TestLive Update [07.09.2018]

Yet another week and yet another updated with fixes and improvements to TestLive.
We want to get this patch to be as stable and fun as possible before we deploy it to all live platforms.

However, this is also an official Call to Arms TestLive event again! Read all about the criteria and what you can win here.

We have also Purge updates for you!
Please take a moment to let us know how they feel with this update.


  • Optimized database cleaning to remove inactive clans
  • Better randomization for Purge spawn options
  • Distracted Purgers will no longer get sidetracked by random Points of Interest.
  • Set initial purge countdown to 15 minutes


  • Players can no longer jump over gates in Midnight Grove with Extended Leap perk unlocked


  • Pet feeding screen can now be opened from the radial menu
  • We taught the Locust Queen how to fight!
  • The Camel pet is now the proud owner of a backpack
  • Animal pen dung production is now more stable with different pets
  • Fixed several issues with pen crafting
  • Dead tamed Shalebacks no longer drop Chitin when harvested
  • A Single Boar Shoat no longer becomes a Boar and Greater Boar when fed two different foods
  • Thrall pots no longer spawn with 0 HP


  • Entertainer Thralls now provide buffs after having been on follow mode
  • There is no longer a Jhebbal Sag priest present at the Altar of Yog Summoning Place
  • The Crocodile boss near the N’batu’s Pack is no longer stuck and attacks the player
  • The Gorilla boss can no longer get stuck on a stack of bones
  • The Headdress of Jhebbal Sag is now correctly attached


  • Night vision potion is now crafted at Jhebbal Sag altar


  • Explosive arrows now deal the correct damage to T3 fences and walls
  • Avatar special attacks now damage buildings with the correct amount of damage. This is not a fix for avatars as they are undergoing additional changes and updates as part of the siege system re-balancing. Set is still being difficult!


  • "Show your religious Zeal’ Journey Step now unlocks at Jhebbal Sag altars
  • The sign of Jhebbal Sag can now be damaged
  • The Claws of Jhebbal Sag now lasts for 10 minutes as intended


  • Fixed a bug where NPC’s hairline was not textured correctly (hairlines are important!)
  • Warpaints now also cover forearms
  • It is now possible to clear your Admin Password
  • Implemented SFX for highlighting Finalize Character in Character Creation


  • Fixed a spot where players could avoid getting attacked by The Werewolf boss
  • The player can no longer climb into the model of the Palace of the Witch Queen
  • The player can no longer hide from Jaguar boss attacks behind stacks of bones


  • in game Map can now be zoomed out further
  • Added coordinate grid to the in game Map
  • The menu can now be accessed during Character Creation
  • Implemented a confirmation prompt upon exiting game from Dedicated server
  • The map navigation is no longer inverted when inverting the Y axis on a controller
  • The “Cycle Filter” button no longer becomes unresponsive when cycling through all filters
  1. Name in the Charaktermenu was cloudy
  2. The Journal blessed weapon (german “geweihte Waffe”) was given when i made a normal Stone Sword
  3. Jhabbal Sag Religion not choisebal in the Charaktermenu.
  4. Weapons can aswoon thralls, Maybe a feature
  5. Dead Body disapear. After relog you can see your dead Body again.
  6. Sometimes life does not regenarate.
  7. You can build weapons with a thrall, without learning recipe.
  8. Bull in the dungeon is laggy.
  9. Thralls eat more then Flesh which is shown in there menu. For example they eat crabs.
  1. still teleporting (mobs and myself) around in a freshly wiped server with 2 people in it
  2. Thralls in the Westwall Prison are still aggroing, in Sepermeru
  3. Can’t place a stand up torch under a 1 high ceiling
  4. When crafting, it pulls from the first stack rather than the lowest
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We tought the Locust Queen how to fight!-should be taught.

@tascha did you guys fixed the purge t4 crafter thralls not popping in purges?

Are the test servers temporarily down? I can’t get them to show up for me on the selection screen at the moment.

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I can see the PvP Testlive servers but not PvE.


PVP only??? rubbish, I don’t I won’t PVP you want a call to arms, you want everyone to test start a PVE server.


Bug that was introduced in the last patch is still here: Campfires and Furnaces do not stop when they run out of work to do, they keep burning fuel until stopped manually or until they run out of fuel.


I updated today and it seems I’ve lost the ability to change the weather severity in the admin panel now. When I was able to put it to 0 with NO RAIN, I was able to play. Now after today it won’t keep the setting. I’m so frustrated! I have an amd/realtek combo and since the last big patch that ‘fixed’ the rain, I have not been able to play without a hard freeze. It freezes so hard I can’t control+alt+delete or can I alt+tab out of it. Yes, I know you fixed the alt+tab but not the freeze! Please, please allow us to stop the rain so we can play.

A bug that was introduced in the first pets testlive patch is back – multiple mobs are spawning in the same spot. For example, I just fought my way through Tarman’s Berth, and the southern guard was actually three fighters standing in the same spot, the archer under the east tent was two archers, and the northern guard was two fighters in the same spot (one of them named).

When this happens it bends or breaks aggro, so they usually (but not always!) don’t move or attack until they’ve been hit.

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Call to arms event doesn’t really interest me so I’m going to list all my bugs I find here.

All Jhebbal Sag priests are using claws of Jhebbal Sag?
Is this a bug or is this as intended

Cause I like it :+1:

Also can I equip all my thralls with the claws and do they still expire in there inventory’s??

I don’t know if this is a bug or just ill-conceived, but the hatching time on pet eggs is tied to the food spoilage setting for the server, so my eggs had a hatch wait time of 273 hours. Which is a bit nuts, so I either had to choose between having my food spoil left and right and have a decent hatch time or wait for days for anything to hatch.

Please change this and tie it to Pet crafting time like it should be.

Edit: OK apparently the hatch time and spoil timer aren’t the same thing. My eggs actually hatched before the timer ran out. Still, maybe the UI could do a better job of explaining what’s going on.

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  1. Journal reset display. (Signed off after reaching level 12. Completed several Journal steps. When I logged on a few hours later, Journal has the basic Eat, Drink, Climb steps displayed even though I already did those.) I’m still getting credit for other Journal steps, but the log still displays those same basic three that were already done.

Testlive US Server - PvP

EDIT: After death, the Journal reset to normal. Looks like an intermittent issue rather than a systemic one.

Put the eggs in a compost bin. Cuts the time down greatly.

So far 12h later there is a chest from a camp that has not reset it self, it has loot in side of it that lasts for 12h. The camp Meadowwatch on EU1 i dont know if it’s only buged on this server and if other chests are affected as well.

Thanks for the tip, but I’d still like them to change it to something more reasonable. But it gives me an alternative in the mean time.

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On EU1 i noticed on again some camps NPC just stack on their spawn points. For example instead of one guard or entertainer there will be 2 or 3. It’s like the game calculated the npc died a couple of time and respawned it’s replacement a few times.

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I think it’s related to spamming animals. Since animals can go around you don’t see that they spawn multiplied. In camps it’s a problem cause thralls usually stand in the same one spot so if 3 of them spawn they stand in one point.
I’m mentioning animals spamming cause since this patch I saw many goats near freyas camp where there was always around 2 or 3 of them now it’s 15-20