Testlive Update 3.0: The Age of Sorcery - Discussion Megathread

Testlive EU PVE
No EXP when building! (neither with t1, t2 or t3). several people tried it on that testlive server and no one of us got rewarded with EXP for building. Intended change or bug?

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I agree , nerf is just too much.

Funcom idea of balance usually goes to extremes. Yo the point of making thatlla useless unless it follows you. (With the authority)

I AM ok with damage nerf , but hittibg their hp this nuch is uncalled for. For me .

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ok, so here are the things that are really wrong:

1 - Stamina pool is so small, roughly after one combo of heavy attacks done.
2 - followers are extremely weak. That nerf will hurt both PvE and PvP. Alright, nerf thralls but not THIS much.
3 - summoning of demons should be more expensive and pernament. What is the point that I summon demon horse and it will decay in 30 minutes? I would go for a ride and then lose a mount?
4 - Transportary stones or what is it called should be limited. Ye, the user get corrupted but still, user loses corruption in like 3 minutes. Then he can jump across whole map so many times and nobody would find his base. Good idea, bad processing.
5 - In decorative mode, the builder should have an option to put pieces of building on hotbar. Its really annoying to pressing F for menu or mousewheel to “copy” piece.
6 - strength weapons take much more stamina than the agility weapons. What does it mean? We will not see axes in pvp anymore.
7 - Even Player seems less powerful with new stuff. If I am corrupted and go full strength, ok, I deal tons of dmg, but can do only one combo then I am out of stamina. If i use the stamina gear instead of + dmg gear, I would do like half of dmg i dealt before.
8 - Summoned thralls have literally no combos. They only do few lights and thats it. Undead or demon lords, doesnt matter, it takes so much time to make a combo.
9 - Spells are being casted for so long. Animations of those stones should be faster. Practically it cant be used in pvp. The caster needs to be protected 24/7.

For now, its all but I guess I will find much more flaws.

Thank you for reading

Since others can use these to transport to YOUR other pads, i don’t think it’s as valuable as you believe. Finding one means you have access to all others and can map it out. Sure the defender could have it guarded but you will see the location on the map and therefore the advantage of it is lost and that location will be destroyed within 2 raid cycles.


Si the solution is to change thrals by an army of zombies ?

Or to exclusively run with corrupted perks because if not you are far weaker ? I don’t really call that balance . They should Make all playstyles viable and on par.

Nerf ? Sure. Nerf this hard ? No thats not ok .

Funcom turned base defense guards/thrals into trash. How exactly is that a good change ?

I can’t imagine how this Will go for a pvp solo player facing an army of berserkers purge at higjest level. Not Even with you around with a follower. Or to face the infamous rockslide purge.

Did you guys tested base defense with really powrfull and dangerous purges? Using thralls as defense ?

Is anyone able to confirm what I’ve seen from one tester that the Sword of Crom no longer functions when equipped by thralls?

It was kind of the pinnacle of rare drops on Exiled Lands for your thrall companions. It would be a dang shame if it became a glorified tooth pick now.


Ω Hakeem of The Sapphire Shores :herb:

It’s in the notes and confirmed in @Wak4863 live stream. He seemed annoyed that we brought it up and believes it’s in error. I don’t think he got the memo.

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NGL building is a bit of a chore now, and you know me I love to build stuff. For whatever reason with my starter base I kept running short on mats, whereas in the past it’s never been a problem. The huge benefit of being able to craft all your pieces in safety, then quickly put them down is now gone. Plus there’s a pretty big UI in your face whilst building. Can’t imagine this will be great on PvP.

Maybe I’ll see if t gets better with a controller.


It’s been some time since I rerolled and actually let the Cinematic go, so I don’t know if it’s in the Live version and haven’t had time to check. The word “Committed” is misspelled. This is a word written across the sky as “MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE COMITTED.”

<3 B


I am curious why the “X” key is keybound for sheathing/unsheathing your weapon or tool. Can we not already do this by pressing the hotkey (1 thru 8)?

A relic from better times.

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There might be instances where you’re wielding something from inventory and wish to unequip it. Or, you’re carrying a shield and sword and want to unequip both quickly. It’s universally good form in PvP and I use it mostly as a flourish while RPing. What I hope is for unwield to work on horseback.


I am curious to see how this goes for the rest of the people testing. But from your description alone it sounds fairly obnoxious. I did enjoy having things pre-built.

It was also handy to be able to go harvest stone/wood and then craft foundations as you go (foundations weight less total than resources to make them, so you could harvest that little extra longer).

Also given that the decorations are in the same window, and not inventory based; how will that work for trading decorations? And can you no longer get decor drops from mobs and chests I guess?


:herb: Hakeem of The Sapphire Shores :herb:

it was removed.

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The only part i am already annoyed with from my brief stint on the pve server is running into blacked out ateas. Seems way to easy to spam that darkness spell and troll on pve if one really wanted to. Definately needs to be higher cost or cooldown of some sort.

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i believe it could be a fine addition to people with controllers, but i dont feel it is good for people with keyboard and mouse,

i would love to see a masonery bench, where you can build your stuff, (put the UI there) not attached to a hammer, not allowing people to pick up building pieces and have it in inventory form is a BIG mistake on funcom. moving the UI out was a good call, again they can put that UI into a bench instead, and let people choose how they want to build, (you cant go by giving options to players)

they could allow the pick up of pieces and make it into inventory items, you can use by putting it at your hotbar as you did in the past, (me thinks of coursE)

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Few weeks. Just hit live yesterday…or were you part of a test group? If so, anyone bring up the pvp raid ramifications of guarding thralls nerfed making offline even more effecient for pvp servers?

That would be a plus. I think I’m beginning to see @LostBrythunian’s viewpoint that this has been done to prevent the sharting of DLC pieces.

I need to do a test run, because like a good Boy Scout I deleted my old TL save and started afresh. I wonder what happens to grandfathered DLC pieces in inventory after the 3.0 update?

I was blessed to be part of the Siptah Beta, but unfortunately it coincided with my health issues and I could only give it about 2 weeks of good testing. During that time I noticed there were few PvP opportunities.

Testlive is the time, brocephus.

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i believe Den stated he thought those ids were foung to be “reset” to the raw mats …but not confirmed.


I’m a modder and pve player. So pvp interests me only marginally