Testlive Update 3.0: The Age of Sorcery - Discussion Megathread

So is the greater hyena disappearance in the pen thing fixed yet? There are some really nice new skins coming out and it would suck if you couldn’t get a greater hyena to make them a bit more functional.

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Também acho que deveria ser igual a nossas DLC que já temos pois a funcom mesmo disse em LIVE que não iria ter vantagens sobre as novas DLC. Mas veja que o conjunto SMCA não é DLC e sim parte do jogo onde todos pode ter dentro do evento. Espero ter ajudado @Funcom_Community

I would also like this fixed. There should be a way to turn Target Lock off.

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Testei realmente não acontece como havia dito no post bom que removeram isso… Obrigado :+1:

The target lock on knocking thralls out is horrible. It stays locked onto the knocked out thrall while his best friends try to give you sword surgery to your intestines.


Did a little more digging after you mentioned this, and you are correct. It will just take some farming. Thank you for pointing this out. Also thanks to Pixel for the video.

I do think, however, it is problematic that only one set in the entire game is made for Agil/Auth.

i have tested this armor and seemed solid to me, meta candidate. or at the very least, viable.

is this really the only armor with agi/auth? there is not a str/auth?

The boss in King’s Niche spawns on the room’s ceiling. You can reach him via Ghost mode; he’s just standing there. Behaves normally. So… maby Z coordinate messed up?

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Question does the Avatar Protection bubble protect against Sorcery Spell and if not might I suggest for it to. This suggestion/question has to with the new Sorcery Tools now available that makes bases entry very easy (bat, Ice Bridge, etc) and the Religion bubble would go a long way to ward this off.

Good idea or bad idea? Questions/comments/this suggestion sucks, etc, welcome .

Possibly make Hallowed weapons remove corruption on opponents on hit and lessen effects of some Sorcery spells if you have the item or weapon in your hand.?


Religious weapons doing extra damage to undead and demons seems quite thematic, IMO. I think the ritual clothes might need to be buffed up to give some bonuses against sorcery and undead/demons.


Oooo I like it. Great idea !

Posting my feedback after a long night of playing: Played in the Exiled Lands, single player
I am going to post this response as someone who has not actually read the books but enjoyed the films and enjoys both Age of Conan and Conan Exiles. I am also a player that usually plays solo, or on a private server with one or two other friends.

First comments are on the building system changes:

  1. Move item functionality should be included in the system - not intuitive and quick having to exit to change the position of a backwards door or mismatched pattern ceiling tile.
  2. Artisan table decorations should be included, or a better display/sort feature added to the artisan tables. With growing decorations due to battle pas/store items, this will become very overcrowded.
  3. Add an ability to pull materials from land claim area chests or have a special build system chest container to use with the system. Seeing what ingredients are needed and then selecting object and going to chests defeats the purpose of putting everything in one spot.
  4. As a first attempt, I love the sorting of building pieces, crafting stations and decorations. I would agree it’s faster for building, but not decorating.


  1. Coming from not expressly lore, but Age of Conan, I am a bit disappointed to not be able to just be a great necromancer or miracle working bear shaman here. I would like the ability to be either sword or sorcery and be equally viable (encounter resistant mechanics aside). You have a large fan base on Age of Conan that was hoping for a 2.0 with Exiles and they didn’t get it. You have an opportunity to fill some of that here with a good sorcery and combo melee system.
  2. Introduction to sorcery is poorly done. Random stumbling on and killing some sorcerer that looks the same in each camp and being of a sufficient power to handle the actual location is not a good introduction to a major system that should take a career to build in power. Adding an in-game npc, or some such starter introduction, is really necessary. It doesn’t take much skill to swing a weapon, but a heck of a lot to learn sorcery. Also please make your camp sorcerers have a bit more of a race feel to them armor wise.
  3. Disappointed that this was not tied to the Deity system. Seems to me, at least in the films, that sorcery was very religion/race based.

Thrall Changes:
I get the focus on the player, but for solo or small private servers, having a thrall is really important and nice as a companion. So much effort is put in improving them with authority that the effort does not match the reward here. Give players a bit more of skill into fighting or sorcery (or x specialization) included in authority to make this more of a rewarding build area.

This looks absolutely fantastic! However, single player, its next to impossible and when you do finish, where is your reward? Why is this happening? The location still has emotes/recipes used in lower levels that should be moved out due to level needed and difficulty of the events.

Nice to have:
I love the changes to food/potions and armors/weapons, but some clarity before crafting would be appreciated. I can’t tell what a set of gear does before I craft it. For example: I can see that Cimmerian steel axe does 47 damage! Opps it has zero armor pen after I make it. There is also nothing on armor outside of basic armor protection numbers and inaccurate hot/cold benefits.

Maybe I missed it, but a way to hide my helmet would be great starting out.


I would like to see some danger in the Circle of Power. Sorcery or magic in general was not for the faint of heart in the Conan’s time(s). There was many risks in practicing magic and summoning was one of if not the most dangerous of them all.

What I am getting at is what if we need to be careful only what we want to summon comes through. Make summoning more involved and risky with somehow fighting back somehow against other things trying through or portal.

could we just mix 2 sets to get agil and Auth?

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@Asterios Fiz o teste e gravei como está funcionando confira:

Sooo… ‘legendary weapons’, i.e. the ones you get from the boxes, have 0 buffs of any kind, effectively taking any incentive to farm them away. i get removing attributes, since that’s been reworked, but to not replace with appropriate buffs? Hopefully this is not intended.


The sorcs drop a recipe for it.

This, in the armorers bench before crafting you can only see the armor values but now each armor has their own unique stat that it would be nice to see like the skelos armor being agi/auth before spending your resources to craft them.
Same with weapons.


ffs :smiley: I’ll answer your question with a NO then :))) (edit: actually I haven’t tried it in testlive this was in live, so irrelevant, but still thanks for solving it)
I was taming hyenas the other week and out of 10 or so like 3 “disappeared” as soon as taming finished…
Thanks for solving the mystery, now I know they were supposed to be greater haha

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well that’s not going to entice me to buy hyena skins. Someone in marketing needs to let the dev team know there is an issue that is preventing sales.