Testlive Update 2.4 (06.04.2021) New Lands, Zath, Character Transfer and more! Oh my!

As I understood now there is absolutenly no point in using light armor. It gives no benefits at all. Since you can easily have your encumbrance in green zone even with heavy armor. I think that roll speed should depent on armor type AND encumbrance.

When will you improve the base map, add Stygian DLC, or is the base map dead?!

I would define it as completed.


an item did not get nerfed for “the good of the game” it got nerfed because it affected pvp in a way that pvpers didn’t like, you can mask it in any way you want… doesn’t change the fact in the end.

Also, its not animosity, but what some “pvpers” dont seem to understand is that these “little” changes done to appease you have a “bigger” negative effect on the pve side of things.

The light/medium/heavy armor issue could be solved like this:
-light armor gives +3 attribute per piece (15 for full set), dr(damage reduction) capped at 50%
-medium armor gives +2 attribute per piece (10 for full set) dr capped at 70%
-heavy armor gives +1 attribute per piece(5 for full set) dr capped at 90%
A T4 armorer will increase only the armor for heavy and only the stats for light. Medium will benefit from both to hit the cap.
There are players who are better at dodging and rely more on how much damage they can deal.
Then those who rely on armor and play more defensively. Last but not least, those who find themselves valuing both armor and damage.
This will make for a fun way to play the game for both PvE and PvP and a balanced choice between the three.

Wearing one piece of heavy will cap your stat gain to 5 and wearing a piece of light will cap your dr at 50%.


Pretty much all pvpers play pve (we lose our stuff or start on new servers tons of times, we always have to grind new stuff). We know how nerfs effect the pve game. The changes are usually between play blindfolded, super easy and pretty easy.

Hardly any changes pvpers wanted made anything in the game hard. They just make you have to be a little less lazy in pve.

What some pveers don’t seem to understand is that pvpers don’t just pick up enough stones and branches to make our first sword and then steal everything from there on :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the dr cap but fiddling with the stat increases is too much.

Medium and heavy armors drain more stamina while climbing, I think this should be applied to weapon usage, rolling, jumping and running as well.

Increased stamina drain on weapons will make the game tedious and slow paced which is the opposite of fun. It’s not that great at the moment either. Players want to poke themselves to death. Less pokes means less dopamine released in the brain which leads to a stresful gameplay and a higher chance for the player to give up altogether.
The stamina in Conan Exiles is like a fun meter. It lets you do things in the game. The moment it reaches 0 your fun is canceled for a couple of seconds. The fact that stamina is heavily tied to PvP makes it bad. The fact that stamina drains so fast is even worse.

The way climbing works is understandable.

Then wear light armor and enjoy more stamina :smiley:

So make the game tedious and not fun for those that prefer heavy armor. Ye, lets mess with the stamina drain. That will teach those heavy users a lesson.
I prefer heavy. I don’t want to wear darfari rags like I’m some T1 dancer in a sandstone hut. :rofl:

If there will be 0 differences between armor types…why even wear light or medium?
If heavy will have same roll and same stam regen it will make 2/3 of armors just items for Fashionista mod on rp servers.


There are differences between heavy and light in regards to stamina drain and reg in 2.4. Test it yourself.

I know.

I think the encumbrance based dodge could work.

I guess the important question is, is the weight difference between light and heavy big enough to make light armor worth it? Like, can you have good dodge and enough extra stat points to put elsewhere compared to how many stat points you would need to put in encumbrance to have good dodge in heavy. And is good dodge good enough compared to bad dodge.

If the balance is right, it could be an okay change.

And if weights need change, make light armors lighter, not heavy armors heavier. If it’s heavy armors heavier there will just be a bunch of people stocking up on old weight armors. :man_facepalming:

Why don’t they ever try to add a new function to heavy armor? Instead of balancing it to the point that it is just simply superior to all other armor types.

Stagger/Knockdown resistance would be more interesting. It would give heavy armor its own identity and would just make more sense. Kind of silly to me to have someone wearing heavy armor rolling around like someone in light armor.

Light armor is for flexibility
Heavy armor is for solidarity

Worst armor balance I’ve seen in a game tbh.

Love the way you wrote this post. Thank you for your input, especially in such a coherent and non-emotional manner.

The only problem I have with not being able to transfer at least your inventory is the fact that some items are only obtainable on each map. I want the ability to play with one character on both Exiled Lands and Siptah, but not with just the items and resources unique to those lands. Why shouldn’t I be able to have Eldarium Reinforced Chests in the Exiled Lands, or Voidforge Weapons?

I’m NOT disagreeing with you on the pay-2-win aspect at all. This is a BIG problem they need to address with character transfer. But character transfer with inventory is something that I feel would help expand the life and enjoyability of the game.


I get that the possible lack of server transfer in SP is vexing, since I’m a single-player guy myself. However, I think it is waaaaay more important for them to figure how to make this feature work in multiplayer than it is in SP.
Yes, it is inconvenient having to admin-spawn your stuff back in the other map, but let’s be honest, how much would it take? 15 minutes, tops?

EDIT: Just to be clear: I would hate everybody getting the server transfer feature and not SP. I’m just saying it is a lot more important for them to find a way to make it work on Multi than it is for SP.

I think it makes sense, honestly. What would be the point of having Siptah, if not for the recipes and resources you can find there and ONLY there? If you want Eldarium chests, bring some when you transfer servers, and they will be treasured relics from another land. Otherwise, what’s the point of a separate map with heavy characterization if you can find everything, everywhere?


Exactly my point. This is why having character transfers with inventories makes sense.

Croms was a chosen of Asura for a reason. They, like myself really care about this game. I am a Builder, Explorer, and Man-The Wall type of player that loves the game and ALSO plays with the hardcore PvP crowd. NO ONE I have talked to in game or in discord wants this crazy Ambro nerf. Not the hardcore PvPers, Not the PvErs, Not the Builders, OR the explorers. For the latter two groups all this change does is make it more of a pain to heal while traveling because they have to get off their horse to heal. For the PvP crowd, the only people screaming “AMBRO NEEDS TO BE NERFED” are people who don’t want to farm their own Ambro, but still expect to be able to stand toe to toe with someone using it.

While I personally think Ambrosia (as it is currently implemented on official servers) is OKAY the way it is–and most of the PvPers I know agree with me.

I for one may agree that Ambrosia could benefit from a small nerf. But replacing it with “Sated” is WAYYY overkill.

However, I also understand that Ambrosia is the ONLY feasible way of healing on horseback, and that you are trying to curb non-stop mounted slaughter; however, I would suggest that you guys looking into marginally reducing the healing amount, or simply removing the ability to use ambro on horseback, rather than removing the healing in it’s entirety (NOTE: “SATED”. Is not viable healing). I have tested these changes on testlive at this point, and the +1Vit/+1STR buff is insufficient to replace the previous usefulness of ambro, and will only serve to produce chest-fuls of Ambro that no one will ever use, clogging up the database.

P.S. When people say PvP is broken, a lot of the time they mean “playing on a PvP server is pointless”. Funcom is making a lot of changes to the game’s PvP mechanics, but the biggest problem this game has on PvP servers is “Demolition Derby” gameplay where structures are so easy to destroy that real PvP combat rarely takes place. Often players just offline nuke each other.

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