Texture upscale

As Fass wrote, I have not seen that either. Are you sure those were modifications and not something that was in the game and later changed ?
As Fass wrote (again), the only part of the game you are explicitly allowed to mod with the Data/GUI/Customized folder is the UI, including its pictures (some people speak about them as “textures” but they are actually only background pictures). What you want to do, IF you can achieve that at all, will require a good amount of time and tempering with the game files that will likely be erased every time the patcher starts.

U dont understand me, i said AGAIN - petcher is not the problem. It can be easily avoided. I asked ppl who KNOW how to modify aoc, not ppl like you.

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then what is this?

stop replying me, your posts makes no sence, just flood

How do we get an updated version of that? asking for a friend.

In order to replace the games textures, you would need an rdb file editor and those are not readily available. It’s highly likely Funcom used proprietary software to compile the data rdb files. You CAN extract them with the rdb extractor but replacing them in the rdb files is what you’re seemingly wanting to do.

I think what others are trying to tell you is this: Even if you do somehow manage to replace the games texture files with 4k versions, it would likely cause file mismatches which could result in your client crashing to desktop or just not working at all. I for one am keen to know if it’s possible so let us know if you figure it out!

Godspeed brave warrior! :pray:

P.s. Doing this will likely violate the games TOS which could result in a ban if anyone is pay8ng attention. People have been banned for much less. :roll_eyes:

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I have seen client side visual mods for virtually all games even MMOs so I’m sure it has been done for AoC (I assume that’s what was linked) by someone somewhere at some point especially when it was more popular.

But for any online and/or non-moddable game in general it’s gonna be a very illegal and hacky solution, changing bits in memory and/or temporarily overwriting files in the game folder (I guess RDB files in the case of AoC).

And the thought of replacing ALL textures that way is ridiculous (if even possible). Those mods are always tiny in scale for a reason.


In all my years of playing oven never seen nudity mod in age of conan or any player who has it ….and I wouldn’t be confident in using it as it would probably corrupt the game files ….many websites and free hacks and re skins but are just scams for viruses :microbe:

As per my previous post:

Of coursse everything is possible but it’s not going to be an easy task. If you know how to de-compile and then compile the files again + trick the game to accept the new compiled files then do it. You won’t find an easy 10 minutes solution.

As read in the mod how to install:
“Thanks to: xx over on the xx forums for providing the injection code
of which without, this mod may have never existed.”
“Run NudeAoC.bat… and keep it running until exiting Age of Conan.”
“Take all the screenshots\videos you can before Funcom breaks this mod.”

“breaks this mod” also known as Funcom blocking the way it’s injected.

As I said in my previous post, it is not possible to just drag and drop a picture into the files. You need to hack the game, as quoted in the ‘how to install’ the mod you linked :).


First i dont care about any bans. Funcom cant detect cheat software, even cheatengine, and u think they will somehow detect custom textures? I dont think so. I asked devs and gms many times about cooperation in this question but they didnt answer at all.

I dont think there are option to edit .rdb files. But if someone create a hook that will let custom textures load instead of game ones (this method used in Nude patch) then it may work. Too bad that im not programmer and i dont know how to do that. I can only extract textures and upscale them.

Also i dont think that there are any need in 4k textures. This is too much for aoc old game engine (its 32bit still that means it could only use 3.5gb of RAM, and it probably will lag or crush if it exceeds this value). 1k-2k is best solution. not all has 4090ti to play with such textures.

Thats exactly why i asked for help. I dont know how to create same software. My knowledge is limited. Im not the programmer.

Because this mod was in 2008. And it abandoned long time ago. Its just an example how to replace aoc textures with custom ones.

You could start there. Figure out how that mod worked and update it and include the upscale textures (and the nudes too :wink:) maybe see if you can contact the mod creator? Just an idea.

mod was created in 2008 and i dont think that its author still lives and interested in aoc modding. Thats why i asked for help HERE

You literally asked how to make the game allow other textures, then people said the game wont allow it but you might be able to bypass it, then you freaked out, but finaly you seem to have reached the enlightment you couldve had already after Fass first reply, good for you! And gl


This is all the help you’re going to get HERE buddy. Try being a little innovative for once in your life eh? Good luck