Testlive Update 3.0: The Age of Sorcery - Discussion Megathread

I think it’s a pessimistic take to assume they did this entire rework just so people can’t make fancier walls for their friends.

The build hammer cleans up 90% of the hand crafting menu, organizes everything into easy to navigate tabs based on material, and is super easy to switch what you place.

Having built with it for a while now, for me the biggest takeaway is speed. You can build so much faster now, no more waiting for things to craft. Also no need to calculate exactly how many specifically left-sloping walls you need, you just switch to and from it on the fly.

The removal of sharing DLC pieces I would say is a side effect, not a main reason behind it. Besides that, the old system was not as great as people are hyping it up to be. Not being able to pickup or dismantle anything DLC has been a source of annoyance forever, any sort of moving or remodelling of a base and you need the DLC owner to deal with that anyways. This just shifts the responsibility of placing the structure on them as well, which most people have already been doing anyways long before this.

I doubt very much it’s a side effect or unintended. They are in it to make profit, after all.

As far as the thralls thing go, it sounds awful. I’m sure experienced players won’t have much trouble with it. But there are some who just won’t be able to get the hang of the combat system, and rely on thralls to even the odds. With thralls becoming squishy, it’s a bad thing for them and could see people drop the game.

But then Conan is always going to suck in some respects. It’s impossible to balance a game for PvP, PvE, thralls at the base, thralls as followers, and everything else.

Then you’ve never had to build an ad hoc 4x4 while clinging to the roof of a cave to survive with what’s left of your booty.

My partner would put up 50-75 pieces of fence foundation for safekeeping. We’d have a bank of building pieces for expansion, and refill it as it was used. This is en enormous time sink now, especially when the mats weigh so much more than the crafted pieces do.


Love this sorcery patch. At least!!
My bugs until now: (maybe)

  1. sometimes when moving or eatching around I see purple polygons and then immediately return normal, very fast, but possible see.
  2. i had my second sprcery upgrade of the tome requiring glowing boops. I went in the cave with undead kappa again, took another tome and now in my base the update changed. No more glowing boops required but volatile glands. (Maybe jumped to tier 3 upgrade?)

What I saw when leveling sorcery was that each time I leveled a spell it required different materials. Didn’t depend on the Tome, in fact, once you place a tome in the bench, it didn’t remove it after casting… I could level up on my clans “Tome” from any bench.

I do believe that was already been asked, but maybe not :melting_face: is it just me, or new items even through admin panel are unavailable to be spawned? Or I just tried to spawn a BP items which are “locked” yet?

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Small thing: Can’t craft Legendary Armor kits. The Temperwright doesn’t show the recipe. Switched out a few to make sure it wasn’t bugged to one thrall.

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BP and New Market Place items are locked.

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Boy do I have some good news for you then, building materials got reduced in weight


Atleast I know in icons how they are looking :melting_face:

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  • Camp across the river from Shaleback Hollow is empty. The chests exist and populate with loot, but no thralls are present at the camp.

  • Have also seen violet models for a second or two when loading in or seeing something new since loading the game (Thralls, pets, crocodiles).


  • In initial Solo/Co-op Server set-up, Creative Mode, Building Anywhere, and Stability Loss multiplier are all listed under Abandonment whereas in the Server Settings tab once the server has been created this category was called Building. Building does seem to be a better name for the category and would make finding those settings in initial setup easier.

  • Agility based weapons such as Daggers and Katanas do not seem as fun in PvE with the perk changes. Using these weapons require points in Agility to improve their damage, but the only damage bonus perks are hampered by being behind an enemy (Which is difficult) or focusing on armor penetration when many PvE enemies do not seem to have armor.
    Strength, however, has useful perks but no real damage bonus.

  • The Dagger Backflip does not count as a dodge for Rolling Thrust. There are also situations during combat in which a player can dodge, but cannot Dagger Backflip and I’ve never been able to figure out why.

  • It feels problematic that Feat/Knowledge and Attributes have been swapped from the Live tab order.

  • Imbue Wisp - From what I can tell, this spell lasts about 90 seconds (Embed Wisp lasts 60), which is at best half of the night on the Exiled Lands. This seems far too short as a lighting spell and feels like a waste of corruption and reagents.

  • Would be nice to be able to go back to the start of a spell cast rather than having to cancel and start over if you picked the wrong rune. A specific keystroke to cancel rather than a cancel rune or the ability to just put the focus away doesn’t feel smooth/intuitive, especially with no on-screen indication of what that keystroke is.

  • In creative mode it’s difficult to remember the spells you’ve already learned when crafting new spells because the icons and names are all the same. Some of the crafting materials are hard to come by, which makes forgetting feel bad. It would be better if the icons in the Thaumaturgy Bench aligned more with the icons in the Knowledge tab.


Não pde elogiar a atualização que a maioria tenta abafar o assunto

After more playing (SP - no mods) I would like to thank Funcom and the play testers for their work on some of the weapon hit boxes. THANK YOU!

I appear to be having less issues with the daggers (although the croc world boss was still wonky) hitting their target. I also have not had too many issues with the sword (it used to glitch up on me with wights).

However, there is still more work that needs to be done on hit boxes. For instance, when fighting skeletons or the bosses (Guardian and Brute) in the UC I will often be behind the enemies and will get hit. This happened against a skeleton that was doing a straight, thrust with it’s sword. No way my character should have been hit as I was on the opposite hand/side of the attack. Also, standing in the same basic location where I would get hit would not result in blocking an attack with a shield.

Keep up the good work!

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I think that quickfooted would be the first agility perk, what do you guys/gals think about?

Anyone knows when the mod kit IS going to be available, I’m already thinking of ways to fill the gap in spells

Station craftable deco pieces do not return to the quick bar when picked up. The drop back to inventory.

Kind of annoying to have 2 systems with the new ‘construction hammer’ system and then the old placables systems for decorative beams and wooden fences.

(Also, my cooked meat disappeared from my large campfire. I only noticed because I was going to head out on a longer trip and realized there was no cooked meat to take along.)

(Or I’m an idiot and didn’t look in the other campfire. Jeez.)

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Is there some “slow sidestep” option I’m missing in Construction Hammer Mode? Full speed and disables walk mode to carefully place items.

Blathering on with something I noticed: Is there a reason why the stone axe will gather bones, but the iron axe will not? Gathering bones early on seems harder than you would think.

(Oh, only not from animals. Humans give you tons with an axe.)

Use a pick?

Dunno the numbers, but Hatchet seems kinda like the general purpose, not great, version of other tools.

Pick for Bone. Skinner Knife for hides. Cleaver for meat.
So hatchet just kinda gathers each of those as a possible, but not as efficiently.

Reparei que alguns lugares estão com menos NPC sim porém isso somente acontece quando existe algum evento ativo no local… Sobre o feitiço é uma boa dica de retornar repare que as armas agora ficam fixar mesmo quando estamos escalando na animação ela volta para o inventário mas assim que para e solta a escalada rapidamente ela retorna para a mão sem ter que ficar pegando a mesma novamente… Sim poderia acontecer o mesmo com a magia porém deve ter algo que não teve como fazer isso