TestLive Update (7/12/2018)


Hey everyone! We got a small update we just pushed out. Please continue to give us feedback on these builds! We absolutely appreciate all that you all have given us so far. We’ll try getting this to live as soon as possible. Thanks again!

Patch Notes:

  • The Land Claim announcement feature now has a server-setting to turn this on/off. This setting is OFF by default on official PvP servers.
  • It’s now possible to adjust the controller sensitivity setting while aiming using Power Shot
  • Tweaked a minor issue with the LOD for the Siege foundation
  • Decreased cost of making Snake arrows from 5 to 1 zeal per 10 arrows
  • Fixed a bug where “xx_unarmed” items would appear in some NPC inventories after server restart


Thanks for the update, and especially the land claim settings for servers. That in fact a great thing, and i’m very happy you did listen to the community. While so people can have it when they want, others can still turn it off if they want it that way. :smile:

I’ll test this patch this week-end, but this point was very important to me.


will there be an update soon to the current testlive build, now it’s going live ?


Logging into PvC server with 140ms ping max.
On the server list screen server ping is below 140.
Attempt to log into the server, get a pop up window that “Your ping is too high”
Window incorrectly appears in the loading screen, hanging the game.
Only killing the game with the task manager works.
Hence, cannot play the game anymore.