Testlive Update (24.08.2018) - Pet system changes and additional fixes

Please, before pushing out this next patch, fix the problem with certain animals, such as the spotted leopards and the jungle birds, not dropping heads when harvested.

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Are you trying to snap it into a position with a roof or ceiling tile on the edge of the gate? I found that I had to remove a couple nearby items to get mine onto the edge. It definitely does want to snap by default into the middle of the foundations without some finnagling (I find stepping off to the side of where I’m placing rather than straight on helps), which is strange sine you’d most likely want it on the edge anyway.

I got a jungle bird head this day.

Was placing a new gate. All of the existing gates are on the edge of the foundation. The new one is supposed to be on the edge of a foundation, but keeps snapping to the center line of the foundations.

Are the bosses from midnight grove spawning for you guys? Still needing to force them in with admin commands

Yea yea yea na their not spawning I just enter then exit ghost mode then they spawn.

Feedback on a favorite place: Fingerfang Rock is either mutating or I be slippin’. The TestLive version seems a bit different from my recent climbs on Live Official Servers. Has anyone else noticed any changes during climbs on TestLive?

That post is perchance provenance of my last official TestLive Fingerfang climb, on 8/26, on the off-chance anyone has ascended since.

I got this working in my own dedi server, it wasn’t easy but in the end it worked.

Once it works once it won’t. Prior to testlive it was always warking for me roght now it’s a lottery.

Just tested this in single player testlive, and I can confirm that jungle birds are now dropping heads. However, jaguars appear to be staying firmly attached to theirs :frowning:

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Dont know about Fingerfang Rock but I noticed some passages I used to clmb seen different, maybe they optmized meshes in hope of achieving some performance gain?

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Thank you, it’s like a feel. It just seemed “tighter.” There was another place like that near the Pocket up in the rocks, and also Sandward Tower, but I hadn’t given it much thought until recently. Plus it really stings when you fall off Fingerfang. Sounded like I broke my shin or something. :bone:

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You just overdosed on those lobsters, man. Happens to us all.


Best euphemism ever. :rofl:

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I have noticed a few places where I used to clip into the wall at spots when climbing, but no longer do. It could definitely be some optimization or ‘hole sealing’ at work.

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Few Purge Questions
So for me on single player Testlive the purge seems to be working good.
When my purge level reaches max I randomly get purges depending on what base I m closer to witch is good.
But I have a few questions I need answered just to determine weather I m getting bugs or not.

1.I received a purge near my base near Cannibals rest the purge read " A group of desperate exiles is scouting your area" or something along those lines.
Now the first wave was as expected 10 - 15 exiles the second was different instead of exiles I got 10 undead hyena with 5 skeletal serpent men.
the third wave consisted 5 skeletal serpent men 5 skeletons 5 undead hyena.
is this as intended for a level 6 exile purge ?

2.Secondly every purge I get on level 6 that consists of thralls has them all spawn in naked.
is this as intended are they not supposed to have armor? I find this rather annoying since I would like a bit of modesty in my villages and that’s hard to get when the legendary named crafters I captured from those purges are doing there jobs nude.

if I could get some feed back on weather these are supposed to be like this that would be much appreatiated thanks. :grin:

There is a new update out for the Testlive client: