TestLive Update [07.09.2018]


You forgot your quotation marks when making that comment that included a quote.


I blame it on early morning-4:30am is horrible, lack of coffee and flu medicine!


I can confirm this issue, I have seen it happen in the past on almost all stations possible. I cannot reproduce it, but it seems to happen after a restart. I have gotten insta leather in armor bench, insta reinforced steel in BS bench, insta cooking in campfire, insta bars in forge, etc…


Hope you feel better :slight_smile:


Ahhahah thanks love. You guys crack me up with the live stream. I got to watch it after my nap and at least you guys had fun getting through the dungeon. Took me a couple days to get it completed.


Just a question i would really like a answer to, do babies for example baby bears or rhinos respawn after a certain ammount of time ive been trying to find more bears and the like does the ones who were tamed in that area have to die in order for new ones to spawn or are there just a limited supply and its first come first serve and no one else gets any?


I think there was / is a bug that prevented them from respawning.


They should, but we may need to do some additional passes on the spawn rates :slight_smile:


There is a new update out for Testlive so I’m closing this thread. Please leave your feedback in the new thread: