Testlive Update 2.4 (06.04.2021) New Lands, Zath, Character Transfer and more! Oh my!

So, one thing I recently noticed with update 2.4, is that now when I kill a rhino, it doesn’t launch into the air anymore. It just falls over.

Funcom, I…I just don’t know how you could betray me like this.


Good riddance. This was one of the most annoying things for me in the game. (if it is actually fixed, didn’t test yet)

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What’s it like to hate fun?


Farm savanna (area around Swagger Rock) multiple hours per day and you will understand why.

i read all fixes but maybe i missed something. I talking about fighters, even they were bugged, even t4 ones.

also i want to ask - will developers add anisotropic filtration x16 to the game settings? And will they add TXAA as option to addition to the game AA? Right now both of this settings works well, if you modify game ini files, so there will be not much problems with adding them to the game.

Testlive looks good. (after you fixed the issue with the double attack after roll)

A big thank you Funcom @Community for fixing all these exploits that rose up with animation canceling and sprint attacks!

Also big thanks to @Narelle for collecting Feedback from me and other PvP players and sending it to Funcom to fix all these combat related issues.


Yeah, I’ve been playing this game since Early Access, and I’ve killed a lot of rhinos…still funny to see them fly through the air.


-When does early access end?

@Jordimarin No official date yet.


Basically, a HUGE Thanks (again) to all the Dev and Design thralls for the amazing work. Looks like a brand new game. Amazing stuff that am looking forward to adventuring through. Simply amazing, gritty and immersive. Perhaps, one distant day, some of these changes will ooze across the seas to the Exiled Lands.

Thanks (again) in advance to the awesome Modding community for their collective miracles they bring to the game - esp. :cookie: - you know who you are :wink: - am still finding the sunsets amazing.

Lastly, thanks for that insight into someone’s experience around 30:00 :rofl:


Agree. Love that they have left that animation in since early-early access - 6k hours and counting…



Ei desculpa se essa opinião cair local ou ponto errado , mais sabe parece que Conan vai adicionar a transferência de personagem entre os maps exilio e isle of siptha o que é bom mais seria mais legal poder levar itens e npcs claro com restrição entre cada transferência de coisas tipo uso depois de 2 horas pode ser usado de novo sei lá , ARK usa esse recurso o Conan poderia adicionar tal recurso ai jogo ficaria mais legal.

@anonimo, from what Dennis said today on the developer stream, it looks like you will be able to transfer everything in your inventory. So if you have followers in your inventory (i.e. you haven’t placed them), then you can transfer those too. For the moment, they’re thinking of imposing a cooldown of 1 day for PVE(-C) and 1 week for PVP. Lastly, bear in mind that none of that is yet final, it’s all subject to change.

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Update: April 21, 2021

This has been disabled on the TestLive Branch and will not be present in the 2.4 Launch. We’ve made the tough decision to shelve this feature due to major last-minute issues cropping up during testing. We hope to revisit this feature in the future. Sorry, Exiles.


Much better to have it properly tested and polished :slight_smile: :+1: :heart:


congrats. Now everybody knows how to crash the server :face_with_head_bandage:
Until the 2.4 update hits live, we are screwed.

good call! :slight_smile:


I have only tested a Dalinsia Snowhunter with a 2 handed greatsword and 2 RHTS (sword and orb) for the thrall fix so far. Dalinsia did combo attacks with the greatsword but the RHTS are still not using much in the way of combos. 2 attacks at most for the sword wielder and 1attack for the orb thrower.