Testlive Update 3.0: The Age of Sorcery - Discussion Megathread

did you discovered how survival gear will work?

on testelive we can use amin panel to spawn stuff and test?

Placing the bog standard bedroll is kind of annoying. No way to give it a good outline while placing?

And odd that the (just) wooden fence isn’t placed through the building hammer, but from putting them in your quick bar. And crafted at the artisan table.

Only private servers and single-player

And there is no survival gear anymore. Is there anything specific you are interested in? I can check what the stats are now.

Black Blood tools are now obsidian tools with more durability.

Asura Gear gives health, agi damage, concussive damage and follower damage as a full set.


Mask of the Witch Doctor gives this:


Vou deixar aqui sobre um BUG que acabei de ver dentro do testlive Acabei de encontrar um BUG

See my original post, added solution :wink:

Thank you @Narelle, its exectly i was in doubt. Can you confir please if with will still able to farm resource nodes in three strikes like with the old 30 survival perk and consume less food and water like de old 20 perk? Thanks in advance and kind regards.

Yes and yes:



Thank you!

Oh I see. My mistake, confirmation bias and all that.

Back when I discovered DLC pieces can be placed by non-owners but are not pickuppable, I thought that was a fair middle ground. This other way seems motivated, but then I’m a big nasty cynic.


Okay, we are testing a thrall against the arena champion, with the player being full sorcerer, with full corruption in the authority line. The thrall is Fang of Sorbek, which has the highest hp, I’ve seen so far. We spawned this one in but verified that she was available in the Cave, not just Purge. She perked awesomely. Edit, named T4 but can’t knock out. bummer, no wonder the purge is wicked.

Prioritized Melee, Guard Me. Only showing single hits with mace and single swipes with daggers when switched out. The mace did no knockback. :frowning:

She took a beating, and survived but had half health. Sound great till you realize at level 20 she perked with Univeral Warrior +3 Barrens Traveler +3 and Quick +3 and has 30348 HP. Also wearing armor that gives a bonus to strength weapon damage. Remember now the Player has sacrificed half his health and stamina so that the Thrall is to be OP. One hit from the Champion and dead for Player

This battle reminded me of the last big Siptah update where thralls got “broke” on the combo and weapon dealing. Using Attack anything, they go ham killing all around, in fact, they are unruly children having to be called back and told to stop. Using Guard Me, even when you take damage it takes a while before they hit, then stop hitting when they aren’t being attacked. In another battle the mobs stayed aggro’d to the player, ignoring the thrall.

Against the Warmaker it was a slow battle, the thrall lost 100 to 200 hp per swing and quickly regained health with the gruel. The thrall is an archer by nature, we gave her daggers, mace, and bow. She used all. Still no knockback with mace.

Now another Fang of Sobek, with the same gear and Mace, however still leveling at New Asgard, the Mace with thrall set on Kill Anything, we see knockback being used. Could be an issue with Guard Me?

As to Thrall’s weapon and Armor. We are testing the gear we currently use on our thralls on official server. Note: our players have transferred back and forth from Siptah prior to the transfer stop and we have a supply of eldarium and the recipes to make Siptah gear on Exile, which is our main play area now. So I would consider this endgame gear, not one a player leveling would have access to.

All armor is made by shieldwright and Mace is made by a bladesmith.
Wolf Helm
Voidforged Dragon Ribs
Black Knight Tassets
Guardian Sabatons
Bracer of the Serpent.
(did not add the normal bulk plating to the armor as we do on official)

Voidforged Mace (not modified)

Other Thralls we are testing besides Fang of Sobek are Warrior of Sobek, Dalinsia Snowhunter, and Berserker. The last two are obvious because even nerfed they hit the hardest. On the Cimmerians, Hp at lvl 1 is reduced about a 1/3 as far as I can tell from current HP on official. Not sure yet what the Sobek thralls are like on official prior to 3.0, since we never thought to break them.

We are currently leveling Snowhunter “naturally” At Lvl 10 Snowhunter is just now at 3500 hp. 3 hits from the Champion and she was down 1500 hp. Since the Champion was hitting hard, the Player had to step in because Snowhunter would have died after another hit. The Champion is definitely a thrall killer normally on most thralls except Snowhunter currently in-game. However with the lower HP, this will be a case of the player needs to live, your thrall is a loss.

Side note: Since 3.0’s change is to make the player more viable against enemies and the thrall a sidekick. Aggro is strong on the Player. Casting illusion takes time and the thrall on Guard Me was half-heartly protecting the caster. IE it was a close one before the agro was pushed to the illusion. I feel that the player was better off just attacking fast, than depending on the thrall and the illusion.

Current feelings based on this would be to have two Snowhunters as a team. Cast Illusion at a distance then send them in to beat, while your illusion tanks.

I think it’s a pessimistic take to assume they did this entire rework just so people can’t make fancier walls for their friends.

The build hammer cleans up 90% of the hand crafting menu, organizes everything into easy to navigate tabs based on material, and is super easy to switch what you place.

Having built with it for a while now, for me the biggest takeaway is speed. You can build so much faster now, no more waiting for things to craft. Also no need to calculate exactly how many specifically left-sloping walls you need, you just switch to and from it on the fly.

The removal of sharing DLC pieces I would say is a side effect, not a main reason behind it. Besides that, the old system was not as great as people are hyping it up to be. Not being able to pickup or dismantle anything DLC has been a source of annoyance forever, any sort of moving or remodelling of a base and you need the DLC owner to deal with that anyways. This just shifts the responsibility of placing the structure on them as well, which most people have already been doing anyways long before this.

I doubt very much it’s a side effect or unintended. They are in it to make profit, after all.

As far as the thralls thing go, it sounds awful. I’m sure experienced players won’t have much trouble with it. But there are some who just won’t be able to get the hang of the combat system, and rely on thralls to even the odds. With thralls becoming squishy, it’s a bad thing for them and could see people drop the game.

But then Conan is always going to suck in some respects. It’s impossible to balance a game for PvP, PvE, thralls at the base, thralls as followers, and everything else.

Then you’ve never had to build an ad hoc 4x4 while clinging to the roof of a cave to survive with what’s left of your booty.

My partner would put up 50-75 pieces of fence foundation for safekeeping. We’d have a bank of building pieces for expansion, and refill it as it was used. This is en enormous time sink now, especially when the mats weigh so much more than the crafted pieces do.


Love this sorcery patch. At least!!
My bugs until now: (maybe)

  1. sometimes when moving or eatching around I see purple polygons and then immediately return normal, very fast, but possible see.
  2. i had my second sprcery upgrade of the tome requiring glowing boops. I went in the cave with undead kappa again, took another tome and now in my base the update changed. No more glowing boops required but volatile glands. (Maybe jumped to tier 3 upgrade?)

What I saw when leveling sorcery was that each time I leveled a spell it required different materials. Didn’t depend on the Tome, in fact, once you place a tome in the bench, it didn’t remove it after casting… I could level up on my clans “Tome” from any bench.

I do believe that was already been asked, but maybe not :melting_face: is it just me, or new items even through admin panel are unavailable to be spawned? Or I just tried to spawn a BP items which are “locked” yet?

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Small thing: Can’t craft Legendary Armor kits. The Temperwright doesn’t show the recipe. Switched out a few to make sure it wasn’t bugged to one thrall.

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BP and New Market Place items are locked.

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