TestLive Update [07.09.2018]

EU 1
So i manage to respawn between my ceiling tiles. I manage to do this when i place my spawn point next to a object like the tanner.

My character respawns on top of the tanner. This lets me to spawn on my ceiling. I think that this is a possible exploit to go trough some object.

Also when i went to fetch my corpse i saw him like this.

And i also noticed that some Journey milestones that i have finished are missing their icons.

Same. What’s the point of testing animal pens in a mode where you either need to put tons of effort into setting up your defenses, or constantly have to rebuild your stations and have your gear stolen when you’re offline? There’s two days to focus on getting pets and feeding them to find out what the bugs are, and then there’s a chance that when you leave the server and log in an hour later all your stuff would be destroyed by a bigger clan that didn’t want to search for their whelps in the wild?

If they wanted to test out combat between players, do it on PVP-conflict. The fact that you need to struggle keeping your animal pen intact just to test it is a bit unreasonable.


Processing and breaking time multiplier should be faster than x1 for testing this patch in only two days.


Testlive Eu 3
Bug : when fighting deer boss in highlands it doesnt fight back.

Good luck with the testing, I would like to participate but no PVE. Not for me.

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We might as well form a nice to all neighbors guild and refrain from any hostile behavior towards other players unless they attack first or want to test out combat in a friendly sparring exhibition. Who’s with me?


solo/co-op: tier 2 “wheel of pain” show only one thrall in progress.

Online Official Server (TestLive)
Bug, player character weapon glitch

Other player’s character does not show a weapon in her hands; the sounds of weapons and the effects are present, and it looks like she’s using a ghost weapon.

  1. Play with another player
  2. Run around for a while together, then separate so you’re playing in different chunks
  3. Come back together, go on a mission
  4. Watch her kill things with magical invisible weps
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Online Official Testlive
Bug, weapons

Hyper armor is not working as intended. You can get interrupted mid heavy combo by mobs and juggled in place, unable to roll away or swing back in self defense.

  1. draw weapon (any seems to do)
  2. lure 3 enemies or more
  3. try to use heavy combos
  4. watch as some combos work and others get interrupted
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Online Official Testlive
Bug, thralls

Thralls become invulnerable when drawing weapons, changing weapons, and randomly in combat.

  1. sneak up behind an arcxher
  2. attack right as they notice and aggro you
  3. watch their health not go down and them not get staggered as the sword splits their skull
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I saw one of the tier 3 exiles with a small caps 'i" in the Roman number. It looked something like [race] Exile IiI, instead of all caps. I know it’s not a glitch, but it’s triggering me LOL.

As for bugs when I dropped the quick bar-equipped skinning knife while I was searching through downed npcs it vanished, then re-appeared in the quick slot a few minutes later. I have no idea what caused it, though.


On review of my video, I can say this happened to you so many times I moderated my own behavior mid-Asagarth. There’s something awry with combos, and that wep switching thing makes archers extra laser-beamish.

General PS to everybody else: three wolves might wreck your face at LVL 40. When two of those three become two more wolves, your options become somewhat limited. Double-monsters are real, be careful out there, barbarians!

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Online Official Testlive
Bug, combat

You can get stuck in bigger creatures when you run away from them, then start a combo before they catch up and stop in front of you.

OK, here’s what I have so far:

  1. My placed pets are still disappearing when I leave the area they’re in. They come back if I quit the game and come back, but it’s still annoying.

  2. I’ve gone to the Midnight Grove a few times and there doesn’t seem to be any bosses. I guess the only way I can get shadeblooms is through the admin panel?

  3. You may have taught the Queen Sand Reaper how to fight, but the lower versions combat abilities are sad. They only know one attack, the front claw swipe. I had them fighting the scorpion world boss so they definitely had more than enough opportunity to go through their range of attacks. And that’s it, the claw swipe.

  4. Fish traps are ridiculously slow to catch fish now. I have about 10 fish traps laid out and after several hours at best they caught 3 fish, at worst 1. Considering I have my gathering rate setting maxed, I’d hate to see what they’d be doing at the default setting, which I’m guessing would be nothing at all for days on end. Fish traps were fine the way they were before the Pet patches, I wish you’d reset them and leave them the hell alone.

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The rain is back on my character INSIDE! I even see more raindrops inside the room now.

Após sair do jogo e logar novamente no servidor, a jornada aparece zerada.

Can’t place corner stairs in the corner. Image included.

it always worked until now- it’s borked.


I have an error report for freezing:


Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0v887A0006-‘HUNG’)

I did some reading and I’m running twin Titans. I went to my steamapps\common folder and right clicked on the Conan Sandbox application then went to Render OpenGL on. Then I clicked on my first Titan and received this information: GEForce GTX TITAN X (1 of 2)-Anco Communications Inc. ROG PG278Q. This information then resulted in an error:

Couldn’t start:
“D:\Program Files (x86)\Stean\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ ConanSandbox\Binaries\Win64\ConanSandbox-Win64-Test.exe”
Create Process () returned to 2.

This one is frustrating me since pet patch started

Online Official Testlive Event
Bug, combat

Bug - The pen is so big I cannot build a structure around it to prevent thieves from pilfering pets. Change shape to allow for pillars and/or reduce size of pen (for many reasons).

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