Testlive Update 3.0: The Age of Sorcery - Discussion Megathread

Well that helmet is actually like the consumables. It’s no surprise that Riddle of Steel is the ugly stepchild of DLC’s so trying to promote it with temporary helmet in a battlepass is pretty genius (if not annoying since you used one of the BP slots for it)

It’s account based. So it’ll go to all your characters. Just like the normal dlc. Only things like the soul jars that you get five of will be one time. Anything you can make, you get to keep :upside_down_face:


Realmente isso acontece… Não deixe as janelas abertas quando começar os raios XD

Thanks, good to know. I do have to say though that I’ve found both the battlepass and cash shop items so far to be largely disappointing and lackluster. And no new full build sets? Just a few ornate “sorcerer” pieces you can use with existing sets? Get out.

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The BP and storefront will only be cosmetic items. The ornate pieces are the point and no different than someone wanting a bunny suit in PUBG or Deadpool skin in Fortnite.

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Português PT-BR

Ainda bem. Isso não vai atrapalhar nossa gameplay

I’m an offline single-player and enjoy building, exploring, and gathering and dressing thralls. I was also hoping for full build sets like we got in the DLCs. The few decorative and sorcery related build pieces are quite disappointing. I’d rather see a whole set of Vanir, Vendhyan, or Stygian building pieces.

The first battle pass appears to also contain a lot of emotes, warpaints, pet skins, and one time use items associated with sorcery. I counted out of the 50 items, excluding Crom Coins, only 2 or 3 items that might interest me.

If Funcom split the equivalent of an old DLC, including new armors; weapons; and building pieces, across maybe 30-40 Battle Pass rewards, I’d see one as worth trying to complete. I’d also like to see more clothing offered for my thralls.

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Summon Corpse is one of the best of this update. Unfortunatly there are still bug that you should take in account with this spell: Yesterday, about 10h ago, my client on test love froze. When i logged back in i saw:

  1. he still gut input and run straight a mile into the green wall and died.
  2. he died 100m behind the wall. unreachable.
  3. I was automatically revivied - but not in my bed - he revived me in a dungeon!. what the hell?!?
  4. Now i have the problem to get back alive, nacked, hungry, thursty to cast the revive spell. if I die this will count as a new corpse and i loose all my gear.

Petition: As work-around please let empty corpses do not count as new corpse towards this spell so we can remove the bracelet. Now is still time for such a small change.

Purge Thralls should all get a bonus number of attribute points over the common ones.

Someone said Exiles have 15 attribute points and Relic Hunters get 45.
Okay, so those are what, the zone 1/2 and zone 3/4 for purges?

So any thralls involved in a 1/2 level purge, should get 5-10 more attribute points over their more common variants.
3/4 level purge, give them 10-15 more.
5/6 level purge, give them 15-20 more.

So your normal Relic Hunters get 45, but those in a Purge could have 55-60.

Or something that isn’t too powerful, but something that clearly sets purge thralls on a higher standard than any others.

Purge Thralls should be just about the best you can get for a particular area.

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Why? Just curious on why that should be the case because the fundamental purpose of the purge was to humble those that are thriving over surviving…not as thrall delivery service.

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Give them time. I bet we won’t be able to keep up with all the new build pieces. Like the arcane stuff

They are rarer than the other thralls.
It’s supposed to be more difficult to snare them because you’re dealing with others. Unless you give literally all your base thralls a truncheon to blanket KO every NPC that comes along with the purge.

So it feels like they should be stronger than random ones acquired elsewhere.

A T4 Purge Exile should be > than a T4 Exile.

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it is more annoying because there is no reward, so since its useless, its boring.
to me , it would be far more fun if i actually have a reason to do the purge.
because if i can, i will ignore it if they attack a random wheel or map room, i would rather rebuild it entirely than actually defending when i always have things far more important to do during raid time.

so yeah, t4 thralls from purge should be stronger than any named thrall spawn location.
there was a time that this was this the case even crafting thralls. same with the surge.

Not anymore.


I wouldn’t go so far as any. Like, different purges in different areas.
Just each Purge needs to be tailored based on the T4 types present, and map location.

So a T4 Purge thrall from the Volcano > T4 Purge thrall from the southern river.

It maintains the overall progression of things. With the Volcano area thralls being some of the best in the game, and T4 purges from there should be cream of the crop.

Reward isn’t the point of purge. Fear of loss should be the point of purge. It should be dreaded.


Because they are harder to get. It only makes sense.

Yes yo improved purge thralls please

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So you want people to play exactly as you do ?with your same motivations ?

For me purge is a reward and fun to do.

This isn’t about play but about expectations. I expect purges to be an equalizer that humbles even the most experienced player. There are others that say we should get rewarded for this…that’s completely conflicting expectations but what is consistent with this survival game?

Mine. Purges are too easy and rewarding folks with them is completely counter to the intent.

different people play differently and want different things. thats it.
we disagree in what a purge should be.

the survival aspect was never really that big of a deal in this game on pve.
we don’t have complex disease system, neither water, you can drink any source of water without having to boil it, eat the most disgusting rotten fish in existence and only get 8 of damage and doesn’t really matter if you die of it, you just respawn in your bed and basically cleans any posible consequence.

in other survival games when you die, you lose your character and all the skills it earned so you actually care if your character dies.
you also have to be careful in how you use your resources so you don’t die of starving, of cold, of insolation,poison or anything that you could think it could happen in real life.

this game is only survival on its name and maybe crafting system.
buts its actually more an mmo, you kill a boss and get loot it is why there are dungeons, and countless of boss to kills. thats the pve content of this game, not so much about survival.

So purges being more a waste of time rather than something that should be encouraged to look foward to do and have fun doing what you are always doing in pve is more in line to the game design that the game ALWAYS had.

meanwhile i will always ignore the purge if i can so i can actually do something useful with my time like defending my base from actual threats like players or raiding someone else.

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You should get rewarded IF you’re skilled enough to earn the reward.