:news: Testlive Update 3.0.1 - Discussion Megathread

BUG: Improved fishing nets can no longer be made, you need to have the normal fishing nets in your inventory and that’s not possible…

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Hey Marquisian :slight_smile: Check this out: Improved fish trap 3.0

Good info. That’s why I’m sticking with the Well Trained perk: would rather have one good thrall that will survive than two good thralls who will both die. It just doesn’t add up. Agree with your assessment overall. I think Funcom needs to make pets survive more, could scale their damage lower as a compromise. If they had left pet HP alone it would have gone a long way. I shouldn’t have to stick with Well Trained - but I will if it means I’m not wasting my time training 2 followers only to have them both die at the first boss encounter. Edit: for clarity, I like the thrall nerfs, it’s good to have to monitor how they’re going, be more cautious, etc. But pets got nerfed when they were already underdone.


Has anyone tested to see if the Sigil of the Serpent still disrupts Jhil’s stamina?

Tested the white tiger again.

New build as before, but “well trained” perk.

Recreated the tiger:

  • Level 15
  • 6098 Health, 544 Armor
  • 535% damage bonus
  • gave him exquisite meat and a damage potion before the fight. Unsure how much that actually does, as the stat sheet lists all bonuses twice, which makes me skeptical.

I’d consider the stats to be near maximum of what’s possible. Spawned 16 tigers, picked the best one, went through 100 potions of rebirth to give it the best perks.
At level 20, it’d gotten a third perk that might improve things a bit more, but it’s lucky to get the aforementioned stats even with three perks.

The tiger did very well against a croc boss. He constantly missed, but when he hit, he dealt 500 damage per hit, sometimes up to 1,000. Had it hit more consistently, I’d say he wrecked the croc boss.

Similar picture against the spider demon boss: The tiger had great difficulty in hitting that thing. When the tiger has aggro, it cannot reach the boss’ hit box. Only if one moves and the tiger hits at an angle, do his stubby forearms reach the big bad spider.
Tiger won with about 3,000 health with any help. Would have won by a far margin without the hit box problems.

Against the Wine Cellar final boss, the impression was quite different: We killed it, but the tiger survived with only 800 health, swarmed by skeletons. Only a lucky hit by me killed the boss soon enough to save the tiger. Another second, and the tiger would have been dead.
The tiger chewed through the boss’ health as before, but he melted quite as fast - both health bars just dropped without hold. I think we even skipped a phase, had only one skeleton swarm spawn.

I see my worries confirmed: With well trained, it hits like a truck, but still falls quite easily in PvE. That’ll might be a problem in PvP, but make them… questionable in PvE.

On an even sadder note: It’s difficult to recreate Calvin ingame. We can feed tuna to our imaginary tiger Hobbes, but there are no striped T-shirts.


I seem to be getting a reoccurring movement bug. When I hold the W and the D key down together to move diagonally occasionally my character will move for a tiny bit straight ahead. This happens whether I just started initiating the diagonal movement or have been moving diagonally for a while.

I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere yet. So I thought I’d bring it up.

I also do not know if it is an issue with my PC or the game. This oddity has not happened to me before Age of Sorcery though.

Edit: I play SP with no mods.

Thank you! didn’t search good it seems :slight_smile:
but still… i hope they fix it before tomorow…

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Hey all,

This change mentioned in the original Testlive patchnotes has now been enabled in preparation for the final launch.

  • If you log into the game with building pieces that are covered by this new system in your inventory, they will be converted to its raw materials and placed in a box within your inventory so you can use those materials in your new session.

What’s up with the blocked off sorcery cave ?
EDIT: NVM, was from a MOD.

Also learning dem spells:

OK theoretically,…say you have logged off with a full inventory of 200 slots and you have some stacks of building pieces. Is the conversion doing this all at one (like a Quantum/shotgun approach of processing) or is it taking one inventory slot at a time? Basically if it comes to a stack of 100 Black Ice foundations it will deconstruct that 1 slot into 5 different slots of materials. What happens if the player has no slots available for this material to go?

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Also lets talk about Crom Coins in the sense of Playstation Stores. Will the Crom coins be released at the same time in the store as 3.0 or are you looking at releasing the Crom Coin today sometime?

Given that they said ‘a box within your inventory’ I’m assuming it’ll be like the resource caches you find on bearers/in chests on siptah so it’ll only take up 1 inventory slot until you open it.



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So anyways…what time is this launching?


what about if you have building pieces in a chest in your base, will they be converted too? or do you have to move them to your inventory and then they are converted?


Hi Ignasi. I also would like to know about pre-made build pieces that are in chests in your base. Are those also converted, or just ones in your personal inventory? I have a mass load of build pieces stored away since I rebuild my base so often.

Also alot of people are asking about what happens to the undead skellies and pets from witch doctor. Do the ones that are already placed get deleted? Do the ones we have stored in preservation boxes get deleted?

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Just another question, propably has been asked a few times. I know it had been asked on a prior Testlive thread about 3.0.
Those twitch-stuff-feats - on testlive… okay, maybe something got mixed up.
I didn’t see those vanish and I could swear those where still in my feats when I… well, when did I check last time? Like 1-2 months ago. Now, kinda building prior to actually doing so those next days, I “suddenly” miss them. Not just that bed - all of these twitch drops :astonished:

What happened there?
edit: … for whatever reason it suddenly unlinked the account?! what the heck? :eyes:
Why does this happen?

And… why does the game itself claim to already be linked? I’m confused.
…and it wont pop up again. Weird. Those feats… are lost. :confused:

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Hello. Ya you have to relink your twitch account, in twitch. I know, its a whole process. But then your your twitch feats will show back up.

TODAY !!! Age Of Sorcery XD

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Actually I have to correct myself.

The game - ingame i.e. via feats or admin cheat panel - acts as if there was no linked twitch account.
Menu said and now again says there is one.

Twitch said 4 months until I properly unlinked it.

Relinked once without unlinking.
Relinked once with unlinking.
This doesnt add the feats. None of both.

Those feats are lost. :confused:
I dont really care about the armor, but those decorations… especially the bed… it’s my favorite one. :see_no_evil:

Also this first occured on testlive to me, but at least since yesterday, live is affected too. I do see a possibility for it to have been put over to that shop? Maybe twitch needs to be linked there for the feats to pop up back again. I dont know - but relinking properly in main menu doesn’t work.