’t take anything.

Game Mode: Testlive_US_1
Problem: Bug?

Putrid meat only allows for 25 in a stack.
Honey allows for 100 in a stack.


New bugs:
Game mode: Single player and online

  • Crafting stations dont stop consuming fuel when they complete whatever was being crafted, continuing until the fuel ends.

  • New arrows (poison, explosion, etc.) can’t be equiped from the action bar (action wheel with controller) anymore, making their combo possibility next to useless in combat. You have to equip manually from inventory a poison arrow, fire it, go to inventory and equip manually the explosion arrow.


Was just about to report this ^

Another new bug:
Game mode: online and single player

Fluid press has a “play” button that must be started before it begings pressing anything.

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