Testlive Update 2.4 (06.04.2021) New Lands, Zath, Character Transfer and more! Oh my!

Talking about mounted combat so effects no longer apply.

Listen: Apply (as in drag and drop it onto your spear in your inventory) reaper poison to your spear…

Are you saying that poison effects will work when mounted?

Yes. You can always apply poison to your weapons except the weapon already has an effect like bleed or corruption.

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Ah ok so the mounted combat nerf only applied to intrinsic effects… like bleed, sunder, cripple etc…?

Well if true that will be very helpful.


Good night, as this forum is well regarded by the Conan programmers, new BUG arose fix it fast, new zath god of spiders their orbs generate spiders and they are attacking players and their npcs and bugs on the pve server, it has the potential to kill bugs and even players, I had a hecatomb and used them to defend what I saw was alarming because they were on top of the npcs and the player who was helping me during hecatomb, they attack everything but the owner and their npcs and belongings.
In a Pve this cannot happen, since it can and will be used by players with bad intentions

You might want to post that in its own bug report on the PC Updates and Bugs forum. This thread is about the TestLive update, and I’m guessing it probably should have been closed by the @Community managers since 2.4 has been released to live.

i cant make any sense of what you wrote.

try spanish?

atacan los esclavos? las bases? los otros jugadores? me refiero a las aranas?

Portuguese, actually:

Spiders spawning from Globes of Yezud thrown by the player will attack and damage other players and their followers, even on PVE servers. This is a bug and will be abused to hell and back.

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so the vemon-purifued blood not picking up on old map. do you have to do something special

it works fine for me, probably be mod issue

Who ever suggested to bring items with you from one server to the next must be given the award for #1 worst ideas in the history of gaming.
This will be the worst function ever introduced to conan exiles and will probably kill the game more than any of the bugs/glitches/exploits that we have seen before.
Please rethink this character transfer thing.

Maybe transfer only the character but bringing loot also is a joke. I can farm up 30,000 dragonpowder with my clan on a 0/40 server then bring it to any server we want and wipe it in 2 days …

Pls no, I’m hyped to use my body vaulted God tokens on new servers and just spam wipe last active servers.

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For PvP type servers, your suggestion make sense.
For PvE type servers, your suggestion would be bad.

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Yes of course for pvp servers the game would drastically be changed in a very negative way if this ever was bought into the game . For pve servers it would not be a problem i dont think…

And you say that based in your vast understanding of the game industry?

and exactly how exactly this will be what kills conan? can you elaborate why is it so bad? , do you know about the cooldowns funcom plans to put in place in pvp servers? pve no issues with server transfer.

Yes i do say that … And a cooldowns does nothing to stop every pvp server from being decimated with ease then left to be another 0/40 dead server after u easily wipe everybody within 2 days of arriving. :joy::joy: i can bring in 2000 mitra zeal and 15k dragonpowder and the alpha can be wiped in thr first day of arriving on the server. This takes all skill and actual grinding/build up/progress out of thegame. Basically the reason and purpose of the game will be removed :rofl:

since when can players carry the Zeals? :open_mouth: (really a question, no trolling)


The alphas will just stop slacking and always have a bubble up.

Zeal is hearts/souls you just put them in an altar and convert . And you really think? Even when people had 100+ god bubbles on there alter from the glitch they werent consistent at keeping them up 24/7 . Now i think its not possible to do bubble dupe they will slack even more or have to farm up there zeal every day to keep there defences up .