Testlive Update 2.3 (10.02.2021) - Isle of Siptah revamp, Offline mode, sprint attacks and more!

I concur. This is now the 3rd time they’ve reduced the storm intensity since launch. I think the current live iteration is a good medium. It should not be diminished further IMO.

Edit: I also protest the 1 minute storm buildup. They should go back to the 15 minute buildup at launch. I play private servers, and we have it set to 15… any time I get back to official it throws me off. I just think… no one should be caught at the tower farming star metal and not have any warning a storm is coming.


I’d like throw in my voice in agreement to changing the storm back to how it currently is on live, at least with the visual effects. The testlive storm is barely noticeable and not the least threatening. We need that red sky and haunting lighting. I’m very unclear as to the feedback that led to this change.


Agreed on the intensity of the storm. I love the fact it’s haunting and intense. I realize the area is going to be more common as a build zone and maybe that’s why the changes have occurred (I could see people who build in the area being annoyed by it). But I feel like that should come with the territory of building in an area that summons evil demon monster things. The Maelstrom already also has various server settings, so if a builder REALLY didn’t want to deal with the storm, they could just configure it to rarely or never occur.


have they said anywhere about fixing the greater saber damage? it is like a stronger
pet arena champion

Honestly, I feel like this isn’t a strong enough reason. The gameplay is essential, but the enjoyment of gameplay also comes from aesthetics: making the inside of the storm like any other place in the map only with slightly less visibility debases both types of environment. Also, if the environmental graphics are more distracting to players building in the storm than the demons popping every other second, I think those players really need to get their priorities straight.


I just tried this but it is not correct: gloves go in the pants slot.


I see no mention of the ability to transfer a character between maps. Was this missed or dropped?

Neither. They said that their goal was to have the feature sometime before official release of Siptah, but that it was also subject to change. There isn’t an official release date. And per some recent comments on Twitter, they are still working on it.


Hi, I love the new map om testlive.
I have 1 question:
How accurate is the map in the atricle? Are the protected areas marked with a thick marker or is there room for maneuver?
my current location is on the border of a new camp.

@Atikah I would suggest testing it yourself as you know best where exactly your base is and how it is built.

Ofcoure, I have been playing on test 5 of 6 days and it was no a problem. I did build in test on the same location as on live. But the map
with the new camps shown on the announcement, was different from testlive. Im talking about the medium camp in the north/west corner of N10.
If test live is gonna be copied to live, I and the camps stays the same, Im ok.
(Sorry to bother you with this.)

Perhaps, we can get @Ignasis to reconfirm that the camp capsules/no building areas on TestLive are what is going to be pushed to Live and people can use the current TestLive patch to check if their Live builds would end up in a no building zone?

Not digging the new orbs…Flashbang hurts you as well, even if you look away before pop. And 2 others deal damage to hp. How about a corruption based orb and a stamina drain one instead…allows for stylistic fighting instead of hp war.


Yeah. Exiles has the volcano as an eyesore to build in, but it is ones choice to build there

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I don’t know, that’s why I especially like that one, first trying it out inside a structure was hilarious.

That’s a cool idea! I’d like to see that.

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There is a quality standard to be able to launch on consoles, they do not accept “early access” of games. On the PC, things are more free, and after Cyberpunk 2077 things got more rigorous.


PC is more “Trying out stuff and fixing it!” friendly. See this like FF14 Restart that turned into the one we know. They first made the PC Client nice and stable, then they gone made the Console Clients.

in a way, the PC Clients are the better Alpha-Testers


I played some more and I’d like to do some appreciation/critique.

I usually play offline solo, and I often boost the server in some way (notably by reducing crafting time by 50%, thrall conversion rate by 90%, and having resource gathering multiplied by 10) in order to actually progress in an acceptable timeframe. This time, I started a game with only halved crafting times and 3x boost to resources.

Currently, the early game rewards exploration and camp raiding a lot more than resource gathering. Sure, by gathering you are making a ton of XP, especially if you early gather Brimstone and Black Ice. However, raiding a camp rewards you with 1) resources such as leather and steel 2) Supply Material crates and gravedigging loot 3) High-quality weapons and armor. Instead of hiding in your hole and gathering strength until you are ready to face what’s outside, going out and engaging in camp raiding is dangerous but HIGHLY rewarding. Also, gathering thralls is much more enjoyable: before lvl30, converting a T3 thrall is a chore, so having the possibility of instantly converting a thrall simply by killing an enemy is a massive plus.

I really like this new early game: it is more ferocious and aggressive, and you do not feel like a scared puppy that needs to hide.

One thing I absolutely DO NOT like, however, is the prerequisite to gravedigging. In my run, I found 2 broken Gravediggers inside a Supply Crate, and suddenly I was able to gather extra loot. I personally find this current state of affairs quite stupid: I should not require a shovel made of frigging Star Metal in order to dig a hole and a broken one at that. If I may propose an alternative, I would personally change it like you can craft shovels at the Blacksmith’s Bench that unlock with Iron, Steel, and Hardened Steel Tools, such as

Iron Shovel = 50 Iron Bar, 10 Wood. Can dig 5 graves.
Steel Shovel = 50 Steel Bar, 10 Shaped Wood. Can dig 10 graves.
Hardened Steel Shovel = 50 Hardened Steel Bar, 10 Shaped Wood. Can dig 15 graves.

If the shovel is broken, you cannot dig.

EDIT: Obviously ignore the numbers, it’s the mechanic that counts.

Maybe you’ve already tried this, but I personally think it might be an improvement instead of gatekeeping the possibility of digging graves in the early game through RNG, which is never fair.


How about Rot based orb, made from Essence of Rot?

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