Testlive Update 2.4 (06.04.2021) New Lands, Zath, Character Transfer and more! Oh my!

I am curious what is the storm power saving? This is the first time I hear this


I like this idea. Instead of just basically jumping off and being able to jog about the player could be knocked down and the cripple effect applied for a period of time.


Please @Funcom read this.
In the recent changes proposed in 2.4, YOU revolved around YOUR own tail.

Fighting on horseback is still the meta.

while mounted, you manage to outrange, out maneuver and stack poison.
The combatant on the ground is unable to hit you and healing has now become much more difficult to perform.

Lance continues to hitkill, predatory blade can out damage anyone on the ground and etc…

It is now impossible to survive against the attack of a horse rider + tiger.
that is, You’ve made the fight more locked and clunky by removing the animation cancel, but the meta will be the same, only more frustrating because now it will be easier to die for npcs / pets.

Regardless of what I’ve written before in other posts. I don’t mind severe changes like all that are happening, as long as they bring diversity, skillplay and fun.
But unfortunately it has not been the case and it will not be this time again.


I didn’t draw conclusions, I just gave a personal opinion, until then we are free to do so in this forum or am I wrong?

I am so much against this! I as an average PVE player find it mandatory when fighting The Red Mother for example! I don’t find any time to use a healing potion since some creatures constantly attack me either with their great reach or overwhelming numbers! Make it more expensive to produce, but please, don’t take it away.

Thank you


I totally agree with this!

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Yes, you did, no one is saying you should not have an opinion… However try to get facts so your opinion align with facts already provided by funcom, your response clearly shows you did not saw what funcom said about server transfers and the known limitation funcom so far explained. Before your reply funcom said you can’t move from unnoficial to officials, therefore you can’t go to an unnoficial server spawn things and move to official, that is NOT possible to do.

I know this is off-topic, but here’s a tip for fighting the Red Mother: get yourself some venom-infused daggers. You don’t even need a thrall to help you if you have them.

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trust me in a pvp point of view its not good either, if they dont bring anything else.


I wanted to ask when the 2.4 live test ends, do you have any information?

We will probably know on Wednesday (after the Dev Stream)

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Thanks friend

As I said earlier, I just gave my opinion. I don’t have to explain what I think or not. Have nice day

reminder of what you said.

i am truly sorry i only intervene because i was clear to me that your opinion was based on wrong facts and by wrong facts i meant what i posted in the quote at the begining of this reply, .,saying that “its bad because people can grab stuff from unnoficial” server with admin powers and them bring it to another server to wreck, only showed me and potentially others that you did not had the facts straight or you never saw what funcom wrote, i am not trying to pick a fight with you, only to put you on the same page after funcom sent that information out. nothing more.

devs dont really care about pve players, nerfs nerfs and more nerfs, all to make pvp players happier, while taking all fun out for pve players.


Are you sure they are happier too ?

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Greetings Exiles,

Here’s a hotfix to address some of the issues found on the previous version of the update. Please reach out if you have any feedback to help us keep improving.

As always, thank you for your continued support.

Currently Known Issues

  • Import Character button is not present on the character creation screen.
  • Some Leyshrine camps have inconsistent climb blockers.
  • Sails in the Ashen Core camp are missing textures.
  • Component crafting is inconsistent when handling a partial amount of material.



  • Sprint attacks can no longer be triggered while the character is over-encumbered.
  • Fixed an issue with shields. Now attacking while holding the shield button results in a normal combo which is not canceled by holding the shield button.


  • Solved an issue with newly placed thrall’s health being lower than 100% (mostly by removing pineapple from their pizza).
  • Thralls can now use and deal damage using Siptah’s legendary weapons.


  • Fixed the drop rate of both Telith’s swords by the Silent Legion NPC trio.
  • Characters should no longer get stuck inside Bison’s mesh when hit by one of its attacks.


  • Fixed the collision of the Stygian boat near Ruins of New Khemi.
  • (Re)placed the platform in the Black Corsair pirate camp.
  • Fixed the blurry texture on the Obsidian One’s decals.


  • Solved an issue with the Black Pool Altar UI not closing properly.
  • Resolved an inconsistency with the Character transfer message regarding the Server mode and which server the character could be uploaded to.

I’m not surprised that this was the solution.

Will we be able to meet the Bastard that leads the Stygian mercenaries on Siptah?

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First you make us beat them half to death to be their new BFFs - then you deprive them of pineapple on their pizzas? I think Funcom is really Crom. Like, for real. Funcrom.


Is the bug that prevents followers with wrong weapon type from doing combos or heavy attacks going to be fixed soon? Or is that already fixed in testlive and just waiting to go live?