Texture or Graphic Problems (I guess?)

I got a new TV and was trying out some of the crazy, 4k resolutions I can do with it and some games, and when I got to trying this game, parts of the UI were missing off the screen, and it didn’t report the resolution properly in settings.

Besides that, I noticed my calves looked funny. I was wearing a dress and some ankle boots and there was a noticeable line at the back of the knee now, and the bottom parts of my legs are a different color than the top part of my legs.

I tried doing a ‘repair broken data’ (after changing my computer back to 1920x1080 and promising, maybe, to never do that again!) and it still is off.

Can anyone think of anything I can try to do to fix it? Without having to re-install everything…or lose any of my few add-ons, which would be scary and frustrating to have to fix?

I can’t recall where I saw a report like this before but it said that’s a texture problem brought with last patch. So only new patch will fix it, it seems.

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Here’s a link that has some info that might be useful for your lost UI

Several other people have reported an issue with skin texture mismatches after a recent patch.

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Okay, thanks!

I guess it wasn’t me messing around with my new TV/Monitor and resolution settings then.