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what about if you have building pieces in a chest in your base, will they be converted too? or do you have to move them to your inventory and then they are converted?


Hi Ignasi. I also would like to know about pre-made build pieces that are in chests in your base. Are those also converted, or just ones in your personal inventory? I have a mass load of build pieces stored away since I rebuild my base so often.

Also alot of people are asking about what happens to the undead skellies and pets from witch doctor. Do the ones that are already placed get deleted? Do the ones we have stored in preservation boxes get deleted?

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Just another question, propably has been asked a few times. I know it had been asked on a prior Testlive thread about 3.0.
Those twitch-stuff-feats - on testlive… okay, maybe something got mixed up.
I didn’t see those vanish and I could swear those where still in my feats when I… well, when did I check last time? Like 1-2 months ago. Now, kinda building prior to actually doing so those next days, I “suddenly” miss them. Not just that bed - all of these twitch drops :astonished:

What happened there?
edit: … for whatever reason it suddenly unlinked the account?! what the heck? :eyes:
Why does this happen?

And… why does the game itself claim to already be linked? I’m confused.
…and it wont pop up again. Weird. Those feats… are lost. :confused:

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Hello. Ya you have to relink your twitch account, in twitch. I know, its a whole process. But then your your twitch feats will show back up.

TODAY !!! Age Of Sorcery XD

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Actually I have to correct myself.

The game - ingame i.e. via feats or admin cheat panel - acts as if there was no linked twitch account.
Menu said and now again says there is one.

Twitch said 4 months until I properly unlinked it.

Relinked once without unlinking.
Relinked once with unlinking.
This doesnt add the feats. None of both.

Those feats are lost. :confused:
I dont really care about the armor, but those decorations… especially the bed… it’s my favorite one. :see_no_evil:

Also this first occured on testlive to me, but at least since yesterday, live is affected too. I do see a possibility for it to have been put over to that shop? Maybe twitch needs to be linked there for the feats to pop up back again. I dont know - but relinking properly in main menu doesn’t work.

The twich drops not showing is bug from funcoms side and theyre aware of it, so relinking is not the answer , we have to wait for a fix

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before actual 3.0 release, i have some question - those priests from grave matter event : they will be placeable in that thauma bench? because well i have 3 of them from event :smiley:

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Português PT-BR
Praticamente +39GB espero que a Funcom tenha olhado toda nossa discursão e arrumado 99% de todos os problemas que já reportamos aqui no testlive… Good game to all!

Can anyone explain what this means? What is a pillar socket?

  • Pillars now lose 20 stability if it is placed on another building piece and attached without a socket.

Keep getting Fatal error!

Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000008


Crash in runnable thread FAsyncLoadingThread

Same boat.
Error after error :frowning:

Português PT-BR
@Funcom_Community Estou testando dentro do jogo conan exiles mesmo e já encontrei alguns BUGs no lançamento de Age of Sorcery

Português PT-BR
Bom eu fiz o seguinte… Após a atualização fechei a steam e abri novamente sair e voltar, assim que abri a steam novamente ele atualizou mais 1GB depois fiz isso mais duas vezes para ter certeza que não iria ter mais nada para atualizar antes de entrar na atualização do jogo dia 1 de setembro. Depois que entrei e fiz o login dentro do servidor saí do jogo e fiz a verificação de arquivos e havia mais arquivos para serem atualizados pois uma atualização que muda muita coisa dentro do jogo sempre é bom fazer a verificação antes de jogar.
Espero ter ajudado :slight_smile: @Funcom_Community

The socket is the connection to the ground. Placing foundations and pillars in direct contact with the terrain creates a socket for other pieces to snap to. But if you place a pillar on a building piece that isnt supported, the pillar will lose stability.

This is how the system is meant to work. Recently I think there was a glitch where pillars that werent supported were offering support to other pieces above them.

It could have been worded better. Placing a pillar on an unsupported ceiling piece would have gotten the point across.



I’m stealin’ that. Well put.

Legal will contact you about royalties.

Seriously, the way it was written sounded like there was a new piece to be added. I have four years of builds with columns, and I never once thought of the ground or a foundation as a “socket”.

On second thought, now I feel kind of guilty about killing you so many times in Sinner’s, so steal away.


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