Testlive Update (26.11.2020) - Update 2.2: Bug fixing, stamina and shield overhauls!

No. Not really…should we remember how the 2.1 patch was released to live?

Do you really? From what happend since Siptah you kinda forced all These changes upon us.

Now imagine how Mr HackerDestroyer3000 is feeling right now, reading this patch. “I FIXED CONAN EXILES” :rofl:

I tried it on my own private server and a friend tried the same on his private server.
I wanted to make it that way, that only the contents of the inventory were dropped (backpack), not the shortcutbar or the armor, but whatever combination of switching these settings on or off, ALL was dropped or NOTHING. Thus I can say that these settings did/do not work properly.

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Were you using mods? I am playing on a Server which Drops the inventory but keeps whatever you have on your shortcutbar. From consumable to weapons to thralls. Never Had issues with These 2 Settings. If it does not work as its supposed(IF) to, does that mean they have to remove the Settings? Those Settings were very good for players which eventually lost their hard farmed stuff, following scenarios happend to me:

  • stucked in the mesh
  • Stucked inside animals…especially rhinos or any other large animal
  • diese Cause of the bugged Temperature system, both ways

Surely i can point to another handfull of scenarios where those 2 Settings were NOT

Would have been cool to understand why These Settings were removed instead of a …“they were obsolete”…

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We tried it on both modded and unmodded.

You still have the DropEquipmentOnDeath setting.

Hey @Coty

These settings have not been functional since early stages of the game. They have also been reported as such a few times over the years (@Starwalker provides a bit of insight in regards of the current functionality of these settings) . This is why they have been removed from the game as there are no plans to make them a feature again since their early implementation, thus being obsolete settings.


I’m not understanding the building upgrades system does this mean that a t1 sandstone can be upgrades to a t3 while keeping its look as you said downgrade to same peice of type but the dlc have type not available to base game which would be :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::ok_hand: but then would t3 crafting be required lvl be reduced for dlc

I’m honestly curious if there will ever be any mention of work being done to fix the issues with FLS where it completely tanks network connectivity. Everyone seems to be completely fine ignoring this issue that has been plaguing players for literal months.

I mean, you guys even said that BattleEye gave you a heads up on what the issue was. However there has not been a single mention of it in any of the patch notes, and it is plaguing systems to an increasing degree since September.

It’s so bad that many players are actively trying to get refunds, but they can’t because everyone is well past the window for something like that. We’re beginning to reach territory where clients are going to start getting legal entities evolved, regardless of the wording in the EULA that basically absolves you of any fault.


this building upgrade and downgrade fix , means that now you can “place” down a sandtone fundation where you had a black ice fundation ( before you could only go from sandstone to black ice , not the other way ) this means that all modded buildings are now easier to transform from one to another ) this also means that you can have more flexibility in your buildings , ( if you want to transform a black ice into a wooden T2 building you can now )


I fired up single player testlive version, and found that the Vanity mirror has been renamed to Orb of Nergal. I like the new name, and they did add body features to the station now. The bad part is that they neglected to add the breast slider to the body features. So we still cannot fix our characters from the original bug. please add ALL the body sliders to the body features section.
thank you.


Please be honest they do not even fix the bugs we all report are in testlive before they roll it out , how do you think they will take suggestions lol. Nope its never a change , its broken in test live its broken when it comes to live, trust me I test in test live and report bugs that never get fixed before they push it to live.

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What has not functioned with those 2 Settings?

I need to understand this.

So one of the Settings was dropping inventory, the other one dropped what was in the actionbar,right?(if activated)

So what was not working? Items were not dropping? Not all?
Because i Had no issue with These 2 Settings. Always Had the inventory dropping but the actionbar not.

Please reset everyone’s attributes on official servers in the next update and once the 50 attribute bug is fixed so that every one is equal.


I know alot of the Ini settings don’t work and if (gonna say if so Coty doesn’t jump down my throat about it) xD these ones didn’t work thank you for removing them. I mean I would have preferred a fix for them but removing is okay too :slight_smile:

It is so frustrating restarting a server or the whole game for singleplayer just to see if the setting actually did anything xD

@heaventhere I know :stuck_out_tongue: If you have seen well… Most my posts you would know I am by no means a fangirl of Funcom :sweat_smile: But something has gotta change at some point whether its for the worse and tanks the player base or for the better and they can gain some of that trust and respect back from the player base. I’m still holding out by a thread for the latter though, no matter how slim the chances are xD


I’ll go ahead and chime in with my two cents, which is pretty much just an echo of all the other comments. Lots of bug fixes are great - really happy to see any bug fixes, so that’s a huge step in the right direction. Exploit fixes are great too - we need a lot more, but anything is better than nothing. Please keep those coming. Feel free to pause 100% of all other development to work on stopping exploits: it will pay off more in the end.
The combat changes will need to be tested for sure. Any word on countering mounted combat? I know a lot of people are looking for that.
The Godbreaker nerf definitely seems like an overcompensation. Fix them working on thralls, or just take away the ability to work on thralls, but don’t take away the whole thing. The Yog’s Touch thing is the same way: nerf it, don’t make it useless. (Not to mention: why would a mace not have armor pen?) I know both of those items will affect a tiny number of players overall, but it just sucks to see interesting mechanics taken away instead of balanced.


Без названия (20)


Not sure if this is new or not but this Bearer thrall has some really nice colors on his armor which he came off the wheel with.


The particular reason this yog touch nerf will be weird is that if you look up at this page and this one and think of 0% armor penetration on both … then you will have 2 identical ( if not for their name ) objects …


A lot of these changes sound good. I have 2700+ hours in the game and didn’t even know about the Nemedian helmet or Godbreaker boots being able to repair items. I actually didn’t even know the Nemedian helmet was a thing haha. So to me it doesn’t matter, though it does seem silly to remove this unique trait completely. At least make it so they have limited uses or they degrade when repairing with them.

As for Yog’s Touch, I think removing the armor pen completely is too extreme. I am familiar with the axe as it was my friend’s favourite weapon and I have been killed many times by it’s users…but removing its armor pen completely is too much. Perhaps lowering the armor pen or making it more difficult to obtain?

Way to make godbreaker boots and nemedian helm completely pointless to even try and grind for. Why does Funcom keep nerfing unique items to this boring normalized state across the board. Yog’s touch was already not that big of a deal and not worth the time and resources to get over other weapons. So now, all these are just expensive ornaments to put on display. Funcom you’re OCD about balancing issues. Just relax and focus on improving some other aspect of the game.

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