Testlive US1 server has teleporting issues that started a couple of hours ago


Maybe 2 hours ago the test live server became just about unplayable with players and npcs teleporting for movement.

Problem persisted when checked moments ago.


I’ve been having the problem for days, although it keeps getting worse (same server). I think the main cause for it getting worse is that we’ve gone a whole week without a server restart, but I noticed the teleporting from the first few hours that the server was up (and reported it). I quit trying to build since i was teleporting over whole foundations while constructing the ‘Lagosseum’.


If they’re using testlive US1 for today’s stream? It’s going to be hilarious. Combat is essentially impossible right now; mobs hit you enough times to kill you before the client finds out that they’re in range, which means you can’t hit back even once.

Starting about when you said, last night (US time), not only were the mobs teleporting around, but I was rubber banding every other step while trying to sprint.


Server is still rubberbandy :cry: Any chance of a fix?


Try to keep in mind, that there supposed to be doing stability and performance tests on these servers :slight_smile:


Of course. But once they became unplayable what was the point in continuing? You hit your failure point AND you prevented further testing on an official server of all the content that was intended to be tested.


I would very much like to play, and I still have half a show to shoot. Video looks pretty sketch, because the server plays like you’re on a magic carpet. Up-time isn’t hard to achieve when nefarious forces aren’t constantly breaking the server.

This isn’t a complaint, it’s an observation. There are still two notable ways to freeze a server, or make it reboot. Now that I know the community I’m in, among testers, I can say none of them would do this thing even if they knew how. That a certain element has abandoned the game tells me again that we’re heading in the right direction.