Testlive Update 3.0: The Age of Sorcery - Discussion Megathread

This is why I do not like the lore/perk stones that require someone to have a certain perk unlocked 1st in order to learn the lore stone perk. For instance one can defeat the King Beneath/the Barrow King and be much lower in level than what is required to learn the perks from the lore stone. It kind of feels like a waste of time to have to go back just for the perks… no perk rewards since they are somewhat level locked.


Are both methods of adding spells to your spellbook going to be offered on 3.0 release ? Presently there are two recipes to gain spells and one is obviously cheaper than the other .

No, it is a bug.

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Grava… Tente fazer novamente para postar o vídeo sobre isso aqui.
Ou se explicar melhor eu tento refazer.

I feel like the game is gaslighting me or something. It keeps seeming like grit is only giving me 1 point into my stamina pool. Maybe it’s something to do with that one bug with the first stamina perk being wiped out if you level up agility after it or something and putting points into agility is just wiping out grit gains? I have no actual evidence of this but it seems like my stamina pool hasn’t increased at all.

Well everything you mentioned is literally customizable on a private server. So i can literally setup a server for everything you mentioned and ill guarantee you no one will come to play it and stay.

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You and I play very different survival games.

Did you mean roguelike? That’s more what you mean than survival. Conan Exiles is not a roguelike, and never advertised itself as one.


There are approximately 133 great things with this patch but I’m only one man. Please allow me a bit more time to test some other systems as I’m right on the edge of a few developments.


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Age of sorcery deveria ter um feitiço que transforma nosso personagem em um animal podendo trocar de forma apenas com um botão seria muito divertido ver isso acontecer dentro do conan… Leão, tigre, corvo, aranha ou até mesmo elefante.

Does anyone know what the drop % for the Predatory Blade is?

It’s taking a longer time to get it to drop but it seems like it should be up there with the Sword of Crom in drop %. I just found my 1st Predatory Blade since 3.0 dropped. It cuts through Heavy Cimmerian Armor like butter. What used to be somewhat challenging fights are now over almost as soon as the fight starts.

Thanks in advance.

Why can it not be both? An equalizer… AND an opportunity to get the best thralls in the game, should you be skilled and ready to knock them out? I really don’t see why anybody would have any issue with this. They’re purge thralls that you CANNOT battle or potentially knock out in the game. They should be harder. Unlike a Lian, Berserker, Teimos… where they spawn every 15 minutes. Now THAT is boring. “It’s been 15 minutes… let me go get another Teimos for my base”. snore.

But a Purge… that rarely comes, and even if it does it may not bring the fighters or archers you’d want to have a chance at enthralling. I’ve been playing on a server that has them ramped up, with only human purges, and it’s been fun to see a purge coming.

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Also… I don’t see it as “equalizing” as you think it can be. I play solo, and I’ve dominated the purges with just myself and 3-5 thralls. Trust me, there’s nobody out there that needs “equalizing” and is going to be bothered by a purge. Plus, there’s ways around being purged that those who need equalizing know about to avoid it.

Exactly. It’s a joke and essentially a thrall delivery service with mild cardio for your character and current defenders. It needs to be ramped up and significantly harder as your power level increases. A mix of character levels, # and levels of thralls, # of foundations all need to be accounted for to create a purge difficulty. There shouldn’t be an upper limit (IE needs higher than 6) and the purge difficulty scales as you advance as a clan/individual.

Back to the topic of 3.0. Repeated question that never got answered…vagabond armor (wanderlust) and level 15 agility perk, Quickfooted ; do they work together in both climbing and swimming?

yes. Yes. YES to all this! Bring me a challenge! Send an Avatar at my base!


So then why wouldn’t you agree that Purge thralls should be more difficult? And in turn, they’d be more challenging to knock out and enThrall? This would then improve an already existing aspect of the game. And it shouldn’t take too much work to adjust the multipliers of these thralls.

Right now, I have purge thralls that server better as a statue in my base, because they can’t come close to outperforming thralls that I can find all across the map every 15 minutes. Ridiculous.

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Because of a fundamental issue I have…purges are, by design, a way to humble a base and the clan/player. The reward you get for defeating a purge is you get to keep your stuff. End of story. Now you may find that to not be acceptable since you believe these things need rewards associated with it but I disagree with that premise entirely. I get more enjoyment out of challenges and balance with other players than with tangible rewards. The battle is the reward and even in defeat, you learned something and get better the next time. Plus you get the stories of the purge to tell. If I can solo a purge with 2 thralls next to me with little effort, that isn’t worth my time playing. If I can harvest 8-10 thralls solo with 5 thralls and myself, that isn’t a purge, that is just a delivery service…and to say these thralls that come out of this are more powerful than the ones I had literally knock out over 100 of these MF’s, that’s a step in the wrong direction entirely from the intent of keep the server in check. It just becomes a tool for alphas to keep noobs down while broadening their strength on PVP. in PVE, it’s just same old same old after some time with no real effort and becomes boring…even annoying.

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A loja 3.0 de Age of Sorcery deveria ter a DLC de atlantida para quem quiser basta comprar na loja, seria ótimo :slight_smile: @Funcom_Community

God, when will this update come out, does anyone know


Bug: wielding Tool/weapon slightly reduces weight

Bug: Binding new thrall on Sacrifical Stone before old thrall vanishes after blood rite cause wrong animation state “dead” instead of “alive”