Testlive Update 2.7 Discussion Megathread

Thanks, forgot to check that. Will give it another try in a minute.

@Multigun It should already be on though:

(current known issue: setting is defaulted as true for testing purposes


Still no change,

  1. Added setting to DefaultServerSettings.ini under: …\Conan Exiles - Testlive Client\ConanSandbox\Config


  1. Started Single Player and switched to admin mode,
  2. Went to Dagon’s Eye and waited a bit,
  3. Changed slomo to 100
  4. Waited some more.
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You have no crenellations that would stop someone from climbing over it. Or putting a roof on it.

The center is a no-build zone, so no roof is going to be there.
I doubt that fences or crenellated fences will make a difference since the purpose is to make sure that players aren’t inconvenienced. I wouldn’t expect the distinction to be made that if you can climb over it, that is still ok.

Tried adding fences anyway, no change. I’m not sure how to trigger this new feature yet.

go to test server

Been playing on the testlive Sitpah server for a week now.
There is much lag (which I don’t have on the regular server).
Massive rubberbanding that got worse the longer I played.
Fighting NPC’s got more difficult since they are now teleporting all over the place and is now impossible.
Today even harvesting rocks got impossible, continuous rubberbanding makes it hard to even move a couple of meters.
I see the server was restarted last the 19th. so I guess turning it off and on might only be a temporary solution, if any.

Followers are not following the terrain

Again, might be a server-client sync issue, because that resolves itself after about 10-20 seconds

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At this time that server is unplayable

I wonder will there ba a fix to blurry textures all around the game. It seems that Anisotropic filtering doesnot apply to all textures, only to ground ones and some other, but totally igrores by objects or rocks and etc. It happens mostly on Exiled Lands but on Siptah too.
Also i want to ask - will Funcom replace 2d grass with some 3d one like they have in Age of Conan for example?

Checking the inventory of my thrall next to me who is visualized up on the hill.
Sync happened after about 30 seconds.
The issue is definitely getting worse

Artifacts on the rocks at K7 and hey, my thrall follows me while climbing them

Things that I want to see in this patch:

  1. Health bars visibility brought back to how it was before the recent change. Stealth gameplay is currently dead and it’s a very bad thing.

  2. Fix npc spawning in random spots and underground.

  3. Pick-able building pieces disabled by default on official PvP servers.

  4. Pickaxes for every tool tier.

  5. “Sheath weapon” button to properly function. Put away any tool or weapon the character is holding. Currently if you hold a tool and press it, character pulls out a weapon instead.

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Let’s go funcom !! The good is yet to come let’s go

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Thank you for all the additional information.
I’ve passed this over to the rest of the team for further investigation.

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I suppose the easiest is to test it. Start a server or SinglePlayer with the setting disabled, build whatever you want to test with admin. Enable the setting and restart the server and check. I doubt Funcom can provide an explanation that will cover every possible build out there. I can bet that no matter how well it is designed, there will be some false positives.

I agree eith the stealth gameplay being practically impossible unless a player doesnt have health bars enabled or just flat out is not paying attention. It us far to easy to track enemy players, im not coming from the victim side of this, but as the aggressor. If someone can get away from my chase then good on them, but running around a corner and hiding in an bush in the dark of night simply doesnt work anymore.
I would suggest enemy player health bars only appear once you cause damage to them , causing a “in combat” scenario and should persist for a set duration, perhaps 5-10 seconds if damage is not sustained to refresh the visibility.
Also on the topic of health bars, currently friendly health bars sometimes show as enemy color instead of friendly. This also occurs for enemy hp bars showing as friendly, causing confusion in multiple combatant skirmishes.
On the topic of climbing, a change was made a patch or 2 back that had some sort of “improvement” to climbing. Whatever this change did now causes incredibly infuriating issues when vaulting over an object when climbing over it. For example, when simply trying to climb up and vault onto a single foundation there is some sort of rubber banding effect that causes the player not to fully jump onto the object. This can be very stressful when climbing on high up areas and when raiding climb intensive bases which may cause the player to fall to their doom.

Additional requests:

Buff 2h axes. Easily interuptable with little to no hyper armor, one handed axes have this feature and are faster. Either buff damage or armor pen, currently 2 handed hammers are far superior for you get. 2h axes are fun but currently not very viable in pvp or pve.

Punching daggers. Only hardened steel craftable on exiles? No star metal or obsidian option? I actually really enjoy funcoms rework on this archtype but harxened steel just arent strong enough currently and poisons cant even be applied to them.

Feroxic daggers. Pretty much the meta for pvp and pve on siptah. Keeping a stack of set antidotes counters thia well enough in pvp but they do a pretty high amount of base damage plus apply 2 poison per light attack. This meta is just getting stale. Personally i go with cripple daggers but dagger spam is kinda braindead, the pvp combat is so good and should offer more than light attack dagger spam.



Another feature i would like to see is the ability to lock structures from being dismantled accidentally. Embarassingly, i have accidentally dismantled my fully tiered, fully zealed altar when trying access a structure next to it, clumsily navigating the interaction wheel and not noticing i had accessed the altars collider. The ability to lock/ unlock structures to prevent unintentional mishaps would be nice, at least for altars specifically.


I had come to the same conclusion, and struggled with whether or not to reinstall Testlive before I decided to eschew public servers and rent my own.

The TOS for public servers is getting very whimmy to my autistic brain and it is better for me to reside in a place of more consistency rather than where what gets you celebrated one day will get you banned the next.

That the game allows building to despawn world bosses and POI resources/NPCs/animals is a mystery to me, but then, I have not done any serious programming in 20+ years so I am not aware of the challenges they are facing.

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That and many other issues this game suffers from comes from Conan Exiles originally being designed/architected/thought of as a purely PvP game with (very) frequent wipes. Other game modes and/or more-or-less permanent (no-wipe) gameplay being much more common means that there are some quite basic conceptual problems that can’t easily be solved.

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@Ignasi can you please add this lines to a base game file?