Testlive Update 2.4 (06.04.2021) New Lands, Zath, Character Transfer and more! Oh my!

  • I found stairs that you can’t go through without jumping - so AI won’t be able to use them (untested).

    TeleportPlayer 69681.640625 341842.96875 -16842.703125

  • A few graphical bugs:
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
    Drivers: (date: 25.03.2021)

    TeleportPlayer -215122.703125 249250.3125 -19499.099609

    TeleportPlayer 45813.410156 227527.1875 -20116.398438

    TeleportPlayer 48048.878906 235224.34375 -20424.814453

  • Object collision problems

    • While it says “Press [E] to interact”, it can’t be done from any angle
    • Part of the fallen pillar has no collision

(WARNING: picture spoils the recipe location)

TeleportPlayer 80023.15625 347975.0 -13699.954102

Note: There was another object (a spear I think) that had a similar problem, but I couldn’t find it again to show the location.

  • The part of the map showing the new areas does not show the exact position of the areas on it.

    • It is easy to check it (using the admin panel) by trying to teleport to the center of the selected islands. The character will appear in the water.
    • The old (upper) part of the map represents the exact position of all areas much more accurately.
  • Localization problems (when the game is set to Polish language):

    • When choosing a single player game, the game selects an empty value from the list of available maps.

    • Choosing any map when searching for a server leads to finding 0 results.

    • Some server settings are partially invisible and impossible to read / set.

  • Game performance in new areas:
    • It is in the new areas that I recorded the highest drops in performance (in FPS) on the entire Siptah Island, mainly in the higher parts of the savana.

Found him in H5, still looking for him in Siptah

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where is khari steal now that the convergence trap dose not give resources there is know way to get it

never mind i found it in the ne area

Can we have TXAA AA and anisotropic filtering x16 added to game please? Like here [GUIDE] Inproving CE graphics (new effects and techs) - #2 by Zaphod


was it in a chest or did you have to mine it?

I have a few questions.

  1. Why was Zath chosen as the new God to be added? I understand the cool factor but in my opinion he really doesnt fit the cultual setting for either map, not to mention the over use of spiders in the game already. Dagon would have been a better choice as (A.) Already cultist present in exiled lands. (B.) Could set it where Dagon religion is acquired after completeing Sunken City. (C.) Siptah is an island which according to lore falls under Dagon’s domain. However my other issue with this choice is that it further increases the m/f ratio of the gods to 6 male 1 female. In case you are unfamiliar here are a few Goddesses in Conan lore to choose from. Ishtar, Kali, Wiccana, Nebethet, Ashtoreth.

  2. With the character transfers what happens if someone transfers into a server and gets banned? And will there ever be an option that banned player’s character and structures are deleted as they are when characters are transfered out of a server? If so would really help out with server clean-up.

  3. I’ve noticed a few new pets are being added, will snakes ever be made into acquirable pets?

Sorry if im slightly off topic and i would really like some legit feedback on my quesions.


For what i’ve tested, Night time in Siptah finally feels like a night, but some textures and reflections are weird, and they look bad.
Also there are some drastic transitions from one place to another, as if every time you step in certain place a color filter is immediately added… Not gamebreaking but it feels wrong.

Also a huge Thank you for the Iron sickle, i hated being low level because of the lack of a tool to gather seeds and fiber.

for PVP hehehe.

there are other that pve will appreciate the most :slight_smile:

Es la verdad, complaining to Funcom isn’t going to resolve anything. It is a Sony and Xbox issue not Funcom. Truth sucks but it’s still the truth.

we that we are all in agreement, the problem was with the crying part of your comment, totally unnecesary. that is what i was referring in my quote.

Just tired of seeing the same thing on every post about the update. There are already threads about, no need to come start pointing fingers when we are supposed to be discussing the new update. That’s all I gotta say. I won’t derail the thread any further.

valid, just trying to avoid pouring more fuel into their very understandable frustration. thats all.

Was that the really toxic thread about Server transfers?

I have a feeling that linking it here would only get it deleted, since it was unlisted for a reason. I’ll send you a message instead.

Still think you guys should nerf horses a bit more or make getting dismounted more punishing and allow a weapon on foot to be able to dismount a horse just like the lance but for foot pvp other than that. all the revisions i love so far keep it up Funcom! from animation canceling being taken out to allow more combat fluid fighting vs the old way of just using it to further exploit combat etc and scripts Sheeeeshhh, But so far great work, out of all the things in the past and other updates, This one is one I am sooo exited for!!! Glad the PvP content and fixes are coming in and making it less about numbers and more about skill again… just want it to continue guys! keep it up!

Isnt this item beyond unbalanced compared to other healing items because its easy to aquire and make other religions insignificant?

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That is a sound idea. The only tweak would be the cost of a sure thing vs RNG. But the idea is pointed in the right direction for those that are willing to grind for the 100% and those that will take there chances with a RNG usage of the token.

I was suggesting a level cap increase. So EL 1-60 then to cap on Siptah.