Texture and asset loading issues after 2.4.4 - PS4Pro/PS5/Base PS4

I still have the stock ps4 pro, and any upgrade I make would better be to just go buy the ps5.

It was working fine, however.

The water is another issues because it doesn’t look like water in the twilight. I used to have a river run by me, and now it looks like quicksand.

Everytime I turn to my follower, her ancient shield is purple. It fixes itself in a few seconds.

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Same here. Texture rendering is absolutely horrible. Far worse than before. Everything in the distance looks flat and foggy and objects nearby constantly go from high to low texture.


Server 3650 pvp official Loading problem. My base don’t upload complete. I can’t go outside cause door invisible and I can’t open. 5 days with the problem. Thank for the help

I can confirm the same Sixelaca just a little bit less.

It takes like 2 minutes before everything is loaded in for me.

The server list is even worse, sometimes it keeps showing Amazing spiderguild for atleast around 10 minutes.

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That’s how the loadingscreen issue started on the pvec servers. I hope they will fix this soon before it happens to other servers.

Thank you for the video and for providing additional details, our team will look into this matter as soon as possible.


Good morning. I have most all the issues reported in this and other threads:

  1. Loading screen takes approximately 3x longer than last patch. Usually has 1 or 2 “you’ve been disconnected from server” messages. Then finally can connect.
  2. Resolution and textures very low quality. They continually have to reload as you turn around.
  3. Opening a work station it is very slow for the craft menu and contents to appear
  4. Pressing the touch pad to open inventory and move through attributes, etc extremely slow.
  5. Objects take minutes to load in vice seconds previoussly.

I have PS4 PRO and tried with boost mode off and on, no change. Rebooted our server, same. Reinstalled game, same. All the above issues on my friends and families 4 other play stations as well.

Really wish there was a roll back option on private servers to a previous version. Last patch only real issue we saw was the lack of nudity. (Understand others had issues). Bottom line really disappointed, similar to how I felt when cyber punk released. That debacle is what actually moved me to Conan.

Hopefully you get this fixed soon. Me and the other people I’m in contact with will all be holding off on Siptah purchases until this at least gets back to the playability of last version.


Can confirm this on ps5 as well. Small details slow to render every time I enter and exit a room. Water is white and looks crap.


Yes same issues on PS5 for me as well.
Textures are low and then pop up to high like on wall trophies, banners. Then turn away and look in distance. Then back and low and then load in high again.


This is the exact issue I’m having and I’m playing on a PS5 on official servers. The objects in distance did not look like this before, it looks absolutely horrible now!

Animal textures are also having trouble rendering in for me, something that hasn’t happened at all with the PS5 until this update.


Can confirm on my official PVE Exiled Lands server. I assumed this was in part due to some asshats who built a giant wall in the past week around an ENTIRE island, but when I fast traveled to my satellite base at the mounds, it still lagged a bit. I’m sure the asshats didn’t help with their wall though. :unamused:

The textures of my character are blurred as soon as he moves it’s like he can’t focus, it’s really horrible

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Normal PS4 here, created my account here to say what everyone above is saying. The texture lag is super obnoxious and I know the texture quality is much higher improved but clearly PS4 or PS4 pros cant handle whatever it is. I would rather have the texture quality go back to before 2.4.4 and not have this weird blurry lego block invasion everytime I turn around…its in my face.


THIS its driving me nuts. I love this game but my god. If taking away my ability to see cracks in wood meant this texture lag not happening. Screw the wood cracks.


It is unfortunate that I must report that I have this problem also. Sorry Im not trying to pour more salt on the wound. My poor white tiger was missing 50% of his textures. Prior to this update the issue was that textures were cycling again. Now they are just slow to render.


That is odd buddy. For me the water looks more black, whereas the sky looks like it is blanketed in white fog. :thinking:

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Are you in ps4 or 5 mate? I’m on ps5 and I’ve spoken with a couple of ppl that are as well and they have the same thing. The two consoles seem to have suffered differently.

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Funnily enough it’s not happening on Isle of Siptah, just the exiled lands.

same issue on normal ps4, invisible thralls, animal textures really bad, official server PVE