Testlive Update 3.0: The Age of Sorcery - Discussion Megathread

Sooo… ‘legendary weapons’, i.e. the ones you get from the boxes, have 0 buffs of any kind, effectively taking any incentive to farm them away. i get removing attributes, since that’s been reworked, but to not replace with appropriate buffs? Hopefully this is not intended.


The sorcs drop a recipe for it.

This, in the armorers bench before crafting you can only see the armor values but now each armor has their own unique stat that it would be nice to see like the skelos armor being agi/auth before spending your resources to craft them.
Same with weapons.


ffs :smiley: I’ll answer your question with a NO then :))) (edit: actually I haven’t tried it in testlive this was in live, so irrelevant, but still thanks for solving it)
I was taming hyenas the other week and out of 10 or so like 3 “disappeared” as soon as taming finished…
Thanks for solving the mystery, now I know they were supposed to be greater haha

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well that’s not going to entice me to buy hyena skins. Someone in marketing needs to let the dev team know there is an issue that is preventing sales.

So with the post about new changes coming to the dev kit, is it safe to say that modders dont have it yet? And also they said modders will have plenty of time to update thier mods before the update drops… this makes me kind of asume we wont see 3.0 until the end of septemberish at the earliest… :expressionless:

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Uma ideia que poderia vir com atualização é uma paleta de cores para poder usar melhor as tintas dento do jogo que são usados somente para armaduras, poderia também usar em paredes.

Sword of crom is worthless now. Used to be worth farming. If patched useless trash.

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Sim pode conferir aqui

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Sim também havia reparado esse ponto, e está correto também recomendo pensar assim. Muito bem :+1:

Better if they take some more time. Have to hammer out some bugs in my opinion.

Its a Shame they didnt put spells like fire of gehenna frio example in the game, sorcery its more like a expendable tool than really great supernatural power

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Super excite for AoS & had some questions:

  1. Are there any plans to have multiple save-games/servers? I’d like to be able to play as a different character on single player without having to go through the whole, copy, rename, move, start over rigmarole. since the game already has a save system it seems odd that you can’t just create multiples & have them be selectable.

  2. Are there any plans to buff pets or somehow make them viable? Currently they are essentially just a bad follower. Can they have some extra utility other than inventory? Even bearers don’t have that much use though you can give them armor.

So I don’t know if this is intended or not. Recently I killed the Greater Elk and used an Iron Butcher’s Knife to carve it’s carcass for meat. The net result was ZERO meat.

New bug: Resurrected Corpse show up in the feed box, even though they can’t eat anything at all.

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They can’t eat? Not human flesh or brimstone or rotten meat?

Not that I could see. Their list is totally blank when you open their inventory.

This is a bug, but they do in fact eat putrid meat


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Sim eles podem comer tudo que é estragado e carne podre…
@arthurh3535 Gravei essa parte e fiz alimentos para os cadáver

So apparently black hand armor doesn’t have any kind of bonus stats to it - at least the ones that I’ve gotten as drops off NPCs. Don’t know about crafted.